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411’s WWE The SmackDown LowDown Report: Drew McIntyre Challenges Gunther For WrestleMania, More

February 26, 2023 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
The Smackdown Lowdown Image Credit: WWE

411’s WWE The SmackDown LowDown Report: 02.25.23

-Sorry for this being late, but the wife and I took our two boys to a trampoline park for the first time today. We all survived with no injuries! Now to recap the SmackDown recap show. Let’s get to it!

-Jackie Redmond is back and welcomes us to the show. She is joined by Matt Camp and they immediately get to the hype for The Road to WrestleMania.

-Jackie throws to Megan Morant, who is backstage, to see if she has a vibe on what is happening with The Bloodline. She notes the vibe has been different and calls it bizarre that Jey is not standing by his brother at the moment. Megan lets us know that New Day, Drew McIntyre, and Tegan Nox/Nattie will be the guests tonight.

-We start with Bray Wyatt and his new coded ramblings about keeping a secret. It may not make sense and be a lot of rambling with no apparent meaning, but it entertains me.

-To the video as Kofi Kingston gets a win over LA Knight, which is weird as Knight probably needs some wins after the Bray feud. I am curious where they find a spot for New Day or Knight at WrestleMania (if any outside The ARMBAR).

-Megan is backstage and Kofi rails against LA Knight thinking he deserves a WrestleMania moment so early in his career. Kofi and Woods note that LA deserves a foot in his butt cheeks and Kofi shows up his foot. He jokes that he should have levitated at The Royal Rumble and things may have worked out better. Then they have Megan help them with their catchphrase. This was the wacky, full of energy promo from New Day we have come to expect. This was probably the longest promo we have had on this show in quite some time as well.

-Drew McIntyre and Nattie/Tegan still to come!

-Peacock commercials!

-To the video as we join Imperium vs. Moss, Ricochet, and Strowman in progress. GUNTHER destroys Moss while Drew McIntyre watches from the aisle. He seemingly has his eyes set on GUNTHER, but The Viking Raiders attack. That brings out Drew and then everyone else gets involved and perhaps we have a 10 man tag coming at some point.

-Drew McIntyre is backstage and he makes it simple. “I want GUNTHER and I want The Intercontinental Championship.” Let’s Go!

-Camp and Jackie seemed pumped at the idea of a GUNTHER/Drew HOSS FIGHT. Camp notes that if GUNTHER makes it to WrestleMania as IC Champ it will be the 5th longest reign of all time. The question is do they keep it Drew vs GUNTHER or add Sheamus into the mix.

-To the video as Prison Dom shows up and has a verbal exchange with Charlotte. They talk about their dads and before Charlotte can slap Dom, Rhea is out. They have a stare down and Rhea really needs to win this match at Mania. I also don’t know if it can carry the Main Event of Night one like it is being rumored. I understand they feel they need a Woman’s Match to close Night One after it didn’t happen last year, but there would be something poetic about The Bloodline closing each night by losing their Titles.

-Jackie and Camp discuss Rhea/Charlotte and next week we get Liv Morgan vs. Rhea Ripley on SmackDown.

-To the video as Prison Dom shows up later to cost his dad, Rey, in his match against Karrion Kross. Kross is another one that I wonder where he fits in at Mania. I could see him winning The ARMBAR. Dom vs Rey seems like it could be a WrestleMania match. That would be an awesome moment for father and son.

-Nattie and Nox up next!

-Peacock commercials including one for Night Court. Love the show and is the first show I have found myself watching every week since House. Not counting the awesome ….That Built America shows on History.

-To the video as Shayna gets a win over Nattie thanks to a brief distraction by Ronda. To be fair, Ronda didn’t do anything and Nattie kind of cost herself there. Nox, who was outside to watch Nattie’s back, eats a boot from Shayna, but then fires up to chase off Ronda and Shayna. Ronda not knowing Tegan is a nice little character touch.

-Nattie and Tegan are backstage and Nattie is happy to have someone like Tegan support her. They both note that Ronda and Shayna are bullies. Tegan mentions Nattie will be hitting her 16th year in the WWE and is a leader. Tegan is ready to fight and knows Ronda likes to fight as well.

-Jackie and Camp discuss and then throw to The Firefly Fun House!

-We get the debut of FFN (Firefly Fun House News)! Bray is a game show hosts and asks if we can keep a secret. We then get creepy images and Bray in his Uncle Howdy Mask. “If I told you a story, can you keep a secret?” I have seen the fan theories that Eric Young is part of this now. We shall see!

-Jackie says it best: “more questions than answers.”

-To the video as Sam Zayn has a face to face with Jimmy Uso. Sami is hurt that Jimmy took him down at The Rumble without hesitation. Jimmy calls Sammy selfish as he made the choice and hit Roman with the chair. Sami tells Jimmy he doesn’t have to go down with the ship and they both realize Jey is watching from the crowd which lets Jimmy get in a punch. They brawl a bit before Solo heads down while Jey just takes it all in.

-Camp and Jackie discuss the Bloodline saga and how there still a lot of twists and turns. Roman Reigns returns to SmackDown next week and we will see what developments that brings.

-Jackie wraps up and we are out this week. Thanks for reading!