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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report 1.03.17

January 3, 2017 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 01/03/17

-SmackDown delivered the goods again with AJ Styles and Cena delivering great promos to build to The Rumble and the bigger news is that we have a New IC Champ in Dean Ambrose. It was a great moment and should make for an interesting show tonight as The Miz has been advertised as a guest. So let’s get to it!

-Renee Young welcomes us as she is joined by the SD GM, Daniel Bryan. They talk about SmackDown being the better show and beating RAW in the ratings last week. Daniel compares it to the Monday Night War when WCW dominated the ratings, but RAW had a better show and it took time for the audience to catch on

-Renee brings up how she was slapped in the face by Maryse. Daniel says that they are fining Maryse $5000 for slapping a non-wrestler. They talk about Dean winning the IC Title from The Miz, and then hype the Tag Title Match for next week. Daniel is proud they put the IC Title Match in the Main Event and not the Styles/Cena contract signing. He is hoping they can put Tag Title Match in the Main Event next week.

-Corbin joins the show as he as a match with John Cena next week. That is going to be a big test for Corbin to see if he is ready for a higher spot. Corbin again says he is going to win the Rumble and become the new WWE Champion at WrestleMania. Corbin says that he is the reason for SD beating RAW last week as he was in the Main Event. He is the SuperStar in this situation, and he promises to put Cena’s teeth down his throat. He is looking through Cena and looking towards The Rumble and Mania.

-Daniel asks if it is smart to look through Cena as he has been the man for the last 15 years. Corbin says Cena’s game is part time and nobody can beat him with only half their heart in it. Cena’s time is up, and everyone’s run comes to an end. He harps on Cena being part time and Renee mentions that even half of Cena is pretty darn good. Corbin is going to make all the little kids cry when he buries John Cena. Awesome! Corbin leaves as this was another strong promo from him.

-Daniel loves the confidence from Corbin and says that the entire roster deserves credit for SmackDown beating RAW last week. He says Corbin looks like a monster and while it seems like Corbin may be high on his horse, but sometimes that is needed.

-Renee asks Daniel why all the guys keep harping on Cena being a part timer. Daniel says that if you take someone like Dean Ambrose who has been main eventing all the house shows and then come WrestleMania a bunch of part timers come back and get the best spots. He mentions that nobody has worked as much the last 2 years as Ambrose as everyone before him got hurt, but he has kept rolling. Daniel says that as a GM he knows that you need special attractions, but you also need to reward the guys who have been carrying things.

-Next up is Carmella and James Ellsworth. Renee wants to know what the deal is with them. Carmella says that James is cute, funny, and has a great shirt. James apologizes to Daniel and Carmella for getting involved in her match. Carmella says she loves James for apologizing, but he doesn’t have to. She tells him that he didn’t do anything wrong and Daniel says that if he touched a woman who didn’t want to be touched it would be an issue.

-Renee wants to know what they have in common and laughs as she asks what they do together. Daniel wants to know what they do for fun. Carmella seems a little frazzled, but pulls it together as she says that James is a true gentleman. He carries her bags when they go shopping, and he always tells her that she looks good. She even calls him “Jimmy” which is a nice touch. Daniel asks why she is calling him Jimmy and she says she call him anything he wants. James agrees as Daniel asks if she calls him “big dog” which draws a laugh from Renee. Carmella says she respects Daniel, but people like Renee are close minded and Daniel gets it. The same things were thought when people saw Brie with him.

-They leave the show and Daniel says he doesn’t like the way Renee is judging they relationship those crazy kids have. Daniel says Ellsworth may be bringing something to the table we don’t know about and makes references about him possibly having a large dick.

-They move on to the Nattie/Nikki feud, and cover Bret sending out a tweet about Nattie. Daniel says they are both hard working women and young girls can look up to them. They both went a little far with the personal comments tonight and he thinks they should be above that.

-Renee hypes the card next week as we get Corbin vs. Cena, Nikki vs Natalya, and The SmackDown Tag Title Rematch: American Alpha vs. The Wyatts.

-It is go time now as The Miz joins the set and Renee immediately calls him the former IC Champion, and asks him how he feels. Tremendous! Miz is rather pissed as he blames Daniel for giving Dean the match. He didn’t deserve it and only got it because Daniel is friends with Renee, who is a journalist. Renee shoots back and this is amazing! The Miz says that he should have lost by DQ because Maryse slapped Dean. He can’t control that his wife got hot because another woman slapped him in the face.

-Daniel says that The Miz lost because Dean is better than. That sets The Miz off as he goes absolutely bat shit crazy. I don’t even have the words to explain what he just did. He just started screaming he was the best and that it was all a conspiracy against him. He seriously looked like a mad man that was ready to rip his hair out of his head. The Miz continues to deliver! Daniel and Renee don’t have much else to say after that so that ends the show.

-I love this show so much! Everything SmackDown is touching is turning to gold, and next weeks stacked show should be great.

-See you all next week!

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