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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 05.01.21 – Tamina Is Angry, Heyman Talks Daniel Bryan, and More!

May 1, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE Talking Smack

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 05.01.21

-Back with Talking Smack and this one should be interesting as it will have the fall-out from Reigns banishing Bryan from SmackDown. Let’s get to it!

-Kayla Braxton welcomes us to the show and introduces Paul and asks him how he is filling. “With my hands.” AWESOME! I swear that was an Animaniacs joke back in the day! Paul brings up that he took a shower earlier and was naked and Kayla doesn’t want to hear anymore. Kayla mentions it is hard to get answers from Paul and he shoots back he is the son of a lawyer so he has been trained well. He does promise her he will answer a question and she tries to ask about the 6 person tag that started SmackDown, but the continues by hyping up Bianca’s defense at WrestleMania Backlash. Heyman tells her that less is more and she needed to just ask a simple question and that is question should be how does Daniel Bryan feel. “I don’t know, so go to the hospital and ask him. Thank you Roman Reigns.”

-Kayla just wants to move on and brings out our first guests: Natalya and Tamina. Natalya has a lot to get off her chest, but Tamina tells he she has this. Shayna may be a great mixed martial artist, but she can’t handle the sharpshooter. Her real issue is with Nia. She may question what she is doing, but she is coming with passion. Tamina is pissed as she starts speaking Samoan and lets out a roar. Heyman looks terrified as Tamina storms off the set. Natatlya is out as she needs to make sure Tamina is okay.

-Kayla says she is nearly speechless and Paul is still just stunned. I will say that was kind of dope as I like seeing some fire and anger like. Paul, “I don’t want to talk about her. I don’t want to piss her off.” Fantastic!

-Commercials for me as I don’t pay for the commercial free version.

-WWE Most Wanted Treasures commercial. I actually quite enjoy that show and last week’s episode with Taker’s Phantom mask was great.

-WWE2K21 commercial. Speaking of games, I can finally play MLB The Show since it is now on X-Box One.

-Apollo Crews is out next with his Intercontinental Title and is also joined by Commander Azeez. He rants against everyone coming after him and his title. He tells Heyman he now understands the position that Roman Reigns is in. He is going to be like The Tribal Chief and keep winning. He congratulates Heyman and Reigns for eliminating Bryan from SmackDown. He will do the same in eliminating Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and Big E. After he eliminates them he will fire up the jet and they will celebrate with Heyman and Reigns and Kayla isn’t invited. He takes his leave as Kayla wonders why she isn’t being allowed to ask questions.

-Heyman says this is the effect Roman Reigns has on great Superstars like Apollo. Kayla says that Heyman is taking credit and he shouts her down as the credit goes to Roman Reigns. He is the one that put down the Yes Movement.

-Man, we are two guests down with over half the show to go so either Rollins is getting a ton of time or they have something more planned.

-Miz 24 commercial. Great episode. My review of that is here.

-WWE Superstars want you to get your COVID-19 Vaccine.

-Back with Seth Rollins’ old music playing and Heyman wants everything to stop as he has beef with the COVID-19 Vaccine commercial that just played. Rollins’ wants to know why his old music played and Heyman is annoyed Daniel Bryan was included in that commercial. He apologizes as we were exposed to Daniel Bryan and he has nothing to do with anything SmackDown related. Rollins celebrating while Heyman talks is rather funny. Heyman apologizes Rollins for the production gaffe and then gives the floor to Kayla. She is amazed she finally gets to talk, and then Heyman and Rollins immediately cut her off. All she can do is laugh as Heyman compliments Rollins on his wardrobe. Rollins congratulates Heyman and Reigns for a great Main Event and what they accomplished. He apologizes for Cesaro and isn’t sure why he is looking past him. He is motivated by what Roman did tonight and he thinks he will do the same to Cesaro next week. Kayla asks Rollins if he is concerned about getting put in The Swing again. Rollins has no fear as they are inside and there is zero chance of a weather delay. They do a great bit as Rollins throws out questions and Heyman raises his hand to answer. To Rollins the outcome of Mania is a moot point as he is a premiere athlete that had to deal with a rain delay. Heyman says if he had time he would hire a battery of lawyers to show cause why the result of Cesaro/Rollins at Mania should be removed from the record. Rollins agrees and says the proof is with night two as there was no rain delay and we saw what Reigns did to Edge and Bryan. We haven’t seen Edge since and Rollins says he is playing with his dogs on some mountain in North Carolina. He asks Kayla if she has ever been in the ring and Heyman raises his hand and says she has, but only to hold a mic to interview the real SuperStars. Kayla just wants to wrap the interview at this point. Rollins says it is fact that WrestleMania should be thrown out the window and next week will be a different story. Heyman gives Seth an open invitation to return anytime and they play the correct music this time as he takes his leave.

-Commercials for me!

-Steve Austin WrestleMania 38 commercial!

-Back for the final time and Kayla turns the floor over to Paul Heyman. Perhaps this is going to be a weekly segment on the show. Paul stares down Kayla a bit before getting into his spiel. He mentions he took a kid under his wing in WCW. He delivered him to the doorstep of Vince McMahon and that kid was The Undertaker. That is how long he has been the brains behind true greatness. When it came time to collect on that bargain The Streak was broken by his Beast. He was with Steve Austin before he was Stone Cold and mentions the A&E bio where Austin gave him credit for finding Stone Cold inside of him. Heyman continues that he was the voice of the voice of the voiceless (CM Punk nod). He tells us to look at those that he has been associated with and driven to success. He is now in awe of Roman Reigns who is on a GOAT level of all GOAT levels. He has never seen greatness like this. Daniel Bryan is gone from SmackDown permanently. How many people have tried to take Bryan out in the last 20 years? Have you seen Edge around here anymore? He puts over the toughness of Edge and everything he went through just to walk let alone get back in the ring and yet, he was stopped by Roman Reigns. Now there is Cesaro. He is happy Cesaro doesn’t have a wife or kids because he won’t be embarrassed when he has to back out of this situation. He then compares Cesaro to Humpty Dumpty as apparently “All SmackDown Creative and The McMahons won’t be able to put the Humpty Swiss Superman back together again.” Roman Reigns is a savage and doesn’t just beat you, he drives you out of here.

-Wonderful show as usual. Tamina showing some fire and Heyman’s selling of it worked well. Rollins and Apollo sucking up to Heyman and Reigns was great too as it can set up things down the line. Speaking of Rollins his segment was very good and I enjoyed the running joke and him and Heyman needling Kayla the entire time, and props to her for rolling along with them. Then Heyman closed the show with what he does best. Again this show allows people to get things over and play off Heyman and then he does all he can to hype what is happening with Roman while also getting over those on the show. Thanks for reading!

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