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Beyond Wrestling Americanrana 2017 Results 7.30.17

July 31, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka

– Beyond Wrestling held their big Americanrana 2017 event yesterday in Worcester, MA. Here are full results courtesy of Paul Crockett and PWinsider.com

Early Show
MATCH ONE: Ace Romero v. Brian Milonas: The former partners in XXXL have imploded and now they go one-on-one. The match was predicated on Romero, near 400 pounds, doing insane spots to get the crowd to pop. This included a tope to the floor within a minute of the bell. Milonas was in control for most of the match building to Ace’s comebacks. Romero tried to pick up Milonas twice and couldn’t get him in the fireman’s carry. The finish saw Milonas finish with a Vader bomb. As a spectacle, I could see what they were going for with this opener, but the match never clicked and the finish was anti-climactic. Tough break.

WINNER: Brian Milonas

MATCH TWO: Cam Zagami v. Josh Briggs: Zagami got on the mic and welcomed everyone to AmeriCAMrana. He called himself a TV star and then said he saw a few other TV stars in the crowd from “To Catch a Predator.” He said this is his ring and no one has enough GRIT to face him. Fantastic promo. Out comes Briggs. Cam jumped him and threw his jacket at him. He tried to get the better of him, but Briggs quickly finished it with a reverse Razor’s Edge into a Falcon Arrow for the win. A squash, but a really fun one. This should be the start of something big for Briggs in Beyond, and I’d like to see more from Cam with this character.

WINNER: Josh Briggs

MATCH THREE: Mikey Webb v. “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams: Webb out with dreads. Didn’t I see him in 10? Really good back and forth match from the two veterans. Williams went for a lot of submissions while Webb went for more power based offense. They also threw a lot of ridiculously hard chops. Williams was close to finishing with a crossface when Webb powered out. Williams ended up finishing the match with a huge jumping piledriver.

WINNER: “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams

MATCH FOUR: Mike Verna, Ryan Galeone & Dan Barry v. Da Hoodz & Anthony Stone: Good promo from Barry before the match. He asked for a very serious tag team and said they’re opponents aren’t serious and Stone hasn’t been relevant in Beyond since 2012. Barry said they’re so great they don’t even need him to wrestle, so it’s now 2-on-3. Both Stone and Pyro ended up selling leading toward hot tags. Verna and Galeone, who are both massive, ended up getting the heat on them with a lot of impressive power moves. Really good job by Pyro selling in getting Galeone and Verna over as monsters. Stone got the hot tag and his comebacks got great reactions from the crowd. Really cool spot with Kash going a running kick into the corner on a fallen Galeone while Pyro and Stone both did Van Terminators from opposite corners. Verna has both Hoodz held up (powerbomb/fallaway slam style) when Stone went to the top. Before he could jump, Rex Lawless hit him with a crutch. Galeone then threw Stone into Da Hoodz and Verna powerslammed them. I’m not describing it properly to do the impressive strength justice. Cool finish as Verna and Galeone got the pin.

WINNERS: Verna, Galeone & Barry

MATCH FIVE: Rory Gulak v. Jay Freddie: Pretty decent mix of hard strikes and technical work. Scary spot when Freddie suplexed Gulak on the apron, and I don’t think Gulak got all of the apron. Not sure the match needed that kind of risk, but there it was. The finish saw them trade some nearfalls before Freddie fired up and finished it with a high angle Fireman’s Driver for the win.

WINNER: Jay Freddie

MATCH SIX: Bobby Fish v. “Filthy” Tom Lawlor: Lawlor hasn’t been at wrestling for long, but he looked composed in there against Fish. The two traded holds on the mat and it all looked slick and very good. Lawlor with some really impressive power at different points of the match. He ended up going for a rear naked choke on multiple occasion, as well as standing front chokes. Lawlor ended up with the big win after he had a standing guillotine and spun Fish around in a circle with it held, then dropped him to the mat and locked in the guillotine as he kneeled on the mat. Fun match that the crowd was really into.

WINNER: “Filthy” Tom Lawlor

MAIN EVENT: AR Fox v. “Shred God” Brandon Watts – Special Referee: Shynron: This is their third match. Fox and Watts each hold a win. This was pretty wild from the get go. Shynron wasn’t doing much referring or admonishing. He did finally administer a ten count at one point, but Watts got in the ring before it. This after Watts went for a frog splash elbow throw a barrel held up by two chairs as Fox was prone across it, but Fox moved. Lots of wild offense and dives from both. Fox got the heat on Watts after he beat the ten count. Fox went for a springboard back elbow but fell right into a huge lungblower, which got a huge reaction. Fox did two insane somersault planchas to the floor. The first from the top rope, then the second on a straight run and leap over the corner to the outside. Crazy. Fox ended up unintentionally taking out Shynron with a jumping boot. Watts hit a swinging DDT but there was no count since Shynron was down. Referee Kevin Quinn, who involved in the first two matches, came to the ring and prevented Fox from using a chair. Fox pushed him, and Quinn pushed back and ripped off his shirt looking for a fight and the crowd went insane. Fox threw a punch, Quinn blocked and hit his own and Watts rolled up Fox for a two count. They went back and forth before Watts finished it with a frog splash elbow. Good main event. After the match, Shynron said he’s back and that he’s enjoyed watching Watts climb to the top of the card. So he challenged him to a match and Watts accepted.

WINNER: Brandon Watts

Main Show
MATCH ONE: Team PAWG (Jordynne Grace & LuFisto) v. Doom Patrol (Jaka & Chris Dickinson) : This match has been brewing for months as Dickinson has had issues with Grace and her boyfriend Jonathan Gresham. No one pulled any punches on this one. After some early offense from PAWG, Jaka and Dickinson got the heat on Grace, and boy were they rough on her, particularly Dickinson. He hit a brutal German and a piledriver on her. Doom Patrol did an excellent job building the heat to the hot tag as the place erupted when LuFisto finally got in. They went back and forth and were super aggressive. Lots of nearfalls from both teams and the crowd kept getting up for each progressive finish. To say the match was wild is an understatement. The finish saw PAWG hit their running duel hip attacks on the head of Jaka for the win. While I’m personally not a fan of intergender wrestling, this crowd very much is and they really enjoyed this match, and frankly, that’s all that matters on this level. After the match, Dickinson cut a very impassioned promo about the importance of Beyond Wrestling and how much it means to him and everyone in the locker room. It was a great way to keep the momentum going.


MATCH TWO: Brian Cage v. Jonathan Gresham: Talk about a styles clash. Cage, being the significantly bigger man, spent a lot of the match tossing Gresham around the ring until Gresham was able to finally find a body part to pick apart. In this case, it was Cage’s leg. He wouldn’t be able to work it over for very long until Cage would power his way out and continue to throw Gresham around. This was a really good, very entertaining match that made great use of the difference in size. Gresham with a nearfall after a Shooting Star Press, and also came close with a submission. The finish came out of nowhere as Gresham rolled through one of his submission attempts for a pinning combination to get the upset. Well done match.

WINNER: Jonathan Gresham

MATCH THREE: JT Dunn v. John Silver: Silver has been a fast rising singles star in Beyond. He faces one of the long standing stars in the company in Dunn. This was heated from the get-go. They did a great job showing animosity and creating a built-in reason to care about the match. Really hard hitting and a lot power based offense, especially from Silver, who at one point tossed Dunn across the ring. Silver fired up with a huge forearm, followed by a Death by Elbow for a nearfall. They traded a few nearfalls, including one following a Dunn tombstone on the apron. I think that’s when I tuned out. Then they did an absurd Canadian Destroyer followed by a PK for the win. The crowd completely disagreed with me as they loved it, so the Crowd 2 – Me 0. And they matter more than I do.

WINNER: John Silver

MATCH FOUR: Tables, Ladders & Chairs – Chuck Taylor (w/Orange Cassidy) v. Swoggle: The match STARTED with Taylor hitting Swoggle with a chair. Where do you think it went from there? I couldn’t do this justice if I tried. This included run-ins from Massage NV, Swamp Monster, Johnny Cockstrong, Stan Stylez and “Supercop” Dick Justice. They all did their stuff. Lots and lots of comedy that the crowd was going nuts for. Swoggle kicked out of a piledriver into thumbtacks at one. Okay sure. Then Baretta came in and Snapchatted the carnage and left. Taylor then rolled him up for the win. Like I said, the crowd loved it.

WINNER: Chuck Taylor

MATCH FIVE: EYFBO (Mike Draztik & Angel Ortiz) v. The Lucha Bros (Penta El Zero & Rey Fenix) : Hot start to the match with lots of lucha spots from the Bros. Then it went from a hot start to a hot match with no tags and a ton of highspots and double team moves. In between all of the high flying, these guys hit each other REALLY hard. They pulled out all the stops in this and gave the fans what they wanted. Lots of wild high flying action and crazy spots. If you like selling, I wouldn’t suggest the match. The finish saw EYFBO finish it with a spike package piledriver. This was really wild.


MATCH SIX: Donovan Dijak v. “The Product” David Starr: Starr has claimed that he is Mr. Americanrana, while Dijak has been known as the Ace of Beyond for the past couple of years. They had a prolonged staredown that set the tone for the match. It was a mixture of intensity and respect. Well done to start things off. Dijak was able to hit Feast Your Eyes within 5 minutes, but he hurt his knee doing it and sold from that point on. One spot had Dijak in control and Starr ended up biting his crotch. I don’t think the match needed that, but that’s just my opinion. Starr followed it up with a Feast Your Eyes for a nearfall.

Lots of trading of nearfalls. Starr had Dijak down and took the mic. He said he is the new Ace of Beyond and that it’s his time and it’s time for Dijak to go away. Then he called Dijak a sell out. Starr turned his back and Dijak hit a Feast Your Eyes for a nearfall. Starr then finished it with a brainbuster into his knee, followed by a German with a bridge. Good match. After the match, Starr said when Biff Busick left, Dijak filled the void. Starr said Dijak is one of his favorite wrestlers and people and he is honored to be in the ring with him at Americanrana. He said if Dijak ever needs anything, he can look on YouTube at his stuff and steal it, which got a huge ovation. Dijak then said his last match for Beyond will be August 13 against WALTER.

WINNER: “The Product” David Starr

MATCH SEVEN: Roppongi Vice (Rocky Romero & Baretta) v. Da Hit Squad (Dan Maff & Monsta Mack) : Baretta tweeted out a few weeks ago that he was going to get payback on Mack for what Mack did to him when he was 18 (which was throwing Baretta from the ring to the floor in what was a gruesome spot). The early going had Rocky and Maff in the ring while Mack and Baretta kept jawing at each other on the apron. They kept trying to get at each other but they stayed apart for most of the match. DHS went to throw Rocky into the crowd but Baretta stopped it, then he and Mack finally faced off. From there it was a lot of action in the ring without tags. Mack went to recreate the spot from Twitter but Baretta cut him off. He ended up hitting a Dudebuster for a nearfall. They went back and forth until Roppongi Vice finished it with the Dudebuster/double stomp combo for the win. Mack went to shake Baretta’s hand after the match but then pulled away and left.

WINNERS: Roppongi Vice

MAIN EVENT: Matt Riddle v. “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela (w/ Penelope Ford) : It didn’t take long for Janela to take insane risks. There was a moonsault from the top to the floor. Then a moonsault onto the apron, but Riddle rolled out of the way. Riddle also hit a Death Valley Driver on the apron. Janela ended up getting the win with a crossface submission in a big upset. Decent main event, but considering how long they’ve built up the undefeated streak of Riddle, I don’t think this match did it justice unfortunately. Both guys worked very hard and deserve a lot of credit for that.

WINNER: “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela

Everyone on the show worked very hard. These men and women deserve a lot of credit for how much effort they put forth in the ring tonight. As a show, however, I felt that Americanrana didn’t live up to its expectations. Partially, it was the venue. The White Eagle was certainly unique, but to me, it wasn’t a Beyond building. It didn’t have the right look or vibe to capture what Beyond is truly about. Secondly, I felt that while all of the wrestlers worked their asses off, they simply did way too much in the ring in terms of moves in their matches. Forgive my inner Cornette coming out, but that was just my personal taste.

With that being said, the crowd LOVED this show and were buzzing at they left the building. So in that sense, Beyond certainly catered to their crowd and gave them what they wanted.