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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 3.3.21

March 3, 2021 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite 3-3-21
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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 3.3.21  

Ed. Note: Hey folks! Jeremy here once again. I hope everyone enjoys tonight’s episode of Dynamite, which should be a fun go-home show for Revolution this weekend. Don’t forget, Andy Perez and Tony Acero will be live immediately after the show with their review and analysis of the episode. You can see it below:

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It’s Wednesday…you know what that means.

Jim Ross welcomes us to Wednesday night, and we’re starting off hot with Cody Rhodes and Shaq!

Match 1: Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet vs Shaq and Jade Cargill

Cody and Shaq stare each other down a bit then circle the ring. Shaq looks huge. We get a lockup, then Cody works the arm, but Shaq shoves him away like nothing. Cody works Shaq in the corner with a chop. Shaq reverses and hits a chop of his own! He clubs the back of Cody. Back body drop from Shaq!!! Another chop to Cody! Knee from Shaq in the corner. ANOTHER CHOP!!! Jade tags herself in! Looks like we’re doin the intergender rules, as Red Velvet enters automatically. Jade kicks Red in the gut, whips her to the corner, Red flies, hits the ropes, firemans from Jade. Elbows from Red. Red locks up from behind, hits the ropes and Jade knocks her on her ass. She misses a right in the corner, another, Red kicks, spinning heel kick. Punch right from Jade, then sends Red into the corner and chokes her in the corner.

Jade flexes then kicks Red in the corner. Whip to the opposite corner, Red bounces off hard. Red kicks out of the corner. Red to the top rope. Crossbody but Jade rolls through and picks Red up! Fallaway Slam! Kipup. Jade shoves Cody in the face so he runs into the ring and knees Shaq off the apron.

FROM BEHIND, Austin Gunn smacks Shaq across the back with a chair! Shaq no sells and grabs Austin, then Billy, then QT, all like nothing! Shaq chant as Red FLIES OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH A MOONSAULT ONTO CODY AND JADE!!!! Nice.

Back ni the ring, Red hits. Right hand. Another right. Whip to the ropes is reversed, Jade kicks, shoots the legs. Arn is on the apron. Jade with a Figure Four! RED REVERSES! Jade turns it back around. Jade up for some more gloating. She grabs Red, Red hits a right hand, left, Jade sweeps the leg. Jade leaves the ring. She looks under the apron! Jade with a table! She sets it up on the outside while everyone watches in shock. Red leaves the ring. Attacks the back, slams her face into the table. Red sends Jade back in the ring and drags the table away from the ring. Red grabs another table! She sets that one up next to the original. Red on the apron. Right from Jade. Jade tries to knock Red into the table, but Red enters and spins with a kick!

Tag to Cody! Shaq gets the tag! He flexes and asks for a test of strength. Cody is down, but Shaq fakes him out. Another attempt. Kick from Shaq. Shaq hits a knee lift, locks the head, smokes the turkey! Powerbomb!!! Uppercut from Cody! Shaq hits the ropes. Cody slams him!! CODY BODY SLAMMED SHAQ! Tag to Red. Red in. Right hand from Jade. Right from Jade. Red chops. A chop from jade. Right hands from Red. Shaq is on the apron, right where the tables are. Jade hits a kick, Red screams, Ref gets shaq back towards the apron. Spinebuster from Jade! Jade covers. 1..2..NO!!! Cody stops the pin! Shaq misses a right, cody hits the ropes and crossbodies Shaq INTO THE TABLES!!!

It was pretty, admittedly.

Jade is shocked. She turns. SPEAR! Cover for 1..2…..NO!!!! Red goes to Arn, asks for help, he coaches her to keep going!

Red grabs the head, sets up on the shoulders, Jade reveres, Red lands on her feet, Jade blocks a right, turns Red, Glam Slam! Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winners: Shaq and Jade Cargill
First, I want to say that this was far better than it had any right to be. Neither Shaq or Jade had any skillset that I was ready or willing to see, but they showed up and did some work. Unfortunately, it still wasn’t all that good. Jade sold absolutely nothing, and Shaq set himself up way too early for the table spot, looking a bit foolish in the process. As I said, better than I expected, but certainly not “great.”
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 11:58

We come back to Shaq being placed into the ambulance. A quick cut, then we come back to Tony backstage by the ambulance. He opens the door, and Shaq is gone! Lol.

Match 2: Rey Fenix and Pac vs Jobber 1 and Jobber 2

Rey kicks the dude on the apron out of nowhere! Pac hits the ropes, kicks Skyler in the face, tags in Rey, Rey locks up behind, shoves into.a kick, right into a kick. Rey to the top rope. He walks the ropes, kicks Skyler in the face. Pac flies over the top rope. Tag from Pac, slam from Rey, Pac with the 450 splash! Tag to Rey.

Rey with a fireman’s into a knee and spike piledriver. Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winners: Pac and Rey Fenix
The squash match I didn’t know I needed.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 1:10

Jericho and MJF come out with Santana and Ortiz and Wardlow after a little slideshow of their damage to the Senior Buck.

Inner Circle Press Conference up next.

Please stay tuned after report for full results of Inner Circle.

Or, TL;DR – People talk, WWE PC mention, Superkicks

WOW. Tully and FTR come out with JJ Dillon and Tully is wearing the old school US title! Nice.

Match 2: FTR and Tully Blanchard vs Jurassic Express

Tully and Marko start! Tully corners Stunt, hitting some punches. Tag from Dax. All six men enter the ring and go head to head. WE are informed of some history while Dax and Jungle Boy lockup. Chop from Dax to JB. Headbutt to Dax, elbow to Cash. Whip to the ropes, shoulder tackle from Dax. Hits the ropes, ducks under, over, under, dropkick from Jungle Boy! In comes Cash to get a dropkick as well. Dax sends Jungle into the ropes. Clothelsine from Dax! German to Cash! Shoots the leg of Dax, spins him on the stomach, looks for the snare trap, but here’s Cash to stop the submission by grabbing Jungles head and dragging him outside! Snare Trap outside onto Cash!!! Cash is tapping!! JJ slips Dax something! Jungle back in. Dax with a hard right hand. It’s a shoe!!! Hahahaha. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Jungle Boy survives!!!

Cash sends Jungle into the corner. Tag to Tully. Tully with a right. A forearm. TULLY HITS THE ROPES!!!! BUT HE DECIDES NOT TO DIVE!!! Tully struts! AHHHH I FELL FOR IT!!!

BACK FROM A BREAK and Dax tags in Cash, who runs in to stop Jungle Boy from tagging in anyone. He rams Jungle into the corner then hits a body slam. Jungle droops Cash! Cash reaches for a tag. Gets it. Tag to Luccha! He shoulder tackles both of FTR! Rights to each guy, kick to Cash. Spinning kick to Dax, Rights in the corner, Tully thinks to cheat, but Stunt runs in and Lucha throws him on top of Tully. DOUBLE GOOZLE!! Knees from FTR. They send Stunt off the apron. Whip to Lucha, kick out of the corner, GERMAN TO CASH WHO HAS DAX! GERMAN TO BOTH!!EEEEEK That was something! Shoulder tackle is missed. Lucha hits the post. Enter Jungle Boy. He runs up the corner, head scissors into a slam from Lucha for 1..2…NO!!!!

Lucha is sent t othe outside. Tornado DDT from ash to Lucha! Baseball slide from Jungle. Kick to Dax. Cash is up and holds. The foot of Jungle Boy. SUPERPLEX FROM DAX! FROG SPLASH FROM CASH AFTER A TAG! 1..2…..NO!!!! GERMAN WITH A BRIDGE FROM CASH! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!! Dragon Suplex from Cash with a bridge for 1..2..NO!!! STUNT FLIES OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH A SPLASH!!! TULLY IS THERE!!! SLINGSHOT SUPLEX TO STUNT!!!! Lucha enters the ring. Tully wants it. GOOZLE!! Tail Whip to Tully!!!! Jungle gets a tag. Thorassic Express and a pin for 1..2….N!O!!!

Jungle Boy with a suicide dive to the outside, but some dude in an AEW shirt stops Boy! He crawls away, then stands again and clocks Lucha in the head! Spike Piledriver from all three of FTR! Tag to Tully! Pin for 1..2…3!!!!!

Winners: FTR

Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 11:12

We see that the man in the AEW sweater gets in the ring and removes his beanie and mask to reveal Shawn Spears.

ARN ANDERSON comes out of the tunnel! He holds up the 4! JJ and Tully hold it up, too!

Tony has a mic. He has some questions. He is interrupted by JJ who tells Tony that it don’t get any better than what we just saw, and Tony tells him he ain’t getting paid for that. Lol.

Anyway, Tony introduces to AEW, officially, Paul Wight!

Wight is here and he’s happy as hell. He wants us to raise our hand if we saw this turn comin. He is incredibly happy to be here. He hypes Elevation and his commentary gig. He is taking this job seriously; and he’s got a big scoop for us to prove it. He has the biggest scoop ever. He says they are signing a Hall of Famer, and we need to watch Sunday to find out. It’s not who you think.

Shoot, I was looking forward

Match 3: Ryo Mizunami vs Nyla Rose

The ladies go at it with a bunch of punches for a bit until Nyla hits a shoulder tackle then mocks Ryo. Back body drop from Ryo. Huge forearm in the corner. Chops to Nyla. We get some mime rope pulling. Running clothesline drops Nyla. Nyla stands. Ryo rushes the corner, but Vickie distracts, letting Nyla hit a big boot, then a front flip senton onto Ryo.

Nyla to the top rope after we come back! She stalls, flies with a swanton, and misses! Nyla runs, gets sent to the apron, shoulder to the mid section! Ryo to the outside! Nyla to the apron! Tripped up by Ryo and she hits a leg drop! Ryo in the ring! The ref starts the count, gets to like 8, and Nyla runs in only to get leg dropped! A bunch of elbows from Ryo to Nyla! A huge right! Another! Nyla blocks, hits another. Nyla hits the ropes, Ryo hits clothesline after clothesline! DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Nyla locks the head, swings her onto the apron, hangs Ryo over the ropes. Axe handle onto Ryo! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!!! RYO WITH a sick ass toss over the head! Ryo to the top rope! Nyla up! Right hand! She climbs up the corner.

SUPERPLEX TO RYO !!!! BUT RYO WITH A SPEAR!!! Ryo to the top rope! LEG DROP! COVER FOR 1..2…..3!!!!

What an interesting surprise. Nyla has impressed me last week and this week.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 12:47

Hikaru enters the ring to hand the trophy over to Ryo. She bows, shakes the hand of Hikaru, then gives her a hard right. Shida gives her one right back, and they are SMILING!!! Shida hits a few more, looking incredibly hot in the process.

Tony is in the ring back from THE BREAK, and he introduces Sting. He mentions Sting being prepared, and Sting says two weeks ago, he thought he was ready but got powerbombed. It didn’t tickle, but he wants to thank Cage, because all the excess rust is gone, and he feels like he’s ready for a Street Fight.

Ricky Starks comes out to stop this whole thing, saying he’s out here on his own. He’s sick of this budding romance. He says last week, Sting has shown something Stark hasn’t seen. He is man enough to admit t hat he has seen fire from Sting. He tells Sting that he’s still got it, but he stands by what he said. Sting is no icon.

Ricky slaps the face of Sting. Sting fires back, rips the shirt of Starks off and pulls him out of his shoes. Whip to the corner. Clothesline to Ricky. Stinger Splash to Ricky. SCORPION DEATHLOCK to RICKY!!!!

HOBBS and Hook come from the crowd to save Ricky. Hook locks in a hold on Sting until Cage and Tazz come out. Cage grabs Sting, looks to powerbomb, but here comes Darby to lock on a Sleeper! He’s backed into the corner, but Darby locks it on again. Sring runs, hits a Stinger Splash, Darby to the top rope. Shotgun Dropkick to Cage!!!

Team Taz makes a run for it.

Match 4: Ten (w/ -1) vs Max Caster

Lockup and Ten with a surprise rollup. 1..2..NO!!! Rope work, and Max drops Ten with an elbow, more rope and Ten hits a shoulder tackle. He hits the ropes and a crossbody. Cover for 1..2..NO!! Chop to Caster in the corner. Right hands from an elevated position. Ten reverses and gets some punches from above, too. Ten rushes the corner, hits a clothesline.

On the outside, Ten sends Caster into the apron face first. Caster sends Ten into the ringpost, and we get a running dropkick from Caster. Stomps to the back and he sends Ten into the ring as we go to PIP.

We are back, and Ten and Caster are in the ring. Back body drop to Max! Ten with a spinebuster!!!! He misses a spear, hops on the apron, dives through with a Spear! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Caster with an arm lock from behind. Ten locks up the ropes. Breaks the hold. Max to the top rope, locks the head of Ten, POWERBOMB FROM TEN!!! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! ROPE BREAK!

JACK EVANS IS UNDER THE RING! He’s got the boombox! He smacks Ten in the face while the ref is distracted. Caster covers! 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Max Caster
Nice little match here from both guys that did what it needed to do. Matt’s envelope was annoying, in all the right ways!
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 8:47

We see Matt Hardy on the stage with an envelope that says “JACK EVANS $4200.00” hahaha. Nice. Looks like Matt is keeping his promise in hurting every member of The Dark Order!

MIRO says he gave Charles a week and he couldn’t face him. He will have no other option but to give the people what they want: Destruction. Everyone who has been waiting for Miro to bust some heads will wait no longer.

Match 5: Matt Hardy and Quen vs John Silver and Hangman Adam Page

Silver and Quen to start. Silver spins him and drops him down for a cover. Tag to Matt. Matt clubs the right hand. He spins it, Silver locks up with a side headlock. Matt shoves him into the ropes, and into Page. Matt shoves Silver into a hug with Page, and Silver is loving it. Page is the legal man. He tags in Quen.

WE are back and Silver hops onto the apron. MATT HITS A SIDE EFFECT ON SILVER! Matt with a right hand, he sends Silver into the edfe of the apron then into the ring. Matt follows and covers for 1…NO!!! Matt with some right hands. Matt sends Silver into the corner. Tag to Quen. Boot to the face of Silver. Quen flexes and hits a body slam. Tag to Matt. Matt to the 2nd rope. Silver turns to his knees, stands, and Matt flies. Silver with a kick to the gut. Silver crawls towards the tag. Matt holds the boot. Silver turns, kicks Matt away, Silver Matt holds onto the foot, Silver stands, turns, ducks under a kick, grabs the head and a sliced bread to Matt! Tag to Page! Tag to Quen! Clothesline! Whip to Quen, SPINEBUSTER to Quen!!! Page goes to kick hardy’s head off, but Hardy flies off the apron. Whip is reversed, Quen kicks the leg of Page, Quen wit a pump kick but Page moves and he hits Matt! Fallaway Slam! Kip up! He flies over the top to Matt Hardy! Right hands and Quen hits the ropes! Page in! Death Valley Driver! Page sends uen into the corner. He wants Matt!!! He tells him to tag in! Matt hops off the apron to check on Quen. He rolls Quen into the ring! Kick from Page. Suplex attempt, Quen with a dropkick to the back. Matt tags himself in! Neckbreaker! Kick! Twist of —- NO!!! Back suplex! Quen rushes, low bridge, Silver gets a tag! He SPEARS MATT!! Beatdown on Matt over and over!!! Kick from Matt. Twis—NO!! Backslide and Silver kicks! Another! Another! BRAINBUSTER!!! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!! Quen is working with Page outside. Silver tries to bring Quen in. Quen hangs Silver up. Silver with a back suplex onto the head. Matt tags in Quen. Quen to the top rope! He dives with a shotgun dropkick! Quen hurts his own back. Kick from Silver .Tag from Page.

Page enters, high kick from Silver INTO a rolling elbow, into a strike, into a powerbomb! Silver with a GERAMN!!! BUCKSHOT!! Pin for 1..2….3!!!

Winners: Hangman Adam Page and John Silver
A little slow to start, but ended really well. Matt is just a little slower than everyone else, but he was able to play his role well.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 10:58

Matt attacks from behind with the microphone!! He clocks Silver, then Page! He says this is just a setup!! He’s going to take the money! Page won’t make it to the big money match, and Silver won’t make it otthe Battle Royal.

But Dark Order rushes down and attacks Matt Hardy!!! Stomps from all over! Out come Butcher, Blade, and the other guys from the battle royal! EVEN MORE GUYS COME OUT, and there’s a huge melee in the middle of the ring. Negative 1 stands at the top of the ramp until Pac and Rey run down to attack.

Matt Hardy makes a run for it.

End Show

The final score: review Good
The 411
Tonight's episode should not have been as good as it was. The opener was supposed to be a disaster. But in true AEW fashion, they found a way to make it work. As I said above, there were a few missteps, and they didn't really answer the question of where the hell that big dude went, and I will not sit here and clap for Shaq, but I also am not sitting here shaking my head in shame. Tully winning SHOULDNT bother me, but it did. Prior to the win, though, a nice bunch of little moments and a good match. Matt Hardy, in a vacuum, is unnecessarily over the top, with his bright yellow envelope full of money, and I think I'm going to like seeing him attempt to hurt every member of The Dark Order. Longtime readers will know that I dislike pull apart brawls and random "let's get everyone out there" moments like the close of AEW, so that didn't really sit all that well with me. But the good is that Nyla has improved greatly, the opener wasn't bad, Caster got to shine in single's competition, and above all else, you got the impression that this Sunday was important and necessary to view.

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