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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Beach Break Review 2.3.21

February 3, 2021 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Beach Break Dynamite 2-3-21 Image Credit: AEW
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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Beach Break Review 2.3.21  

Ed. Note: Hey folks! Jeremy here. Hope you guys enjoy tonight’s Beach Break episode of Dynamite. Don’t forget, Andy Perez and Blake Lovell will be live immediately after the show with their review and analysis of the episode. You can see it below:

It’s Wednesday…you know what that means.

We’re startin off hot. Due to their actions last week, Dax and Cash are not invited to the opening contest, and will be replaced by Silver and Reynolds.

Sammy Hager gives a little promo for Sammy and Hager.

Match 1: Number One Contendership Match for the Tag Team Titles
John Silver and Alex Reynolds vs The Young Bucks vs Top Flight vs Private Party vs Stu Grayson and Evil Uno vs Jurassic Express vs Chris Jericho & MJF vs The Acclaimed vs Sammy Guevara and Jake Hager vs Santana & Ortiz

Bucks fly off the stage as soon as their music hits and they send Dante in the ring to spear him. In come Private Party to eat some kicks from Matt and Nick. Santana and Ortiz go head to head, and everyone else follows. Everyone in the ring now. Hager eliminates Reynolds with ease, and Grayson tries to seem revenge. But Silver, from out of nowhere, eliminates Hager!! Hager hops on the apron afterwards and clocks Grayson a few times.

Santana is able to hit a back body drop to Matt Jackson, and commentary seems unclear as to whether or not that means elimination. Next is Anthony Bowens, being sent out by Jericho and MJF. Lucha is behind them to hit a haard clothesline to both, though. Tail whip to Private Party, then Santana. Headbutt to Ortiz. Lucha attempts to clean house, Nick flies off the top rope and Lucha chokeslams him onto someone else.

Stu Grayson dodges a right hand, back flip and kicks, but cant toss Lucha. Lucha tosses him, Grayson holds onto the roeps. Right hand to Lucha. He locks the head and tries to suplex Lucha to the outside, but Lucha stops him. GOOZLE!! Chokeslam to Bowens, and Graayson is eliminated, but here comes Evil Uno and Silver to eliminate Lucha!

Uno with a Flatliner to Nick Jackson, and here comes MJF to eliminate him. Private Party tries to hit Silly String, but Darius eliminates Quen. Kassidy seeks revenge, sending Darius into the corner and trying to get him to the top rope, while Silver suplexes both Santana and Ortiz! Damn. A beast. He tries for a clothesline, but Santana and Ortiz toss him out of the ring.

Nick on the top rope. He dives with a crossbody to Ortiz and Jericho. Kick to Ortiz. Kick to Santana. Running knee in the corner, bulldog and a clothesline. Nick sends out Santana, sends Ortiz to the apron, riht hand, Superkick to Ortiz and he is eliminated as well. Nick runs towards Kassidy, gets kicked on the side of the head, but The Good Brothers are here!!!!

Kassidy tries to eliminate Nick, Nick is confused, on the apron, hits a shoulder, dives over, hits the ropes, Kassidy hits them, Gallows and Anderson hold the rope, and Kassidy is eliminated. While Nick is yelling at Gallows and Anderson, MJF eliminates him!

MJF and Jericho mock The Young Bucks pose.

WE are left with Jericho, Sammy, MJF, Jungle Boy, Darius, and Castor. They pair off against the Inner Circle, with Sammy choking Jungle Boy with a boot. Jungle stops the fight, clubbing the back. He runs to MJF and tries to lift him. MJF sends Jungle Boy to the outside, but can’t quite get him. MJF and Jericho come over to help eliminate Jungle Boy with boots to the body. Jungle is wrapped around the ropes. MJF tosses Jungle Boy, and he is OUT!

MJF and Sammy go face to face in the middle of the ring, but Max comes up to hit rights to either one of them. Locku from behind, and Max holds MJF for Sammy. Sammy goes for a Superkick, MJF ducks down, SUPERKICK TO MAX!! MAX ELIMINATES MJF!!! DARIUS ELIMINATES MAX!! Jericho and Sammy are left with Darius.

DDT to Jericho and Sammy. Sammy skins the cat, locks the head. Jericho eliminates, but Sammy is the only one that lands on his feet!! Darius stays on the apron!!! Dropkick from the top rope!!! Jericho with a back body drop,

Darius lands on his feet. He springboards. JUDAS EFFECT to Darius! This causes the elimination.

Winners: Chris Jericho and MJF
While I can appreciate the proof that we got a stacked tag team roster in the AEW, this match was a bit on the indyriffic side for me, and although it wasn’t as blatant, we still had the spots where people got their shit in only to be eliminated. On the positive, they stuck with the continued aggressions of teams that hate each other, and allowed mini stories to be told. This only made it just a bit better. I also have to call them out for expressing that there was one team of The Inner Circle, yet tonight, we saw them all in there. Also, I can’t yet explain why I don’t like Jericho winning, I just know that I don’t.
Total Rating: *1/2
Match Time: 11:35

A video package of Jade working out and showing muscles in areas I didn’t know existed on a man or a woman.

BACK TO THE SHOW, and Tony Schiavone introduces Darby then Sting. He wants to talk about Darby’s title defense next week, but Tazz interrpts on the screen. He says it cost them a pretty penny what they did last week. They are also not allowed in the building. Tazz brings up next week, saying they’ll be watching closely, keeping a good eye on them. They may even get up close and personal.

Starks says it doesn’t matter if Sting is out there. If they were allowed in there, Ricky would look at them dead in the face and say that he is not the same man from the past, not The Icon. Sting will get hurt playing in the jungle. Good luck next week, Darby, because you will need it.

They all share a good laugh.

Sting, in the ring, grabs the mic, and says since they’ll be here next week, Sting will as well, to make sure it’s a one-on-one match. It ain’t happening. Sting brings up Ricky and what he said. Sting says maybe Ricky needs to take a closer look.

Match 2: Britt Baker vs Thunder Rosa

Rosa goes straight after Rebel, shooting her utside. This allows britt to try and lock in the Lockjaw. Rosa escapes, rolling her into a pin for 1..NO!! Rosa works the arm, but Britt gets a rope break. Rosa sends Britt into the corner, then chops her down hard. Rosa sends Britt into the corner hard, runs with a cannoball Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Britt is able to escape and sit Rosa on the 2nd rope, then kicks her in the head. Britt heads to the outside. She grabs Rosa by the arm and pulls her into the post, then puts a boot to the face. Ref breaks the hold, and Rosa rolls outside. Britt grabs her by the hair and boots her into the barricade. Britt back into the ring. She rolls back out and hits some rights then sends Rosa into the barricade. Rosa shoves her, then sends Britt into the apron. Rosa with a stomp to the chest.

WE return to Baker hitting a swinging neckbreaker on the stage! Ref starts the count, but Rosa makes it into the ring. Britt makes it in at 6. Rosa runs, hits a clothesline in the corner. She’s to the top and swings some knees into Britt. Rosa rolls out then hits a running dropkick to the face. She drags Britt into the center and mounts with a pin for 1..2…NO!!! Rosa with a reerses a submission with a crucifix, gets a 1..2.NO!!! Slingblade! Cover! 1..2…NO!!! Britt lifts Rosa up by her hair, so Rosa high kicks. She looks for the driver, Britt counters, Rosa tries to lift her, but Britt is able to flip her upside down on her back and drop Rosa on her head! Cover for 1..2..N!O!!! Rebel with the glove. Britt is struggling to put it on, but gets it. She crawls over to Rosa, and looks to lock in the Lockjaw. She locks the arms, but Rosa has a boot on the ropes. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Britt kicks out. Brit hits the ropes, runs with a STOMP!!!! She rolls Rosa again into a pin for 1..2..>NO!!! LOCKJA—-NO NOT YET!!! Rosa rolls Britt into a pin. Britt rolls out of it, tries to get the submission, but Rosa rolls her through again. She stands, back suiplex from Rosa. Rosa with a Death Valley Driver! Pin for 1..2…NO!!!

Rebel runs into the ring. She rips off the buckle of the middle rope. Britt rolls Rosa up for 1..2..NO!!! Rebel leaves the ring. Dropkick to the face from Rosa. She goes for a ody slam, Britt lands on her feet, Rosa backs Britt into the corner.

Rosa runs, Britt grabs Rosa and sends Rosa face first into the buckle. Britt, instead of spinning, locks in the LockJaw. Ref calls it.

Winner: Britt Baker
I loved pretty much everything here except for that ending. Endings such as these come off as really jarring because we don’t typically see them. So when they do happen, it leaves a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. Still, it also keeps the door open for another match between the two, and if that’s the case, I can be a bit more forgiving.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 13:09

Backstage, Matt and Page are chillin in the same locker room. Tony is here to ask some questions, and Matt hints towards them just being some North Carolina boys. Page smells it, knowing that Matt wants a team. Matt says that is not what he nwats, he has no motives, but he knows Page is upset about what Luther and Serpentico did to -1. They need to team up and take them on. One time only.

Page considers. Says ok, he’s on.

Match 3: Matt Hardy and Hangman Adam Page vs Chaos Project

Matt and Serpentico start it off. Matt sends Serpentico into the corner, screams that this is for Brodie Jr, then works the arm. Tag to Page. Page enters, elbow from matt and a standing shooting star from Page. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Chop from Page, whip to Serpentico. Suplex out the corner. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Leg drop off the corner after the tag. Side Effect from Matt, but Luther got a tag and stomps Matt after a clothesline. Luther sends Matt into the corner, chops, whips Matt to the corner. Luther tags in Serpentico. Whip to Luther, who reveres and sends Serpy into Matt. Splash in the corner to Matt. Luther lifts Serpentico and drops him on Matt for a cover. 1..2NO!!! Tag to Luther. Luther in with a kick to the bak of the head. Body slam to Luther. Serpentico to the top rope. Swanton and he misses. Serpentico hits the ropes, Page catches him, Fallaway Slam. He flies over the top rope to Luther. Serpentico hits the ropes, turns, SPINEBUSTER! Pin for 1..2..NO!!! Matt dumps Luther to the outside. Page with a fireamnas, but Page spins and hits a punch. He looks for the Buckshot, but Luther pulls the leg out then dives with acannonball. Page moves!

BUCKSHOT TO SERPENTICO!!! Matt tags himself in. Cover for 1..2..3!!!

Winner: Hangman Adam Page and Matt Hardy
Matt’s an odd one, that’s for sure.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 3:51

Marvez is backstage waiting for Jericho and MJF. The come out with an ice chest, excited to celebrate. They bring the cooler into The Inner Circle’s room, where they applaud for Jericho and MJF. Sammy wonders if “we” did it. Jericho says thy are all in this together. Sammy wonders if they are all in this together. Jericho chases after him. Wardlow looks snug.

MJF wants to have a conversation. Wardlow forces the camera man out of the room.


Backstage, Tony congratulates Kip, who is standing by with miro and Charles. Kip is excited. Vickie Guerrero comes into frame to tell him that it’s time.

Our special officiator is…James Mitchell.

Ford comes out, and yeah, she looks all kinds of hot. Mitchell welcomes us all and officiates in a relatively normal way. They each have personal vows.

Kip says that from the moment he first saw her wearing the one piece with the knee-high boots and saw her tits, he knew this was meant to be. He promises to cherish her forever. She is beautiful inside and hot outside.

Ford says she loves Kip so much. He has the biggest…

Kip says she doesn’t have to share this all with us. She knows she can’t wait to spend the rest of her life with him.

Mitchell moves forward with the exchange of the rings.

Charles has them. He hands them off to Miro, who hands them off to Kip. Mitchell asks him the questions. Mitchell is about to ask for objections, but Miro stops him saying he has been there before, and they need not do that.

Mitchel marries them.

Miro has a toast. He says he was in the same place just a few years ago. This is all about love. But what is love? Miro says his presence is Miro’s present, and speaking of presents, there’s a tall one in the corner. What is it?

Charles say it’s a present from him.

Miro attacks the box, saying he knows what it is. The box has a bunch of tissue paper in it, and is about the size of a fridge. Miro tells Charles to clean that up.

As Miro was saying; what is love.

Loud chants from the crowd start. It’s the song “What is Love?” lol. Miro plays along with it. Haha. Miro wants cake. But he’s handcuffed to the bottom rope! Chuck punches Kip, and Ford falls face first into the cake. Miro chokes Chuck, Kip gives him a right, but he ducks, and Kip hits Miro with a right hand. Ford hops on Chuck’s back, and Kip stomps him down over and over. Kip says Chuck ruined everything.

He flips the lid and stands there. Chuck hits him with the ice bucket. Orange kicks a vbox away and hits Kip with the Beach Break!

We are informed that Shaq will team with Jade to take on Cody and Red Velvet.

Match 4: Lumberjack Match
Eddie Kingston vs Lance Archer

AS SOON as Lance’s music hits, he runs out to attack Eddie. Lance sends Kingston to the outside, and Kingston rolls right back in immediately. Lance hits th ropes, but Butcher and Blade grab his leg and pulls him out. Lance breaks the attack and pushes Peter Avalon’s head into the post, then runs into the post as Peter moves. We get the heels dropping some kicks then sending Archer back into the ring. Lance sends Kingston out and Billy sends him into the ring. Eddie didn’t like that, so he leaves the ring and attacks Billy and everyone else. It’s a beatdown from everyone to everyone until Lance flies over the top rope to the outside on all men.

WE COME BACK, and Eddie has the upperhand, chopping Lance. He sends ihm to the outside, and Eddie’s peeps beat down on Archer until the faces come and stop the beatdown. Lance runs into the ring and Eddie attacks. Eddie with an exploder attempt, but Lance reverses and hits a Full Nelson slam. Shoulder tackle. Clothesline to Eddie. Lock of the head. Suplex to Eddie. Lance hops off the 2nd rope with a splash and covers for 1..2..NO!!! Lance sits Eddie to the top rope, hits a right hand, but BUNNY is in the ring!!! Archer sets her up for Blackout!!! SPINNING BACKFIST FROM EDDIE!!! Archer rolls to the outside. He’s feelin it. Eddie tries to get some help, but Jake Roberts punches Angelico! Archer gets back in, kicks Edie, drops his head on the knee, Exploder from Eddie! Pin for 1…NO!!! Blade is in the ring with a freakin table. He sets it up in the corner, but in comes Bear Bronson with a spear to Blade!! Butcher in to send him out, so Bear’s partner comes in to send Butcher outside. Archer wih a right hand. The table is broken, with the leg stickin in the air. Uranage and a pin to Eddie for 1..2..NO!!!!

Eddie tries for a spinning back fist, Archer blocks, Eddie punches again, gets to the top rope, Archer grabs him. BLACKOUT! Pin for 1..2…3!!!


Total Rating:
Match Time:

Backstage, FTR are upset that Jungle Boy ran to the principal’s office and ratted them out. Tully says everyone is afraid of them. First, Tully is banned. Next, people are handcuffed. Where does it end? Now they weren’t even invited to the tag title match. All they want is a title match. What does it take? Dax says they aren’t bad men, but what would bad men do?

They have Marko Stunt handcuffed and taped up in a chair.

Match 5: Death Triangle and Jon Moxley vs The Good Brothers and Kenny Omega

Pac and Anderson start. Anderson hits the ropes, Pac hits them, too. Hurricanrana to Anderson! Tag to Gallows. He comes in. Tag to Moxley. He’s anxious for it. He goes in with some rights, but Gallow hits an uppercut after the fourth one. Jon flies over the back and dodges a sit out. He hits the ropes, kicks the arm of Gallows. Another kick to the chest. Job hits the ropes, running knee. Elbow drop. Cover for 1….NO!!! Jon locks the head, backed into the corner, in comes Anderson. Rey gets a tag. Left hand to Anderson. Tag to Pac. They double team Pac, dropping him, then hitting matching standing moonsaults. Cover for 1…NO!!! Right to Omega and Gallows. Pac to the top rope, but Omega runs over and grabs his leg. Gallows in to kick Pac then body slam him off the top rope. Omega beats down on Pac in the corner. Tag to Gallows. He kicks. Whip to the corner and Anderson beats him down in the corner. Tag to Omega. Pac with rights, omega locks the head, Pac knees out of it, hits the ropes, GERMAN OFF THE ROPES!! GAHHH DAMN!!! Tag to Jon, tag to Anderson. Whip to the corner, kick out the corner from Anderson. Moxley locks the head and suplexes him down. Cover for 1..2…N!O!!! jon hits a tackle to Gallows on the apron. He flies to the outside, bck in and sends Anderson out, hits the ropes, sucide dive to G&A! Omega attacks, so Jon sends him into the barricade!

BACK and Omega and Fenix are tearin it up! Rey goes crazy with kicks to Gallows. In comes Anderson, and Rey makes short work of him with a heabutt. Omega kicks, locks the head, goes for a powerbomb, but Rey lands on his feet, kick to the face, whip to the corner, Rey slides under, Pac with a dropkick off the top rope!!! Pac and Rey are up. They hit stereo moonsaults to Gallows and Anderson outside!!! Rey flies off the top, rolls back and hits a cutter to Omega. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Rey gets a firemans. Page drops him with a chop. Chop back to Omega. Rey walks the ropes, Omega kicks the ropes, crotches him, Omega with a double underhook! Snap Dragon Suplex!!! Gallows is the legal man, kicks Rey’s head off, then covers for 1..2…NO!!! Whip to the ropes, Pac gets a blind tag and kicks Gallows over and over, dropkicking the leg, kicking the face, cover for 1…NO!!! Pac rushes and eats a huge kick. Tag to Anderson. Omega comes in, whips Pac to the corner, Omega rushes with a back splash. Anderson kicks. Gallows hits a splash. Back Suplex/Neckbreaker combo. Cover. 1…Moxley stops it!

Omega has Pac in the middle of the ring. Liger bomb! Pin for 1..2…NO!!! Omega calls for the end. He hits the ropes. V-Trigger to Pac against the ropes!!!! He looks for the One-Winged Angel, but Pac kicks off ,sends Omega into the rope,s Rey with a spinning kick, clothesline from Jon. Kick. German! Pac grabs Omega! GERMAN WITH A BRIDGE! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!! Jon is the legal man. He grabs Omega. He crunches the head. Omega tries to escape. Moxley hits a right to the apron, eats a punch from Omega, then gets one of his own. They go back and forth in the ring. Omega hits a high knee, hits the ropes, clothesline from Moxley. Big Boot from Gallows. Dropkick off the top rope!! Anderson in, sends Rey into the ropes, Rey flies back in and hits a kick, then the ropes, and he dives over with a flip!!! Omega misses a knee in the ring, Underhook. PARADIIGM SHIFTTO JON MOXLEY!!! Omega covers! 1..2…NO!!! 450 Splash from Pac!!!!

Tag from Anderson. He runs in and Jon hits a STUNNER!!! Tag to Rey. Rey to the top. MOONSAULT! Pin for 1..2….NO!!!!!Whip to the corner, Rey elbows out, hits the 2nd rope, dives off the top, SPINEBUSTER TO REY!!!!

Tag to Gallows. MAGIC KILLER TO REY!! Omega hits a knee to Pac!!!! Cover for 1..2..3!!!

Winners: The Good Brothers and Kenny Omega
Rey Fenix is the superstar of this match, because holy hell, that boy can go. A solid main event to a somewhat lethargic episode of Dynamite that truly saved it, and all the credit in the world goes to Rey Fenix. Great, great main event.
Total Rating: ***3/4
Match Time: 14:59

The Good Brothers and Omega attack Rey!! Jon tries to stop them, but the numbers are a bit much until Archer runs down to stop everyone!!! He sends Anderson out of the ring, then Gallows. Archer follows, grabs Gallows. He pulls him over to the table where the titles are.

Moxley is in the ring. So is Kenny.

Moxley looking to attack, but someone from outside of the ring enters and attacks Moxley!!! He’s wearing a hoodie and a mask.


He hits the G2S!!!!

Kenny is all smiles!

End Show

The final score: review Average
The 411
Tonight's episode of AEW, unfortunately, didn't have the same energy the show usually has. I can typically say that nothing was objectively bad, and chalk it up for something that just wasn't to my liking, but in my opinion, there was actually some bad tonight. Take the opening contest; I started by saying I wasn't sure why Jericho winning bothered me - after all, it has storyline implications, continues to widen the fissure within The Inner Circle, and allows for MJF to continue to be smarmy, as well as gave us a win from someone other than The Bucks. But Jericho winning, even if they don't take the titles, seems so...WWE. This, coupled with the fact that the other teams within The Inner Circle, technically, shouldn't have even been wrestling after last week, and it came off as shallow writing. Another huge miss for me was the wedding. I know weddings have such low bars to hit, but this really just had nothing going for it, and no amount of hell puns and Mitchell quips could have saved it. To put it bluntly; it was relatively boring. Even FTR tying up and handcuffing Marko was odd. Like what does that mean? Is he still there? Are they feeding him? Does he have a bucket to pee in? Then there's the Lumberjack Match, which was fun for what it was, but I've just never been a fan of those matches in general, and when we start the show with a massive battle royal, it becomes just a bit gimmicky for me. The saving grace of the show was the main event, and Rey Fenix in particular, who just blows me out of the water on a weekly basis. Still, it wasn't enough to make me enjoy a rare, rare misfire from AEW.

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