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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 6.5.23

June 5, 2023 | Posted by Tony Acero
WWE Raw Seth Rollins Finn Balor Image Credit: WWE
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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 6.5.23  

Whenever. Wherever. We’re meant to be together. I’ll be there and you’ll be near, and that’s the deal my d—


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YOUR World Heavyweight Champion is here! He’s in action with Damien Priest later tonight, but for now, Seth Rollins basks in his song, arms outstretched ala Jesus.

He says one week as champion has been a non-stop party.

He had to go into the way way wayback machine, because it has been nearly two years since the Heavyweight Title was defended on RAW. He thought to himself that two years is too long. So he put out an open challenge, and lo and behold, Señor Priest answered it. Seth is kinda psyched about this. He gives them props, but says he is better.

Damien Priest and Finn Balor make their entrance. Seth wonders where Rhea and Dom are, but Priest tells Seth to only worry about one person – him. Seth wonders if Priest and Finn do everything together. Does Finn hold Priest’s scepter when he pees?

Finn calls Seth funny, saying he’s got the jokes and the dance and everyone loves Seth, and loves to sing his song. But what we wont love is when Priest beats Seth and takes the title. Priest thinks Seth is a deserving champ. He’s beaten everyone, but so has Priest. So tonight, he will not fall. He wants to be clear. He doesn’t need Rhea, Dom, or Finn to beat Seth for the title.

Finn seems bothered. Seth likes the confidence. He knows that if it’s just Priest v Rollins, then Priest doesn’t stand a chance. So put your money where your mouth is, Priest, and leave the crew in the back. Probably best Finn stays back, because he doesn’t fare well in fights against Seth.

Finn tries to fire off, but Priest accepts. Seth gets one more dig at Finn, saying his title reigns is already longer than Finn’s was.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
Becky Lynch vs Sonya Deville

Becky starts by ducking a right, causing Sonya to nearly hit Green with a punch. Becky tries for a Manhandle Slam, Sonya escapes, Green on the apron, Becky swipes, and Sonya takes advantage. She corners Becky, hits some kicks and some rights. Sonya chokes Becky up in the corner. Snapmare out of it, into a side headlock. Becky to the corner. Kicks out. Clothesline. Another. Splash in the corner, jump kick and a capture into a Becksploder. Becky covers. 1..2..N O!!!

Trish Stratus and Zoey Stark are here to distract. Sonya with a waist lock, Becky reverses, slams Sonya down, covers for 1..2..NO!!!

WE come back from break, and Sonya has Becky up top. She hits a Superplex to Becky as Trish and Zoey watch from the top of the ramp. Sonya to cover, gets a 1..2…NO!!! Becky sends Sonya to the outsid, hits a baseball slide. She sends Sonya into the ring, and Green hits her with a cheap shot! Green sends Becky into the ring, Sonya with a cover! 1..2…NO!!! Sonya shoves the face of Becky. Becky fights back with a right, enziguri, she rushes the corner, gets sent to the apron. Becky with a right. Green on the apron. Becky hits a right, flies off the apron with another right. She sends Green into the barricade a few times, and Green takes that shit like a champ. Here comes Sonya, and Becky sends her into the barricade. Again! AGAIN! Into the ring and Becky covers for 1..2.NO!!! She goes for a Disarmer, but Sonya holds on, sends Becky’s arm into the ropes. She tries to cover, gets her feet on he ropes! Green holds the feet! 1…2….NO!!!

Ref sees and lets the match continue. Sonya with rights over and over. Becky with a Manhandle Slam! Cover! 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Becky Lynch
A little disjointed at times, even the ref was a little awkward, but the right person win, and both Sonya and Chelsea took those barricade bumps like champs.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 11:13

After a hefty recap of Smackdown, we head to the back to talk to Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. Sami says it’s nice to see what The Usos should have done get done, but it’s not his problem anymore.

Here comes Ludwig Von Loser and Vinci who say that The Bloodline may not be their problem, but as long as KO and Sami have the titles, Imperium will be.

KO goes off on them about the unwritten rule again, and here comes Gunther to tell Kevin Owens that he needs to teach him discipline.

KO says there si a ring out there with thousands of people waiting to see him kick some ass, so let’s go. Let’s go, right now.

Commentary says they have something else scheduled, but Owens don’t care lol.

Kevin Owens vs Gunther

Side headlock to start from Gunther. He hits a shoulder tackle after the escape then works the arm behind KO. KO rolls ut of it, waits for the ref to break the hold, then hits a hard right slap to the face. Elbows then a side hedlock from KO. Rope work and KO hits a tackle, then another tackle. Right hands into the corner. Gunther tries for a chop, KO reverses, hits a chop of his own. Uppercut, KO hits the ropes, right from Gunther. GERMAN!

We are BACK and Gunther hits a BIG BOOT! Cover! 1…..NO!!! KO up at one!!! So Gunther hits another one! Gunther gives KO a shove to the face. Another. KO bounces back with a right. Another. Gunther hits his own, chop to the chest, another chop drops KO. Gunther boots the right arm, then grabs both legs to lock in a Boston Crab while standing on KO’s head. He locks in the hold. KO reaches. Gunther releases and drops some elbows to KO then a crossface. KO stands up out of it. Chop. Another! Gunther hits one! Kevin tries for a suplex, but his neck hurts too much, so he stops it and Gunther hits a clothesline. Gunther grabs KO up by the arms, short arm clothesline. Gunther pulls him up yet again. KO with some fire. He hits a clothesline, another, another, Gunther hits one, KO hits one, misses a final one and Gunther hits a German! Gunther with a right hand, but KO hits a German!!! Kevin with a forearm, Gunther hits one. They go back and forth, Gunther chops KO down to his knees! He then stomps the back of the neck! Gunther asks Sami if he wants some. Gunther kicks Owens a few times, boot to the face. KO WITH A SUPERKICK! Gunther falls in the corner. CANNONBALL!!!! Cover! 1…2….NO!!! Sleeper attempt, but Gunther escapes. Dropkick from Gunther! He lifts KO, tries for a piledriver, KO escapes, palm strike, chop back and forth. Kick from Owens. FISHERMAN!!! Cover for 1…2…NO!!! They head to the corner. Gunther with a superplex! Cover! 1…2…NO!!! Gunther grabs the leg and turns KO then heads to the top rope again. He flies…KNEES UP!!!! KO TO THE TOP! SWANTON!!! COVER! 1….2…..NO!!!!!

Vinci is on the apron! But Sami si there to pull him off! Here comes Kaiser! KO heads out to help! HE beats Ludwig away as Vinci handles Sami.

KO tosses Kaiser into the ring. KICK! STUNNER!!! Kaiser flies out of the ring! GUNTHER WITH A ROLL UP!!!! 1…2….3!!!!

Winner: Gunther
GOOD GOD DAMN THAT WAS GREAT! BRISCOE BAYBEEEE!!! I don’t like that ending, but considering this may very well be only one of the first chapters in this story, maybe I’ll give it a pass. Especially considering the fact that this match was all kinds of bad ass. They left it all out there, and beat the shit out of each other. I really feel like there is no first gear for Gunther, cuz that guy just goes in there and brutalizes. Good shit.
Total Rating: ****
Match Time: 17:22

After the match, Gunther stands at the top of the ramp, telling Kevin Owens to respect him.

We are backstage with the beautiful Cathy who has some time with Matt Riddle. He says he is tired of Gunther cheating, and he’s over seeing Vinci and Kaiser out there.

Speaking of los diablos, here they are. Ludwig asks Riddle what is he going to do about it, and pokes Riddle. Riddle tosses Kaiser over some gear and gets an Ankle Lock on Vinci. Eventually, agents come to stop him and rip him away from Vinci just as Kaiser runs over to check on him.

Ronda Rousey won the tag titles with her homie Shayna Baszler and they are backstage with Byron Saxton. He asks them what it means to be the champs. Sonya calls it destiny, saying they manifested this a decade ago. Ronda says it’s past time they legitimize the championships. They will not be an afterthought. They invite any team to step up.

Here is Kayden Carter and Kitana Chance to say what better way to make their debut then to take them on. Ronda wants to know if they landed in Munchkinland. Ronda calls them stupid, Shayna calls them ignorant and that they are brave. But the sound of your own tendons and ligaments being torn off your body will break bravery real quick. Ronda calls this baptism by fire.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler vs Kitana Chance and Kayden Carter

Carter and Shayna to start. Baszler corners Carter, Carter reverses, trips her up, then gets a waistlock into a roll up. Shayna shoots her off, Carter bunces off the bottom rope and kicks. Tag to Kitan, they double team Shayna, Chance with a flip over the top rope and hits a cover. 1..2…NO!!! Tag to Ronda. Ronda kicks Carter in th stomach, arm drag to Chance, fireman’s to Carter, Chance kicks, sneds Ronda to the corner, Carter tries to splash but gets sent over the top. Ronda with an arm bar over the rope to Kitana. Carter with a superkick!!! Kitana helps Carter walk up the corner and splash onto the girls outside. Chance spins over the top rope onto Ronda! She sends Ronda into the ring, but Shayna is there to pull on the arm and drop it onto the ropes. Ronda with an arm drag, tag to Shayna. Running kick from Shayna. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Baszler works the fingers, then stomps the elbow. Tag to Carter! Right hand! A running dropkick. Whip to Shayna, reversed, Carter rolls through, boot to the face! Carter hits the ropes and hits a running boot, scraping Shayna’s face. Carter locks the head with her legs, and slams Shayna into the mat. Cover for 1….2..NO!! Tag to Ronda. Another kick to the stomach. She lifts carter into a fireman’s! Chance with a blind tag. Ronda hits the post! Chance to the top rope. THE AFTER PARTY!!! Cover for 1..2…..NO!!! Shayna pulls Chance out of the ring. Carter with a dropkick off the apron. Chance to the top rope. She flies. Crossbody. Pin for 1..2.NO!!! Chance tries for a kick, but Ronda catches. ANKLE LOCK! IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! Chance escapes. Codebreaker! Tag from Shayna. Tag from Carter! She rolls up Shayna for 1..2..NO!!!

Back suplex to Carter. THE CLUTCH IS IN!! Carter taps!

Winners: Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler
A nice enough debut, with just enough time to show the crowd what these girls can do.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 6:32

Backstage, Ricochet is shadowboxing. Here comes Bronson Reed who is upset that Ric is in the MitB match. Ricochet says he earned his shot. Reed had a chance, and what happened? He lost. Shinsuke ended his streak. Reed says he dominated until…

Shinsuke Nakamura is here to say “Beat you.” Reed says he had a bad night, and next time will be a very different result.

Reed leaves.

Ric tells Shin that tonight, he won’t be giving him anything but another L. Shinsuke says big talk, let’s see if you can prove it in the ring.

Johnny Gargano video package goes over his rise, his NXT time, and now his time on Raw.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Ricochet

Side headlock to start. Tackle off the ropes from Shin. Arm drag from Ric. Scissors to the head from Shin. Ric reverses, Shinsuke stands out of it, Ric with a head scissors, rope work and Shin drops an elbow to the knee, then a back elbow to the face. Dropkick from Ricochet! Shin rolls out of the ring. Ric hits the ropes, dives for a suicide but Shinsuke kicks him in the head. Shinsuke sits on the top buckle, but Rick high kicks and Shin fleis to the outside. Ricochet hits the ropes and dives over onto Shin on the outside.

We come back to Shinny hitting his sick German then an Exploder. Shin waits in the corner, calls for the end, Ricochet is slow to stand. He does, Shin runs, high knee from Ricochet! Recoil! Shin locks the foot. Ric with a right hand. He heads to the top. Shinsuke meets him there. Locks the head. Ric hits a kidney shot, another, right hand. One from Shin. He fights Shin down,

HERE COMES BRONSON REED!!! He hits a splash in the corner to Shin causing a DQ

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura via DQ
The break cut this up pretty badly, but this was more for story than for match quality.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 8:07

After the match, Ricochet hops on Reed’s back, but Bronson don’t dare. He splashes Shin with Ricochet on his back! A pounce to Ricochet! TSUNAMI!!!!

Recap of Last Monday’s happenings with The Alpha Academy. Otis plays peacekeeper. Chad Gable calls them brain, brawn, and beauty. If she is going to be an Alpha, remember one thing: an alpha doesn’t run from a fight. Maxxine says Valhalla came at her like a wild animla and her outfit sucked. Gable says he has provided Otis with the latest in Viking literature. Otis has done some studying and Gable knows the answer is in his brain. Otis says they are going to take them out…with some deodorant. Gable will teach the pretty lady how to take on the viking lady.

Gable thinks Maxxine is ready, but she needs to change. She has the perfect outfit.

We return in time for….MizTV!!! The Miz introduces Mr. Rhodes, and out he comes full of smiles.

Miz starts off by calling Cody Rhodes “Dashing” tonight. Lol. He brings up Cody’s promo last week, calling it stupid to challenge Brock.

Cody calls him Mike, and Miz says in the ring, he is The Miz. Cody has heard it was crazy, that it took balls. Miz knows a tiny little bit about that, right? Brock is apparently hibernating, so we wont be seeing him for a while.

Miz has invited another man who shares the same attributes as Cody. This is Miz’s surprise guest, Dominik Mysterio.

He comes out with Rhea Ripley who immediately tells Miz to shut up. Dom tries to talk, and the crowd shits all over it. Hahaha. Nice. He tries to talk over the crowd, but man they are loud.

He tells Cody that to him, a man who has done hard time, Cody is just a little birdy with a broken wing. He watched Cody go over this long list of crappy towns that brock can find him, then he realized that Cody is a bad father. He’s got a baby girl, he should be at home, but instead he is here just like Rey, a deadbeat dad.

Cody stands, looks over to Dom. He has a ton of empathy for Dom. He knows that the 15 minutes in prison was really rough on him. Hard times, indeed. He even has a worst prison tat than Cody. After prison, Dom went onto Mania to have a match, but it was more like a pubic spanking. Nobody is perfect, Rey is not perfect, he knows Rey has made some terrible mistakes. He knows that because he is looking at one.

Dom and Rhea go to walk away. Cody turns to drop his mic. Dom runs up and slaps him, then hides behind Rhea. Cody won’t hit a girl, it seems, and Dom makes his way out of the ring, followed by Rhea.

Cody turns to Miz, and clocks him with the cast. Lol.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
Zoey Stark vs Natalya

Match in progress when we return and Zoey is working the right leg of Natalya. She pulls Nattie out of the corner and tries to hyper extend the knee. Zoey looks to Trish for approval, and gets it. She is dropped with a toe hold, but Zoey holds onto a side headlock. Nattie shoots her into the ropes, and Zoey comes back with an elbow. Right hand, knee, then an arm drag, but from Natie. Kick to Zoey. Another kick. Right is missed by Zoey, GERMAN from Nattie! She covers with a jackknife, gets 1..2.NO!!! Zoey tries to reverse, but Nattie with a Sharpshooter! Zoey escapes to the apron, Nattie follows. She sends Zoey into the ring.

Trish trips up Nattie, allowing Zoey to hit the Z360 upon re-entry and cover for 1..2..3!!!

Winner: Zoey Stark
Nothin much to see here…other than Trish, and in tat case, there is plenty to see.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2:42

Backstage, Heyman is chillin in Roman’s locker room. He has an invitation for this Friday when a family drama plays out in front of our very eyes, when Jey Uso makes his historic choice. As The Wiseman, he is tasked to deliver unpleasant news, even if he’’s gotta deliver it to Roman Reigns. The news is not pleasant. It’ll rip apart the dynasty. This Friday, Jey will make his choice, and Jey will choose and stand by his brother…Solo.

You can share a womb with your twin Jimmy, but you’ll never be closer in life to him than you are to your Tribal Chief.

This Friday, Jey will acknowledge that fact…or else.

Before the next scheduled match between Indus Sher and Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin, Indus Sher blindside Cedric and Shelton, and I’m not talkin Sandra Bullock.

They send Shelton to the outside then stand over the broken Cedric and claps their hands together while the ref yells that they are not having the match. They finish off Cedric with a double team, then go back to standing with their hands together.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Seth Rollins vs Damien Priest

Priest corners Seth and tells him he don’t need nobody and to do something. Seth grabs his face and gets out of th corner, then escapes the opposite corner and beats Priest down in the corner. Whip to the opposite, Seth slides and stops the run, hops over the top rope, Priest with an elbow. He tries for a shoulder, but Seth hops up and over and lands a leg drop. Running knee to Priest on the outside!

We come back from break and Priest hits a knee to the gut on the outside. He lifts Seth to his shoulders but Seth drops down and posts Priest. Preist is backed up at the barricade, Seth runs, Priest shoots him over, Seth lands on his feet, springs off the top of the barricade, but Priest is there to uppercut Seth. Seth rolls into the ring. Priest enters as well. He grabs Seth by the head and sends him into the corner. Stomps to Seth until the ref stops him. Priest wit a HARD right in the corner. He whips Seth hard into the corenr, Seth bounces out and Priest hits a leg lariat. Cover for 1..2.>NO!!! Cravat from behind. Seth stands but Priest brings him back down to the mat. Pirest with a huge kick to the back. Another kick. Priest pulls back on the arms, with his knee to the back. We get some back and forths with Seth getting the upperhand. Big leg lariat drops Priest. Big splash in the corner. Back breaker from Seth. Seth to the top rope. He dives! Rolls through, Priest with a high kick to the head. Back elbow in the corner. He tries for another, but Seth kicks! Goes for a Pedigree, Priest tosses him over his bck, Seth rolls up for 1.2..NO!!! Slingblade by Rollins! Suicide dive but Priest catches him on the outside and plants Seth face first onto the announce table!!!

We are BACK and Seth dives though the ropes onto Priest, sending him flying over the announce table. Priest tries to stand, Seth grabs Priest, sends him into the ring, Seth to the top. SUPERKICK! Seth to the top rope! FROG SPLASH! COVER! 1…2….NO!!!! Seth holds his fist up. He spins, but Priest is there with a hard right! Kick from Priest! Another! Rollin elbow! Priest counters and hits a big move then pins for 1..2..NO!!! It was a headlock driver. Thank Gods for replay. Priest locks Seth between his legs, Seth escapes, GOOZLE!! Seth escapes again. Right. Right from Priest! Seth to the top rope, SPINNING KICK FROM PRIEST! Damn that was sick. He hops to the top! RANA FROM THE TOP!! PRIEST IS WILD! He covers for 1..2…NO!!! SHORT CLOTHESLINE TO SETH! He tells Seth to give up! He hits another! Seth covers! 1…2….NO!!! Priest to the apron. Seth meets him there, tries for ra Pedigree. Priest esacpes, boxes the ears, misses a kick, leg hanging on the rope, Seth takes out the knee. Buckle Bomb but INTO THE BARRICADE!!! Seth rolls Priest into the ring.


Seth rolls into the ring. HUGE LARIAT!!! GOOZLE!! SOUTH OF HEAVEN!!!! Priest is not so quick to cover. He gets there! 1…2….NO!!!

Priest looks over to Finn, asks him why he is here, then turns to Seth.

He sets up for Razor’s Edge, Seth drops out. Superkick! Rolling elbow!!! Another to the back of the head! STOMP! COVER!! 1……2……3!!!!

Winner: Seth Rollins
A biiiit of a slow start that kind of took me out, but that final stretch was great, and at the end of the day, this was a way to get to Finn, while still giving Priest some much deserved main event time.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 21:58

Seth stands tall in the ring, but turns to see Finn staring him down.

End Show

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Well, if the rumors are true that good ol Vinnie was backstage, he must have had an aneurysm due to his lack of input because this episode was great! We had a mixed bag of good shit. Some solid promo work, entertaining forward movement for some stories, and some high-quality and good old fashioned wrasslin. Gunther and Kevin Owens did the damned thing and kept me glued. Seth and Damien may have had a slower start but gave us a solid main event. I've never been a fan of squash matches, but it's namely due to the seemingly obvious reality that they typically happen when someone has little to no direction. With the new regime behind WWE Creative, though, I find myself softening my stance on them. I mean, even Ricochet and Shinsuke had a good match cut short all to move some story forward amongst the three involved. Yes, a solid solid Monday night.

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