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411’s WWE Unforgiven Report 9.18.05

September 18, 2005 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Welcome to 411’s Unforgiven report. We are live from JR’s home of Oklahoma, where he, Coach and Jerry “The King” Lawler will call the action. Also, let’s not forget about Hugo and Carlos who will call all of the action for out Spanish speaking friends!

The TRON set up is cool; it has a big one in the middle, and four smaller ones on the corners.

Opening video package was good, but only featured Cena and Angle.


So will JR get beat down, or leave Oklahoma unharmed?

Match #1 IC Title Match: Ric Flair vs. Carlito ©

Flair has a pretty pimp robe this evening.

They look to lock up, but Flair decides to strut. Headlock takedown by Flair. Carlito escapes, they lock back up and Flair takes him down the same again. Carlito to his feet and Flair has a “WOOOO” for him. Lock up and Flair with a hammerlock, and Carlito with the ropes gets out. Lock up again and Carlito with a shoulder block to Flair and Carlito struts, “Dat’s cool.” Flair with the hammerlock again and then rams Carlito to the corner and slaps him. Some taunting by Flair, and we get a test of strength. Carlito to the corner and an elbow by Carlito and then a right takes Flair down. Chop to Carlito and he drops, Flair grabs for the figure four, but Carlito takes a powder. Carlito back in and a lock up, Flair to the corner and Carlito with an elbow. Carlito with rights and boots to Flair. Eye poke by Flair, and chop time on Carlito. Irish whip and Carlito gets a clothesline to Flair. Corner mount punches by Carlito, but Flair gets an atomic drop and chops to Carlito. Figure four try stopped as Carlito kicked him off and Flair to the floor. Carlito whops Flair’s off the ropes and then rams him shoulder first to the steel post. Flair then rammed to the steps shoulder first, and Carlito in control. Carlito rolls Flair back in and covers for 2. Carlito stomps away on the shoulder of Flair, and then gets an arm bar. Flair to his feet and chops away at Carlito, but Carlito pulls the hair and Flair is down. Lefts from Carlito, and he just unloads on Flair. Crowd very into Flair. Shots by Carlito, Irish whip and backdrop by Carlito. Cover and he gets 2. Single arm DDT by Carlito, and a cover for 2. Arm bar again to Flair, Flair up but Carlito with a knee. Chops by Flair and Carlito down. STRUT! Chop again! Back elbow by Flair. WOOO! Knee drop by Flair. Chop again to Carlito. Flair up top… Carlito tries to grab him, but Flair gets a right off the top! IT WORKED! Flair river dance! WOOO! Flair up top again! Flair flies, but Carlito with a dropkick counter and covers for 2! Carlito grabs his apple now and comes back in the ring, RIGHT by Flair! Carlito is choking on his apple! Figure four! CARLITO TAPS!

Winner and NEW IC CHAMPION RIC FLAIR @ 11:50 via pin

Flair on the mic, and he says that this is a great honor this is, because this is a prestigious title. He says that tonight, this is as sweet as any of his 16 world titles. WOOO at the belt! His only regret is that his best friend and greatest wrestler alive HHH is not here. Don’t worry though, he will break down tonight and take it to Oklahoma City…all…night…long! Flair then kisses a bunch of chicks at ringside and takes them with him!

Carlito backstage and he walks away pissed off.

Edge is backstage with Lita. She says when Matt would call her every night and she would say she loves him, and then he would call Edge to talk. They were together and Matt never knew. Lita would always show him all his attention. Edge says he will beat the life out of Matt Hardy tonight, and all he will have is memories of Lita. Lita straddles Edge and says she wants to make him happy. They make out.

Match #2 Torrie and Victoria w/Candace vs. Trish and Ashley

Torrie has a little dog, what is she, Paris Hilton?

Torrie slaps at Trish and here we go. Torrie and Trish to start, and Victoria tags in. Lock up and a take down by Victoria. Sweet choke variation by Victoria, and into a headlock. Trish with a forearm shot and then a head scissors. Thez Press to Victoria and punches away. Shots to Victoria and chop. Tag to Ashley, and she kicks away at Victoria. Clothesline by Ashley. Basement dropkick to Victoria and a cover for 2, as Torrie grabs her and tosses her to the floor (nasty bump). Candace chokes her out and tosses her back in. Slingshot leg-drop by Victoria, and then chokes her out. Rear choke by Victoria, Ashley to her feet and then slammed down. Tag to Torrie. Boots to Ashley and then she gets her face slammed to the mat. Tag t Victoria, and she stops a tag and Ashley with rights to Victoria. Victoria stops another tag and gets a front face lock. Ashley tries to tag, does but the ref doesn’t see it. Snap suplex by Victoria. Victoria up top…Ashley knocks her down, and tags Trish! Corner RANA by Trish! Rights to Victoria, then Torrie gets involved and Trish takes her out. Victoria had Trish up, tries a tilt a whirl, head scissors by Trish. MATRIX and a clothesline by Trish! Spine buster by Trish! Candace distracts the ref and Trish grabs her! Then Ashley takes her out. Head scissors bulldog combo to Torrie and Victoria by Trish! Chick kick and Trish pins Victoria.

Winner: Ashley and Trish @ 7:14 via pin

Flair is backstage with champagne and the chicks. They head to the limo and Flair smacks some ass. He has VIAGRA! Oh my, he takes some, counts the chicks and takes more! Space Mountain needs a little help these days I suppose.

USA moving commercial, with Vince and a bunch of the guys, very funny.

Lillian announces ZZ TOP! They have JR Style cowboy hats!

Show goes and talks with ZZ Top before the match.

Match #3 The Big Show vs. Snitsky

Show tosses Snitsky and then chops away at him. Another toss and Show is in control. Head butt by Show. Rights by Snitsky, but Show knocks him down and chokes him with his boot. Snitsky bails, but Show chases and tosses him backing the ring. To the corner and shhhhhhhh…CHOP to Snitsky. Here we go again…damn Snitsky bails again. Show misses Snitsky and clotheslines the steel post. Snitsky has him back in the ring and works the shoulder with an arm bar. Show still on his knees and fights to his feet. Toss by Show and he is free. Clubbing shots by Snitsky, and then boots. GOOZLE by Show, escape and a knee to Show. Back suplex by Snitsky! Cover and gets 2. Chops by Show, then a big boot by Snitsky gets 2. Crowd into Show, as Snitsky locks in another arm bar. Show to his feet and gets a spine buster to Snitsky…both men down. Show grabs the ropes and kips up. Clotheslines to Snitsky. Corner splash. Shoulder block. Choke slam pose…”ARRRRRRRRRRRRR!” GOOZLE! Choke slam! 1…2…3!

Winner: The Big Show @ 6:09 via pin

Show stares him down as he leaves, and then walks over and grabs the ring bell. Back into the ring he goes and LEVELS Snitsky with it. Now he leaves. Nope, he grabs it again and hits him behind the head like Snitsky did to him. Pay back is a bitch.

WM XXII commercial is shown.

Backstage we see the limo with smoke pouring out of it and all you hear is “Wooo! Wooo! Wooo!”

HBK vs. Masters video package is shown.

Match #4 Kerwin White vs. Shelton Benjamin

Shelton slides to the floor and takes out KW. Benjamin tosses him back and in the ring gets a back elbow. Boot by KW and Benjamin with a hip toss. Rights by Benjamin, off the ropes and a slam by Benjamin. Sliding clothesline by Benjamin, then rights to KW. KW with a cheap shot and off the ropes, but Benjamin with a flapjack to KW and covers for 2. Irish whip and Benjamin misses a running knee charge, chop block by KW, and then drops elbows on the knee. Knee buster by KW, and he continues his assault on Benjamin’s knee. Roll up by Benjamin, but KW into a cool stump puller type submission to work the knee. Rights by Benjamin, and KW with a SWEET ASS spinning head scissors, Sonjay Dutt type rotation and covers for 2. KW works the knee more and nails Benjamin with rights. Samoan drop by Benjamin as KW charged at him. Benjamin grabs at his knee as KW goes back on the attack. Rights by Benjamin, another and he fights back. Off the ropes and a clothesline by Benjamin. Russian Leg Sweep into a neck breaker type deal for 2. Looked cool. Backdrop by Benjamin. Back suplex now and he goes up top…KW knocks him down and Benjamin knee is caught in the ropes. KW up top now…SUPER PLEX by KW gets 2! Off the ropes and a drop toehold by KW, into the half crab. SHADES OF LANCE STORM! He keeps Benjamin center ring, and he tries to fight out. Rolls through and gets a catapult to KW! KW grabs the golf club… Benjamin ducks, tosses KW up and EXPLODER by Benjamin! 1…2…3!

Winner: Shelton Benjamin @ 8:11 via pin

Todd is backstage with Matt Hardy. Hardy says he did not call her a dog, he called her a bitch. Hardy jogs in place and says that she is still a bitch. She betrayed him and it got him fired. So yeah, he still feels that way. Todd says he sounds like he cares about her, but Hardy says he just wants to make sure Edge doesn’t walk out of the cage tonight.

Match #5 Steel Cage Match: Edge w/Lita vs. Matt Hardy

This is pin, submission, and escape. Lita is semi-skanky tonight, which isn’t cool. Whore it up!

Any bets on Kane returning?

JR said Edge CAN use the Money in the bank for the WWE title. Interesting.

Lock up and they go all over the ring. They start tossing rights now, damn right. They try to ram each other into the cage, but block. Rights by Edge and then by Hardy, STIFF. Irish whip and Edge goes up top and tries to escape! Hardy grabs his leg and they brawl up top. Head butts by Hardy and Edge falls. Double ax handle to Edge. Edge tries for the door, and is stopped. Back suplex by Edge, Hardy holds onto his headlock. Off the ropes and Hardy takes him down. Another headlock…take down and Hardy in control. Head butts by Edge now and then rights. Edge is in control and climbs up top… Hardy pulls him off. Clothesline to Edge gets 2. Shots in the corner by Hardy, and then a back elbow to Edge. 2nd rope clothesline by Hardy. Twist of fate try, but Hardy is rammed into the cage and Edge with the reverse face buster. Edge climbs… Hardy up top to stop him…they are on the very top now…back to the top rope and they battle more. Hardy rammed into the cage and he falls to the mat. Missile dropkick to the back of the head by Edge, that basically missed. Hardy is having trouble standing, and Edge elbows him in the back of the head. Back suplex by Edge, and Hardy keeps trying to get to his feet. Hardy with wild punches misses and Edge nails him with a right. Hardy is down again. Elbow drops by Edge now. Hardy fights to his feet, but Edge rams him into the corner. Hardy keeps hitting with the back of his head. Running kick to the head by Edge. DDT by Edge gets 2. Rights by Edge, and gets a running powerbomb into the cage! Hardy chants now, and Edge with a powerbomb into the corner on Hardy! The ref checks on Hardy, but Edge with more stiff shots to the head. The ref checks again, but Hardy gets up. Yakuza kick by Edge. Another running boot to the head by Edge. The ref checks on Hardy again, Edge sets Hardy up top…Hardy elbows back, goes up and Edge is up…TOP ROPE POWERBOMB to Hardy! Edge covers for 2. Edge is pissed. Edge goes for the door, but Hardy grabs his foot. Edge slaps Hardy around, but Hardy bites Edge’s hand! Rights by Edge and corner mount punches. Snake eyes by Hardy. Edge misses the spear and eats corner. Side effect by Hardy for 2. Edge crawls for the door… Hardy doves and grabs a leg. Lita gives Edge the briefcase…misses! Rights by Hardy. He ties Edge up in the ropes! Wild rights by Hardy! Edge out and Hardy with a catapult to Edge! Bulldog on the briefcase to Edge! Hardy rams him into the cage. Again! A 4th time! Lita climbs the cage! Hardy knocks her off. Edge is bleeding now and more rights by Hardy. Kick to the head by Hardy as the ref checks on him now. Another! LOTS of blood on Edge now. Hardy has the briefcase…goes up top…but Edge shoves the ref into Hardy! SPEAR to Hardy who was in between the ropes and cage. Edge climbs… Hardy up and goes up as well. TOP ROPE SIDE EFFECT! Lita has a chair and opens the door. Another ref tries to stop her, and Hardy covers Edge for 2 as Lita is in the cage. Hardy goes after her and Edge crawls… Hardy stops him and Lita tries to hit Hardy with the briefcase. TWIST OF FATE TO LITA! SPEAR TO HARDY! 1…2…NO! Edge has a manly crimson mask going. Edge to his feet, climbs now… Hardy after him and goes up as well. Edge rammed off the cage repeatedly and falls. Hardy all the way up top…he looks around…TOP OF THE CAGE LEGDROP! 1…2…3!

Winner: Matt Hardy @ 21:36 via pin

Cena is backstage getting his ankle taped up. Bishoff walks in and smirks. He says to save some tape, because he will need it when Angle is through with him. He has been waiting for a long time to see he beat, and he is excited. He told him last week, you can’t win with him here. He doesn’t think Cena will survive. Cena asks for tape and puts some on Bishoff’s mouth. Bishoff gets more pissed as Cena walks away.

Officials help Edge to the back, but he refuses and crawls away on his own.

Earlier in the day with Cade and Murdoch. They say they beat the champs before, and tonight they will do the same for the titles. They say to shine their belts up real nice, because they are coming home with them.

Match #6 WWE Tag Title Match: Cade and Trevor Murdoch vs. Hurricane and Rosey ©

Hurricane and Cade to start. Lock up and Cade with elbows to Hurricane. Cade talks smack and then slams Hurricane. Misses an elbow and Hurricane with rights. HURRI POSE! Arm drags to both men and Rosey nails Murdoch and Hurricane with a head scissors. Cade and Murdoch to the floor to regroup and back in now. Headlock by Hurricane, Cade takes him down and Murdoch in. Elbow by Hurricane and a 2nd rope dropkick gets 2. Tag to Rosey and off the ropes and a drop toehold head butt combo by the champs for 2. Head butts by Murdoch now, and Rosey back with some of his won. Running ass bump by Rosey gets 2 as Cade makes the save. Cade in with knees to Rosey and covers for 2. Front face lock by Cade as Murdoch asks Lillian for a kiss. Hurricane goes over and brawls with Murdoch. Hurricane slides through the ring to take out Murdoch, but he grabs him and SPIEK DDT on the floor! He’s dead. Rosey checks on him, and now fires away on Cade. Backdrop to Cade. Corner clothesline to Cade, and then nails Murdoch. Murdoch pulls Cade out of the way and Rosey eats corner. Murdoch in and covers for 2. Elbows to Rosey for 2. Trainer out to check on Hurricane and Murdoch covers Rosey for 2. Rosey to the floor and Cade with a shot to the back. Rams Rosey back first into the ring apron and Hurricane is still doen and is being attended too. Double team on Rosey now, and Hurricane is being taken to the back. Knee by Cade and a hangman’s neck breaker and tag to Murdoch. Off the ropes and a double clothesline by Rosey. Hurricane tries to come back to the ring and fights the trainers. Tag in and Hurricane is in. Rights to all, but is taken down with a chop block/clothesline combo and Cade and Murdoch win.

Winners and NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS Cade and Murdoch @ 7:445 via pin

In the back we see the limo with Flair and a lady comes out wearing his robe! She needs to catch her breath! She goes back in for more!

Maria is here with Chris Masters. She asks why they call him the “Masterbate?” He corrects her and says he is like Michelangelo’s David. She makes a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles joke, glorious! Chris Masters says HBK will get broken tonight.

Match #7 HBK vs. Chris Masters

Masters grabs HBK before the bell and puts on the MASTER LOCK! No bell yet and he beats down HBK.

Bell rings and another Masterlock try, but HBK escapes. Rights to Masters and Masters tosses him to the corner. Chops by HBK, and Masters is rocked. Knee lift and clothesline by HBK. Masters to the floor now. Plancha by HBK and he rolls back in. HBK back to the floor and chops away at Masters. Masters rammed to the steps now. Chops by HBK as they stay on the floor. HBK has a chair now…the ref grabs it and Masters rams HBK to the barrier. Back in the ring and HBK tosses Masters back to the floor. Masters picks HBK up in a powerbomb and rams HBK to the steel post 2 times and then drops him awkwardly. HBK fights his way back into the ring and Masters clubs away at him. Knees to the back by Masters and then a standing leg drop gets 2. Suplex by Masters, stalls a bit and then drops him down and covers for 2. Double ax handle shots by Masters to the back of HBK. Shots to the back as Masters continues to work on that area. Rights by HBK now and a backdrop by Masters. Cover and he gets 2. Masters in control with more back punishment and covers for 2 again. Stiff rights by Masters now and a side back breaker to HBK. Picks him right back up and another. He bends HBK over his knee and continues to put the pressure on. HBK with rights and finally escapes. Masters to his feet and HBK gets a shot to the gut. Chops by HBK and then rights. Off the ropes and a crucifix by HBK, but Masters turns it into a Masterlock try…HBK elbows out. Chop sin the corner by HBK. Irish whip and Masters reverses it, corner flip by HBK and a back breaker by Masters…SHADES OF LEX LUGER! The ref checks…arm drop once…twice…but not 3! HBK fights and gets a sunset flip for 2. Clothesline by Masters takes HBK’s head off. Masters has a bloody nose and gets a press slam to HBK. Masterlock called by Masters. Tries to lock it in…HBK fights…HBK grabs the ref and a LOW BLOW by HBK! Some nasty nizzie music. Ref counts and they finally get to their feet. Rights exchanged, Masters off the ropes and a reversal…flying forearm. KIP UP! Atomic drop. Clothesline by HBK. Another. Slam by HBK. He heads up top…Flying elbow! TUNE IT UP! Superkick misses, MASTER LOCK! HBK fights… Masters locks it in more…HBK tries to run up the corner, but no go. Tries again, no go. HBK is fading…to one knee…crowd into it. HBK is still alive. To his feet again and goes over the top rope and Masters has to break. SMART! HBK lays on the apron as Masters bitches. Masters grabs HBK, but HBK stuns him off the ropes. HBK back in the ring and goes up top…cross body, Masters catches him…him into the MASTER LOCK, no…SUPERKICK by HBK and that’s all!

Winner: HBK @ 17:00 via pin

In the back we see the chicks leave the limo and find all of their clothes. Flair backs out with his pants partially down and then pulls them up. He drinks some more champagne and goes to “WOOOO” but instead FLAIR FLOPS in the parking lot!

Video history of Cena vs. Angle

Match #8 WWE Title: Kurt Angle vs. John Cena ©

They stare down and talk smack. The ref actually checks the wrestlers and here we go.

Headlock take down by Angle. Off the ropes and a hip toss by Cena. Angle bails, and thinks things over. Lock up and an arm bar take down by Angle. He pulls back on the arm and damn that looks like it hurts. Knees to the elbow by Angle. Wrist lock by Angle now and Cena gets ahead lock take down and takes over. Angle to his feet and Cena tries to maintain the hold. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Cena. Another. He charges again and Angle bails to the floor and is NOT happy. Angle back in and slaps the piss out of Cena. Forearm shots, and then European uppercuts by Angle. Rights now and a hard Irish whip, but Cena with a boot to Angle. Slam to Angle. Elbow drop ad another gets a count of 2. Angle rammed to the corner, and then another. Sidewalk slam by Cena gets 2. Eye rake by Angle and a belly to back suplex by Angle. Boots by Angle, and more European uppercuts. Boots to Cena and Angle is relentless. Cena is down in the corner and Angle continues his attack. Suplex by Angle and a cover for 2. Rear choke by Angle, and the ref breaks it as it was an illegal choke. Now a camel clutch variation by Angle. Cena fights to his feet, but Angle clubs him and off the ropes and a sunset flip by Cena for 2. Rights by Cena and Angle with an overhead belly to belly. Knee lift by Angle. Another and Angle locks in a reverse bear hug on the mat. Cena fights to his feet and elbows out. GERMAN by Angle. Cover and 2 for Angle. Body scissors by Angle, and a cover for 2. Rear choke with the body scissors now, and Cena tries his best to escape. Angle keeps it locked in and Cena gets out and to his feet. Elbows by Cena and a boot and DDT to Angle! Both men battle to their feet and rights by Angle. Then Cena and they battle back and forth. Angle down. Again and Cena is on fire. Flying shoulder block by Cena. Suplex by Cena and cover for 2. FU TRY…escape and ANKLE LOCK by Angle! Cena escapes and spine buster to Angle gets 2. Irish whip and Angle misses a charge, FU try again…reversal and ANGLE SLAM! 1…2…NO! Ankle lock again! Cena escapes again and PROTO BOMB to Angle! Cena is limping badly now…5-knuckle shuffle time…connects 1…2…NO! Rights by Cena now and a reversal and Angle nails the ref! FU TO ANGLE! No ref! Cena checks on the ref and then looks pissed. He grabs Angle and LOW BLOW by Angle! He grabs his gold medals…wraps them around his hand…NAILS Cena! I give that a 5.7. Knee drop on the ankle of Cena. STRAPS DOWN! Bishoff runs out and claps. ANKLE LOCK on Cena! Bishoff in the ring and has the belt and mocks Cena. Cena grabs Bishoff and then Angle pulls back. Cena tries for the ropes and gets them, but Bishoff breaks it! Cena rolls and Angle hits Bishoff! Cena grabs his belt and NAILS Angle. The ref saw it!

Winner: Kurt Angle @ 17:20 via DQ

No, Bishoff says that the title does not go back to Cena. He says that tonight, CENA HAS HIM! F-U to Bishoff! Angle attacks and tosses Cena to the floor. Uppercuts and rights to Cena. Angle beats him down and then rams Cena to the steps. Angle take shim to the Spanish Announce Table…he clears it off…picks up Cena and Cena reverses him…F-U TO ANGLE THROUGH THE TABLE!

Cena back into the ring and grabs his belt and celebrates.


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