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411’s WWE Superstars Report 06.29.13

June 30, 2013 | Posted by Marc Elusive

Commentators: Matt Striker & Tony Dawson

Championship’s roll call: WWE Champion: John Cena… World Champion: Alberto Del Rio… Intercontinental Champion: Curtis Axel… United States Champion: Dean Ambrose… Tag Team Champions: The Shield… NXT Champion: Bo Dallas… NXT Tag Team Champions: The Wyatt Family… Diva’s Champion: AJ Lee

The Miz vs. Wade Barrett:   This is a pretty high profile match for Superstars. They lock up and Barrett controls with a shoulderblock. Miz fires back with a waistlock and they exchange holds on the mat; Barrett tries to fight free and sneaks in an elbow to the face in the corner. Miz comes back with that neckbreaker combo move but Barrett pushes him off and tries the Winds of Change, but Miz knows him well, countering into a crucifix, for two. Wade charges right into a flapjack but manages a drop-toehold into the corner and takes over. Miz tips over in the opposite corner and hits a clothesline. Barrett rolls to the floor to avoid the running boot but not the baseball slide and sledge off the apron, however. Miz celebrates with the kiddies in the front row as we head off to break. Back from commercial with Miz getting a cradle for two; they continue to counter each other’s’ signature moves until Barrett manages a running dropkick to get two and take over on O. Barrett mounts him and punches away, then does his taunt. He wears Miz out in the ropes and knees him there; the running boot to the floor connects. Barrett comes out after him and tosses Miz back in for the nearfall. We hit the chinlock. Miz powers back but Wade’s fist provides a roadblock and we go back to the chinlock; Barrett misses a charge in the corner and triggers the comeback. He hits a running lariat and the kneelift into the big boot. Wade crumples into the corner for the Awesome Clothesline and the follow-up double axe off the top for a nearfall. The Finale is counters into the Winds of Change, which nets only two for Barrett. He goes for Wasteland but Miz slips free and rolls him up, for two. Barrett tries to counter a corner charge but gets his leg hung up and then Miz counters a cradle into the figure-four leglock for the submission.   6.5/10 Very good matchup between two guys who know each other very well. I don’t think Barrett has won a match on TV since he defended the IC title against Justin Gabriel on Main Event.

Here is your winner… The Miz via figure-four leglock submission

We recap Raw with CM Punk and Paul Heyman discussing the truth and John Cena is mad at Mark Henry for mocking retirees to get a title shot. Also, Daniel Bryan finally managed to defeat Randy Orton.

Zack Ryder vs. Antonio Cesaro (w/Zeb Colter):   Colter rips Ryder pre-match and Cesaro says “we the people.” The match opens with Cesaro planting Ryder on his face with a waistlock takeover. He goes for the deadlift gutwrench but Ryder struggles but eventually fells to it. Zack comes back but gets quickly powerslammed. Cesaro follows up with a double stomp. We see Colter saluting the flag as Cesaro rips at Ryder’s face. He works a chinlock until Ryder makes a comeback and even manages the Broski Boot, for two. Antonio powers him back into the corner and chinlocks Ryder into the Neutralizer for the pinfall.   2.5/10 Quick squash for Cesaro who is headed in the right direction; he just needs someone to feud with.

Here is your winner… Antonio Cesaro via Neutralizer pinfall

OVERALL 5/10   A good high-profile match in the beginning and a squash; I’ll take that every week.

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