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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 9.14.22

September 14, 2022 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite 9-14-22 Chris Jericho Bryan Danielson Image Credit: AEW
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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 9.14.22  

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Week Two of living in a Punkless world, and although I miss the man, I’m excited to see what we got goin tonight!


Match 1: Jon Moxley vs Sammy Guevara

Before Jon can get his hands on Sammy, Sammy runs to the outside and chews gum. Sammy into the ring, LOCKUP! Jon with a headlock takedown, gets a quick cover. Only gets one. Jon locks the fingers, pushes Sammy down for a one count. Jon to his feet, they go face to face, Jon backs Sammy into the corner and releases his fingers. Jon swings, misses, Sammy with a chop, a right, a bunch of forearms in the corner, followed by some stomps. HUGE clothesline flips Sammy. Jon locks the head. Goes for a Paradigm Shift, but Sammy lands on his feet. Sammy with a chop, Jon eats it for breakfast. He hits a chop, Sammy fires back. Jon hits another, Sammy swings, Jon with a HUGE one. Sammy hits a chop, and Moxley mocks him by going down on to the mat then comes back with a chop. Smmy sends Jon to the outside, then hits a dive to the outside! He enters the ring and hits the ropes, and flies over the top ropes again! Sammy sends Jon into the steps back first.

Sammy pulls the arms of Jon and kicks Jon INTO the steps!

We are BACK and Jon just drops Sammy onto the apron hard. He then corners him, hits a chop, then rakes the back on the top rope! Jon bites the forehead of Sammy! Lol. After some action, Sammy gets the upperhand, tries for a GTH, but Moxley transitions into a Bulldog! Sammy escapes it, moreso Jon allowing him out of it to hit the elbow strikes to the shouder and chest. Jon hits the ropes, tries for a hue lariat, but Sammy hits a standing Spanish Fly. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Sammy to the top rope! Jon is up! He attacks the back, locks the hips, hits GERMAN AND SAMMY GOES FLIPPING INTO THE FUCKING AIR! Lordy. Ref starts the count as both men are down, but here comes Anna Jay and Tay. Anna to the apron to yell at the ref. He hits 6, and Jon is up. Anna tosses her jacket in the ring, and the ref grabs it, trying to get the jacket out. While this is happening, Tay comes in and kicks Jon in the Moxleys. Sammy rolls jon up! 1…2…..NO!!!!! Jon kicks out! Sammy drags Jon to the corner, Sammy to the top rope, he dives, tries for the swanton, but Jon moves out the way! Jon locks the arms and turns it into a pin, similar to Yuta’s seatbelt pin! 1..2….NO!!!!

Both men up, Sammy with some forearms, but Jon hits a right, a left, another, some rights, SAMMY WITH A KNEE!! SUPERKICK!!!! GT—NO!!! DEATH RIDER!! Cover! 1….2…..3!!!!

Winner: Jon Moxley
Well, the ending was never in question, and that took some energy out of the beginning, but they kicked it into high gear near the end and had a fun little opener.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 13:28

During a card rundown, we are informed that MJF is backstage making a scene and demanding a microphone!

We come back to MJF asking for his music to be cut. He tells the crowd to keep their fat mouths shut.

Seven days, he tells Moxley, he has not slept a wink since they went toe-to-toe. He saw the look in Jon’s eyes, it was a look of no fear, and that pisses MJF off. Is there a podium in this ring? An MJF 2020 sign? No, because he’s not the same kid he was when they first crossed paths. Not by a long shot. He’s not playing a character, Jon is. Walkin around all tough, you’re a joke, just like the crowd, says MJF. MJF read the book, it was a good read, especially where he talked about his childhood, because it turns out Jon was raised similar to these people in Albany – uneducated, poor, white trash scumbag from the sticks. Jon got bullied, didn’t he? He got beat down, got his bicycle stolen, and when stuff like that happens, it forces men to put on a front, and it works. Jon built a great character. That’s why we chant for Jon weekly. They can chant all they want, but MJF doesn’t buy it. He knows Jon. Deep down, Jon is still that poor, scared little boy from the slums of Cincinatti, but the only difference is that now he can drown all his childhood trauma in alcohol!

MJF gives him credit for beating the habit. He got sober, that takes a lot of guts, you slayed your demons, but here is the problem. MJF’s brain is far more dangerous than Jon’s disease. This is a messag for Jericho, Danielson, and Jon: bad things happen when people get in his way. So how bout Jon takes that vacation he was planning and skip Arthur Ashe. MJF claims the title as his, says when Jon came back from rehab, he told the story about a demon that hung over his head, telling him that all he’s earned he doesn’t deserve it. That demon said he’d take it all away. MJF says Jon will soon find out that MJF IS THAT DEMON….and he is a demon Jon cannot slay.

He wants to get down to business, now. A young group of gentlemen helped him procure his chip in the casino ladder match. All these men share the same goals, and he wants to introduce the first ever stable on retainer led by a man he has known since he was 19, and has more talent in his little pinky than any of us.

He introduces Stokely Hatheway and The Firm.

Out come Stokely, Page, The Ass boys, Lee, and Big Cass or whatever they call him now.

Stokely says it aint Sunday, but he’s bout to hear some Gospel.

Some time ago, he flew from Orlando to NYC to meet his friend, MJF. This man was disenfranchised, wanted to quit, but was told that this was what everyone wanted. It’s time for MJF to get what he wants. They sat and prayed and came up with a logical solution – everyone in this ring on retainer. They support MJF and tonight is the rare times they will see all of them together. When MJF doesn’t need them, they’ll go their separate ways. He will admit something; he is not a publicist. He is not a manager, and he damn sure aint no assistant. He’s a friend, just a friend who has a network and good connections.

Everything he has done has been a lie, all to infiltrate the system. From kickin it with Britt to watchin reruns of Living Single with The House of Black. He says he got the power, and there is nothing like good old fashioned blackmail. He brings up what everyone wants.

He goes to Morrisey, knows he wants to do whatever he wants, and they appreciate him and love him. Stokely hugs the big man, and the big man doesn’t return it.

We go to Lee, Stokely calls him his brother, brings up Allah, says its time for Lee to become a star and bring some honor back to the ROH Pure Championship.

The Gunns, Stokely thinks they are men, not boys, and no longer want to walk in the shadow of their broke ass daddy.

Finlly, Ethan Page is here with all smiles, and he gets some love from the crowd. Stokely has known him for over ten years. He knows what Page wants. He wants to represent his country of Canada and win the All Atlantic Championship.

Match 2: Jungle Boy vs Jay Lethal

LOCKUP!!! Jay gets JB into the corner then pats him on the head. JB shoves him, so Jay slaps him, JB returns the favor, ducks a clothesline, hits a forearm, another, Jay gets some of his own, they go back and forth till Jay kicks JB. JB locks the fingers, tries to run up the corner, Jay pulls him off the corner, they hit the ropes, try for a hip toss, cohp to Jay, JB runs up the corner, arm dra, high dropkick to Jay, and a kip up for JB! Crowd loves it. Jay shoots the leg, spins over for a Figure Four, but JB rolls him up for 1..2.NO!!! Jay tries for a dragon screw, but JB sits down onto the chest, getting a pin for 1..2..NO!! Jay tries again for a Figure Four, but JB sends Jay outside. JB looks to dive, but Singh stands in his way. JB to the top rope, Dutt on the apron, Jay takes advantage of the distraction, attacks the back, right hands from JB to the dome.

We are BACK and Jay whips JB into the corner back first. JB crumbles down to the ground, then shoots back up with a huge clothesline. Both men to their knees. They trade chops with help from the crowd. Forearms from Jay, JB fights back, they are up to their feet, JB with a whip, reversed, elbow to Jay. Another strike, kick to Jay, lokcs the head, JB tries for a brainbuster, but his back gives out. Jay attacks that very spot with a kick. Jay hits the ropes, tries for Lethal Injection, but JB hits a surprise clothesline! Brainbuster! Cover! 1…2….NO!!! Lethal with a side Russian Leg Sweep off the middle rope! JB locks up the arms, goes for Christian’s move, KIllswitch, but Jay escapes. Lethal Combination! JB to the outside! Jay Lethal with a suicide dive! He sends JB back into the ring, heads to the top rope, Jay flies, a sloppy elbow to the chest and a cover for 1….2….NO!!! Kick from Jay, JB catches it, spins Jay, and we get the Snare Trap from JB!!!

Jay reaches for the ropes, JB pulls him to the center, Sonjay to the apron, JB with a right hand, Lethal rolls up for 1.2..NO!!!! Jay tries for the Figure Four, JB spins, locks in the Snare Trap. Jay Lethal taps!

Winner: Jungle Boy
Another nicely paced, well put together match for the episode.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 10:35

We get a training video with Action Bronson and Hook. Bronson cuts a quick promo about NYC, born and raised, and says next week, Menard and Parker are going to get their ass kicked. Hook actually has words, tells them to be ready.

Page kicks a pizza man then challenges Danhausen for Rampage.

Matt Hardy randomly challenges Darby for this Friday, as well.

Match 3: Powerhouse Hobbs vs Little Caesars Cashier

Spinebuster. Pin. 1…2….3!

Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs

Total Rating: NR
Match Time: Shit, like fo seconds.

Hobbs grabs a mic, says he beat Starks in four minutes. Now that this chapter is closed, it’s time to open a new one in The Book of Hobbs, and it starts tonight.

BUT STARKS IS IN THE CROWD! He walks down the steps, walks past a dude that looks like Bam Bam Bigelow. Starks rushes the ring and hits some punches!!! Starks grabs the mic, mic shot right to the forehead! Starks gives him the evil stare, and this is NOT over.

Tonight, Lucha Bros get a title shot. Awww shittt.

Match 4: AEW World Tag Team Championship Match

Swerve and Penta to start. Penta tries to put his fingers in Swerve;s face, so Swerve arm drags that ass. Penta tries for an arm bar, Swerve escapes, hits the ropes, handstand, but Penta kicks the mid section! Whip to the corner! Kick from Penta, tag to Rey, he rolls in for a dropkick. Gawd damn that looked good. Double team from Lucha Bros. Rey covers, a kick out at 1. Kick to the head by Rey! He locks the fingers, hops to the middle rope, Swerve hops up too. Head scissors off the top!! Damn. Tag to Lee. Lee comes in, locks the fingers, Rey chops, chop again, Lee with a left hand to th face. Rey chops, ducks, chop, Lee with another chop to the chest.

We are BACK and Penta gets a tag. Penta hits the ropes, kicks, sends Swerve to the corner, counter, Penta hops over, backstabber! In comes Lee. Slingblade to Lee! Swerve off the top! Penta with a half nelson, gets the pumphandle, Rey kicks Swerve in the chin, Rey flies, Lee catches him! Penta covers! 1…..NO!!! LEE CHUCKS REY FENIX INTO THE RING BREAKING UP THE PIN! GAWDAMN! Lol. Penta is up first, locks the head for some Fear Factor, underhooks, Swerve lands on his feet, blocks a right hand, kicks, tag to Lee, who trucks Penta down. Rey hops off the top, Lee catches him and hits a backbreaker. Headbutt to Penta! Lee grabs Rey, pushes him to the shoulders, Swerve on the top rope, Rey fighs away, Penta kicks Lee, again, a third, Rey on the 2nd rope, punches Swerve, Rey hops u one rope, locks up, SPANISH FLY!!!! Penta flies. DESTROYER TO LEE!!!! GAAAAWWWWWDDD DAMNNNNNN!!!!

Rey to the top rope as the crowd chants Holy Shit! Penta has Lee, Swerves shoves Rey off the top! Lee counters with a powerslam to Penta! Cover for 1…2….3!!!!!

Winners: Keith Lee and Swerve
Man, I love Rey Fenix.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 8:17

The Acclaimed is out! Max asks to cut the music, says yoooooo, then calls out Swerve, telling him if he ever interrupts his rap again, he’ll beat Swerve’s ass. So keep doin what you do best and nut hug every famous person he knows. Roll Lee’s ass to NYC because they taking the titles next week.

Marvez is backstage with The Lucha Bros, but the Bros are on their way out. Pac takes offense to this loss being called a bump in the road. Pac says they are the Trios Champion, he is the first ever All Atlantic Champ, so put some respect on the name and mind your own business.

A punch from the side comes out of nowhere! It’s Orange! He calls Pac a double double champion, says “not for long,” then drops the mic and leaves.

Serena Deeb is here for some action, and it looks like she’s teaming with Britt Baker? Nice.

Match 5: Toni Storm and Athena vs Britt Baker and Serena Deeb

Toni and Deeb to start. Test of strength, Deeb drops Toni down, works the left armbehind her, Toni turns into it and reverses with a hammerlock. Deeb with a snapmare to escape, Toni locks the head, takes Deeb down, head scissors, reverse and both girls are up. Lockup and Deeb backs Toni into the corner. Chop to Toni. Another. Another. Toni reverses, kick to Deeb, sends her to the corner and tags in Athena. Toni with a body slam to Deeb, Athena flies over the top rope with a splash and a pin for 1…NO!!! Athena with a dropkick. Athena flips into a punch, locks the head and lifts up. For a torture rack, spin into the knees. Athena to the top rope. Britt distracts, Athena swipes at her, Deeb clips the leg!

WE are back and Toni gets a tag, Britt is in the ring, Storm hits her with a dropkick, running uppercut in the corner, Toni sweeps the leg, hip attack but Deeb pulls Britt out of the way!!! Toni dives out from under the bottom rope, kicks Deeb, AND hits a DDT to Britt! Damn, that was sweet.

In the ring, Britt escapes a DDT and hits a slingblade. Tag to Deeb. Tag to Athena. Athena hits a hard right, Deeb hits an uppercut, another, Athena hits a right, another, another, hits the ropes, Deeb misses a right, Athena springboards right into an arm bar! Athena locks the fingers, Deeb punches them, tries to lock out the hold, but Athena turns it into a pin. Deeb gets her shoulder up at 2. Athena lifts Deeb, Deeb rolls behind, tries for a rollup, but Athena with the double knees! Tag to Toni! Toni dives off with a crossbody, Deeb rolls through, single leg Boston Crab to Toni Storm! Athena in, kicks the chest of Deeb. Right hand to Deeb. In comes Britt with a superkick to the chin! Another kick to Toni for fun. Deeb with a jackknife cover for 1..2.NO!!! Athena with a senton on the gut of Deeb! Britt sends Athena to the outside, follows, then tosses her into the steps! Deeb grabs Toni by the head, locks the head, double underhook, Toni escapes, tries for a German, Reba on the apron, Britt has a chair,

Deeb sends Toni into the chair face first! Rollup by Deeb and the ref turns to count 1..2…..3!!!!

Winners: Britt Baker and Serena Deeb
A bit of a surprise ending there. Let’s see if it goes anywhere.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 8:37

Athena is pissed. She attacks Deeb. Superkick from Britt to Athena! Britt hits the ropes. STOMP TO ATHENA!

Britt looks to attack with the chair, but out comes Hayter to pull the chair out of Britt’s hands! She hits Toni with it! She screams at Britt, Britt says she was sorry.

Match 6: Chris Jericho vs Bryan Danielson

CHOPS TO START! Bryan gets Jericho in the corner with chop after chop and kick after kick! Over and over and Jericho drops to his ass. Bryan whips, rushes with a running kick to the face! He sends Jericho chest first to the corner, turns him and hits a chop. Jericho chops back, Jericho with another chop, another into the corner, Bryan spins, hits some kicks, whip to Jericho into the corner, another running boot to the face! Bryan with a headbutt, Jericho hits a right hand, forearm from Jericho. Bryan shoots him off to the ropes, shoulder tackle from Jericho, Jericho hits the ropes, Bryan sends ihm flying to the outside. Bryan hits the ropes, dropkick through the ropes! Bryan to the apron! He dives off with a knee to the head! Bryan grabs Jericho, works the left arm on the outside, puts it behind Jericho and sends Jericho into the ringpost shoulder first. Bryan works the arm again, sending Jericho into the ringpost again. Bryan rolls Jericho into the ring, climbs the apron, to th top rope, flies off with a dropkick! Bryan to the top rope again! HEADBUTT TO JERICHO!!! Cover for 1.2…..NO!!!!! Bryan locks the hand behind Jericho, then drives some knees into Jericho’s arm. Bryan bends the hand back, then puts it on the mat and kicks the arm out. Bryan with a kick to Jericho. Another kick, Left kik, right kick, Tunning kick is missed, Jericho locks up from behind. GERMAN BY JERICHO! Bryan to the apron. He stands, Jericho hits the corner dives off with a dropkick! Bryan to the outside. Jericho follows and mounts with some right hands. Jericho lifts Bryan up, sends him into the ring, hops to the apron. Jericho enters and slaps Bryan in the face! Another slap. Bryan stands and chops back, they go back and forth for a bit, with both chests turning beet red. Bryan flips out of the corner, hits the ropes, ducks under a right, DOUBLE CROSSBODY!!!

We are BACK and Bryan is crotched on the corner. Jericho hits a right hand then hops up to hit osme punches down on Bryan. Hop up Rana from Jericho! Bryan stands, Jericho tries for Judas Effect, but Bryan ducks under and hits a German! 1….2…NO!!!! CATTLE MUTILATION!!!!! Bryan on his head, back arched! Jericho turns and Bryankeeps the hold. He untangles and drives some elbows into Jericho’s chest! Elbows over and over, but Jericho locks one up! Left hand to the head! He steps over one of Daniel’s arms and hits his own elevated elbows to the chin, but Bryan eats them all, shaking them all off! He is taking the hits to the face!!! Bryan stands up, Jericho is noticeably exhausted. Chop from Bryan. Chop from Jericho. Chop from Bryan! Jericho! Bryan! Bryan with the kicks, but Jericho with a Codebreaker!!! Danielson staggers back, then runs forward with the KNEE!!!!! BOTH MEN DOWN!!! Jericho to the apron. Bryan stands up, they meet head to head. Chop from Bryan. Chop from Jericho. They battle it out with chops until Bryan locks the head, trying to suplex him in, but Jericho with a suplex, sending Bryan over his head to the outside!!! Bryan has a hurt foot! He removes the shin pad, looking to remove the boot! Aubrey is here to check on him, and up comes the doc! Jericho in the ring, seemingly confused, then leaves. He shoves the doctor away and slams the ankle into the mat on the outside! Jericho removes the boot! He slams the foot down over and over, punches the foot, then stomping it. Jericho sends bryan into the ring, pulls him into the ringpost and swings the foot into it. Again into the ringpost! Jericho with a Figure Four around the ringpost! Bryan into the ring, Jericho follows. He chop blocks the back of the bad leg, then hits a knee breaker. Jericho goes for another, buy Bryan fights back by beating down on the back. Bryan pulls himself up, kicks Jericho out of the corner, hops forward, Jericho catches him and looks to lock in the Walls! Jericho steps over! WALLS OF JERICHO! Bryan is fading! He reaches for the ropes, cant quite get there. Bryan uses the momentum of the crowd and pushes forward, reaching for the ropes. He gets to them! Jericho pulls Bryan back to the center, spins out of the hold and punches down. Jericho continues to twist the leg around his own, hitting elbows to the face. Bryan kicks Jericho away, into the corner, Bryan rolls Jericho up, 1…2….NO!!! DRAGON SCREW FROM JERICHO! Figure Four from Jericho! Jericho kicks the thigh, still in the hold. Bryan grabs the boot, spins Jericho, tries for a Crossface.

He’s got the LaBell Lock in!!! Jericho reaches for the ropes, he is near them, Bryan pulls back on the nose! Jericho taps!

Winner: Bryan Danielson
You get the impression Bryan watched some tape, came out with a game plan, and executed it effortlessly until he hurt his foot, then modified his plan for a submission. I say all of this, because we are WELL AWARE this is planned, and yet Bryan made this feel like a real sport for twenty minutes. Good shit.
Total Rating: ****
Match Time: 19:39

Jon Moxley comes out after the match. Bryan stands up, Moxley stares him down. They try and get the dueling chants starting, but we get a BCC chant instead.

Handshake to end the show!

End Show

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Another Dynamite in the books, and another episode that proves the AEW has done well enough with their “bloated roster” to give us quality wrestling and great stories without Young Bucks and CM Punk. We had some quality action here, with the only issue being the long Stokely promo. Seriously, that shit dragged a bit too much. Stokely is entertaining as all hell, but his “faction” is just a group of people that a majority of the crowd doesn’t care about. When The Ass Boys got the most vocal disdain from the crowd out of all of them, you’re in trouble. Aside from that lengthy segment, the show was a solid push towards next week – which should be a BANGER!

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