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411’s WWE This is Awesome Report: Most Awesome WrestleMania Moments

March 24, 2023 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE This Is Awesome Image Credit: WWE

-Season 2: Episode 3
-Run Time: 57:10

-We are just over a week away from WrestleMania and it’s a perfect time for WWE to drop this show. The WWE did a fan voted Top 10 a few years back that was awful (here is my recap and you will see what I mean), so let’s hope they do better this time. Let’s get to it!

-Greg Miller is our host and welcomes us to the show.

-We get an opening video package with various talking heads discussing WrestleMania. It gets compared to Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, World Cup, Grammys, Oscars, World Series, etc. CM Punk pops up in the package as he eats the RKO from Orton at WrestleMania XXVIII. Bret talks about being there at the first WrestleMania and how if the show bombed, Vince would be out of business. SAVAGE AND LIZ REUNITE! Miz still can’t believe to this day that he was in The Main Event of WrestleMania. Cody talks about his return and how he was in a daze because he couldn’t believe where he was standing.

WrestleMania III: Hulk Hogan vs. Andre The Giant

-Well, DUH! Miller notes the 93,000 plus attendance which will get some people up in arms. I don’t know how to describe how massive this show was. This was Christmas Morning me for as a 5 year old. Waltman says he was in the crowd when Andre showed up with Heenan on Piper’s Pit. INJECT ALL THIS IN MY VEIN! MY CHILDHOOD RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. “You’re bleeding” -Piper. Hogan’s “YESSSS” still give me chills. Quite simple the biggest match in the history of everything. Waltman says that was the first time he could get PPV at this home. I have told this story before and will again: I watched the show at my grandma’s house. I was the first child she let eat dinner in her living room (spaghetti and salad). I was so scared what would happen to my hero, Hulk Hogan, that I couldn’t watch and hid in the kitchen. My grandpa and step-dad had to let me know Hogan won and I saw the replay of the slam, leg drop, and pin. These talking heads discuss this match is great as you can tell they are all fans. THE BODY SLAM HEARD ROUND THE WORLD! Hogan gets the win as Andre passes the torch. Dolph mentions the moment is so iconic that it starts the signature of all WWE shows. That slam is the single greatest moment in WrestleMania history, perhaps WWE history, and could probably argue wrestling history.

-Peacock commercials!

-Miller asks how many times we have all seen that clip. Has to be into the thousands at this point when you count the signature at the top of each show.

WrestleMania XIII: Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin

-Now we get to what many will say is the Greatest Match in WrestleMania history (WWE history? Wrestling history?). These two were made to feud with each other and what they did that night was a masterpiece. Elias calls it one of the greatest matches of all time and credits the audience. Austin mentions the reaction was interesting as the fans were split. JBL notes that Bret was a great champion, but represented the old guard. They beat the piss out of each other while the crowd pops for everything. Bret splits Austin open and goes heelish as he is blinded by his hatred of Austin. We get black and white footage of Austin famously pouring blood out of his skull and passing out from the pain. Bret attacks Austin after the match and flips off some fans to officially become heel and now Austin is the fan favorite. The business changed forever with that match, So great! So far we are two for two with this show.

-Miller talks about the power of a show stealing match at WrestleMania. Well, there are a lot of ways we can go with this one.

WrestleMania X-Seven: TLC II: The Dudley Boyz vs. The Hardy Boyz vs. Edge and Christian

-Now we get to the Greatest WrestleMania of All Time as this is the high point of The Attitude Era. Gargano notes all six men changed wrestling with this match. Prison Dom says they are crazy and that is the best way to describe them. Stock footage from Jeff Hardy and Christian. Jeff tries to kill himself several times. Tables getting destroyed! THE GREATEST SPEAR EVER! It is still mind bending to watch Edge spear Jeff as he hung from the apparatus holding the belts. Edge notes in the ring they thought the crowd was subdued, but realized when watching later they had the crowd rocking. Edge and Bubba both note they delivered and stole the show. I still like Austin/Rock because of the story, but TLC II was just an insane spectacle that topped what they did the year before at Mania and at SummerSlam. It wasn’t touched on here, but credit to Lita, Rhino, and Spike for the way they factored into the match and how it all made sense.

-Miller mentions TLC II hasn’t been topped after all these years.

WrestleMania X-8: Hollywood Hogan vs. The Rock

-Man, that Hogan kid must have been a big deal! Rock challenging Hogan on RAW to a match at WrestleMania is still amazing. The crowd just lost it and that was only the start. Sam Roberts notes everyone knew it would be a big match, but nobody knew it would be one of the biggest matches in WrestleMania history. Kevin Nash says it had the feel of Ali vs. Frazier. THE STARE DOWN WITH LIGHTS FLASHING! Waltman says the feeling was Rock would be cheered, but not on that night and not in Toronto. The crowd was hotter for Hogan in this match as anyone in any arena in history. Rock hits The Rock Bottom and we get the GREATEST HULK UP OF ALL TIME! It still gets me fired up and is the most fun I have ever had watching a wrestling match. JR’s call of the leg drop should be up there with his Hell in a Cell call. Sadly, they don’t include it here, but I will: “He beat Andre The Giant with that move.” The Rock gets the win and Waltman says it was the passing of the torch. I mean, that was the idea, but Hollywood came calling and Rock didn’t have another WrestleMania Main Event until his series with John Cena a decade later. Again, it’s great hearing the current wrestlers talk about the match.

WrestleMania XXV: The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels

-My first WrestleMania I ever attended and thus this is still the greatest match I have ever seen live. Shawn descends from the heavens in white and Taker rises up from hell in black. I was seated on the floor in the risers by the ramp. Waltman calls it as perfect a match as he has ever seen in his life. Gargano says the match made him a fan again which is crazy to do to someone who is in the wrestling business. Taker nearly breaks his neck with a dive to the floor and Shawn’s desperation to win by count-out is fantastic! One of the greatest near falls of all time is Shawn trying to skin the cat and getting caught with a Tombstone. JR: “I just had an out of body experience.” The match just flew by and again, it’s hard to describe what it was like inside that stadium. Taker gets the win and at the bell, I looked over and saw people high diving and hugging each other. I doubt I will ever see a better match live.

-Miller notes the match is arguably the greatest in WWE history.

WrestleMania XXVIII: John Cena vs. The Rock

-So ten years after Rock/Hogan, we get this dream match and OH MAN, I AM ON TV IN THIS ONE! I nearly forgot I was in the crowd the night after WrestleMania XXVIII for RAW (I was at Mania too, which was my last one) when Rock challenged Cena. When they shake hands to make it official you can see someone jumping up and down wearing a white Hard Rock Cafe shirt. That would be me! The decision was made to make the match a year in advance which seemed crazy at the time. It gave them time to build to the match whenever Rock would be able to show up. CENA’S RAP! So great and something I go back and watch on YouTube often. The talking heads talk about the way they blurred the lines and you believed they hated each other. We found out later it was Cena being a dick on purpose to get what he needed out of The Rock and he admits he wouldn’t go that route again. Some didn’t like the match, but it was suitably epic and delivered what was needed. It wasn’t Rock/Hogan, but that had the added intrigue of Hogan returning to WWE after 9 years away. Cena tries to show up The Rock and pays for it as The Rock hits a Rock Bottom for the win. The crowd got the result they wanted that night.

WrestleMania XXX: The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar

-This is another one that any list has to include. They discuss The Streak and Edge says it was more important than any Title Match. It was always interesting to me that nobody bought Brock as having a chance to win, but at the same time, people would say that Brock losing to Taker wouldn’t be believable either because Taker was seen as nearing retirement. THEN IT HAPPENED! I was at my friend’s house and we both freaked out when Brock got the three count. They do a great job here as they cut out any music and just pan the crowd. Dawkins says he was just staring at his TV and waited for someone to reverse the call. Dibiase, Bayley, and Austin all say they were stunned. Go find the reactions from people watching at home on YouTube if you want a laugh. I thought the one guy was having a seizure when he fell off his couch. Taker: “we had a hell of a run.”

-Peacock commercials!

WrestleMania XXXI: Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar (vs. Seth Rollins)

-SUPLEX CITY BITCH! I love trash talking Brock Lesnar. The first of many Brock/Roman matches and most will tell you it’s the best of their series. The last one at SummerSlam is up there as well because well, THE MAN LIFTED THE RING WITH A TRACTOR! Both men are out and SETH ROLLINS RUNS IN TO CASH IN HIS MONEY IN THE BANK! Seth gets the pin on Roman to win his first WWE Title and Mania closes with a heel winning, but you wouldn’t know it by the reaction as the crowd is just happy Roman didn’t win. Great moment and a great way to book themselves out of the corner they painted themselves in. JBL calls it the greatest cash in of all time and it’s hard to argue.

WrestleMania XXXV: Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston

-KOFI-MANIA RUNS WILD! They touch on Kofi stealing the show during The Gauntlet Match on SmackDown before Elimination Chamber and the fans just blew up social media with Kofi-Mania. They don’t mention it here, but remember, this only happened because Mustafa Ali got injured. Kofi ran with it as everyone was all in on Kofi getting a WWE Title Match at WrestleMania. The question became would the WWE actually pull the trigger and give everyone the feel good moment. Great match because well, it’s DANIEL BRYAN! That doesn’t mean Kofi didn’t hold up his end either, but credit to Bryan for going for massive babyface a year after his comeback to hated heel. Kofi gets the win and is WWE Champion and oh man, they include the hug shared by MVP and Shad! I can’t stop smiling and nearly crying because of that! Fans in the crowd have tears and everyone was just so happy for Kofi. Great stuff and obviously a history making moment.

-Peacock commercials!

WrestleMania XXXV: Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte vs. Ronda Rousey

-I wondered if there would be a Mania that was featured twice and here we go. I mean, I can’t argue against it as Mania XXXV will go down as one of the most history Manias because of Kofi’s win and this match. The one time where the WWE listened and it was just right that the women finally got to close WrestleMania. Sadly, the crowd was burned out because they had been there for over six hours. It was a really good match, but the finish was kind of weird and anti-climactic. The good thing was, much like Kofi winning, they got the winner right as Becky Lynch wins and closes the show as Becky 2 Belts! This show also has the honor of being the last Mania before the pandemic which means the last one night WrestleMania.

WrestleMania XXXVIII: Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar

-Okay, this is the first choice on this list that I would have omitted. No matter how many times they call it the Biggest WrestleMania Match of All Time won’t make it true. It was better than Brock/Roman II, but not as good as Brock/Roman I. Roman wins and is a double champion and that has been a corner WWE has been painted in ever since.

-This was fun as again, I am a sucker for nostalgia. You could make this show three hours and there would still be moments that are left out. I am stunned they didn’t touch on Razor/Shawn Ladder Match as that seems to get covered in everything they do that is WrestleMania related. All in all everything they hit was warranted outside of Brock/Roman III. They leaned towards more recent moments as apparently Hogan/Andre was the only noteworthy thing in the first 12 years of WrestleMania. That’s just my biased opinion though as I am partial to that period as that was my childhood. Definitely check this show out just for the nostalgia and for the current stars being fans again as they discuss moments they saw as kids. Thanks for reading!