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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 8.1.22

August 1, 2022 | Posted by Tony Acero
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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 8.1.22  

It’s Monday! We just saw a ring lifted by a tractor for NO REASON and the return of Bayley among other things. Let’s see how they follow up!

It’s Monday…you know what that means.

We start RAW with Becky Lynch! She’s in a cast and a sling.

After a lengthy recap of her match with Bianca and Bayley’s return, we go live to Becky welcoming us to The Big Time.

In everything that she does, she gives it her all. She’s hit rock bottom in the past, not knowing who she was when she lost the title, but at Summerslam, she remembered who the hell she is, finally. It’s not in the clothes or need for glory, it’s in the determination and persistence and owning every mistake she has made, the pursuit to be better today than she was yesterday. So, when she separated her shoulder at Summerslam, she had two choices – give up or give it everything she’s got. She grit her teeth and fought through the most painful 20 minutes of her career. She then realized how separated she was from reality. She did what she had to do, but also so they could create the greateset women’s division that they’ve ever had. For all the women who work their asses off weekly in the back. And so, when the ref counted to 3, she knew she had given her best but it wasn’t good enough that night. She is reminded that she is not defined by one match, no she defines the match. Same with the title, and she will not be defined by any man.

We start a new era, a new comeback story, and it starts now. But first she wants to give credit and thanks to the woman who has pushed her every day to be the B-E-S-T that she can be.

Bianca stands on the apron after her entrance, tells Becky she not only defines “The Man,” she IS The Man. They shake hands and hug.

Becky; “Hold it down, B…I’ll see you soon.”

She has nothing but respect for Becky. Of course, she has never forgotten how many times Becky has shaken her hand just to use the other and smack her right in the face. But she has never wanted to be handed anything. This title is only worth the amount of work she puts in to keep it, and Becky Lynch made her work for that. They now have a level of mutual respect, and to gain respect from Becky…that means something. She has learned so much from Becky, and now she knows there’s a target on her back, but she will NOT be caught slipping.

We head backstage, and Bayley and her friends are attacking Becky!!! Bayley smacks the injured arm with the chair, then pushes the chair against her neck.

We see Bianca running up on the scene, but Bayley and the girls have already left. Docs are checking on Becky. Bianca shows frustration and confusion.

Match 1: AJ Styles vs Mustafa Ali vs The Miz

Miz has his ribs taped up. He quickly leaves the ring, and Ali and Styles are left to go one on one. Ali with. Rana, quickly, but Miz is there to pull on his hair. AJ with a kick to Miz in the mid then AJ to the apron. He flies off the springboard, tries for a Styles Clash, but Miz pulls him out of the ring and sneds AJ to the announce table. He shouts about his balls, but Ali flies with a suicide dive to Miz. Ali sends Miz into the ring. He ducks under The Miz, Miz goes chest first, selling the ribs. Ali runs and Miz sends him ti the buckle. IN comes AJ and AJ elbows the back, chop to Miz into the corner. Miz sends AJ into the 2nd buckle like he did Ali. Miz kicks in the corner, stomping aay then lifting. He chops AJ hard, another chop, Miz with a running clothesline to AJ. He kicks Ali on the apron. Miz slides under the rope and rolls AJ up for 1..2.NO!!! AJ with a right hand. Whip to Miz. Kick from AJ. Whip from AJ is reversed and Miz gets seated on the top rope. Chop from AJ. Ali in to send AJ rolling awy. He hops up, back flips, lands on his feet, AJ there to suplex him over the head, big boot from Miz to AJ, DDT to Ali! Cover! 1..2…NO!!! IT kicks! Aj catches the last one and high kicks mIz in the head! Ali up! Rights from AJ, from Ali! AJ slaps the shit out of Ali and Ali is reeling. AJ whips Ali, and Ali flies up to kick Miz off the apron. AJ misses a splash. High kick from Ali to AJ! He rolls into the ring, fireman’s from AJ. Elbow to Ali! Kick to the entering Miz! AJ looks to drop an elbow to the chest of Miz but Ali comes in to hit a neckbreaker, and both moves are hit! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Ali covers Miz! 1..2…NO!!!! Ali is up! He goes over to Miz and drags him to the corner. Ali to the top rope. He raises, 450, lands on his feet, neckbreaker from Ali, right hand from Miz to AJ! AJ with a pele kick! Miz rolls to the outside!!

AJ is up first! He heads to the apron as Ali stirs in the middle of the ring. AJ looks to springboard, Miz pulls him down!! Aj sends him into the announce table ribs first! Miz is writhing in pain. ALI FLIES OUT OF NOWHERE WITH A TORNADO DDT OFF THE APRON!!!! Holy shit, that looked SIIIIICKKKKKK!!!! Ali sends miz into the ring. He enters, and there’s The Miz to hit SKULL CRUSHING FINALE!!! Miz cant cover! His ribs are hurting too much!!! Miz rolls over with a cover, using only his head! 1…2…..NO!!!! Ali kicks out! Miz corners Ali. Ali with a high kick!

Ali pulls himself up to the corner! 450 splash! Ali’s momentum causes him to fly up…RIGHT INTO AJ’S HANDS!!! STLYES CLASH ONTO THE MIZ! COVER! 1…2…..3!!!!

Holy shit balls! What a FUCKING BANGER!!!! Y’all, I don’t care if I get heat for it, this was amazing. Balls to the wall action, The Miz sold like a fucking G, Ali was built up, even in loss, and AJ Styles is…AJ F’n STYLES!
Total Rating: ****1/2
Match Time: 8:52

Becky is in a doctor’s office, with super important medical charts. Becky tries to go over what happened as we fade to…

Bayley, Kai, and Sky. Bayley says this isn’t about Becky or Bianca, it’s about them, and we’ll see what she means soon enough.

They walk out a door just as The Usos walk in. Here comes the interviewer to ask how they feel about their upcoming match. They feel same as they always do. The beat The Street Profits…again, Roman beat Brock…again. And tonight, The Usos are going to beat The Mysterios.

As Seth Rollins makes his entrance, we get a video package about his and Riddles’ match being cancelled then the subsequent events that happened during the event.

Seth says Riddle had a lot of guts calling Seth out, but there’s a thin line between gutsy and stupid, and Riddle has crossed the stupid line more times than Seth can count. Riddle has wanted so badly to be like his big bro Randy that he is now on the shelf just like him. Now that Riddle is out of the picture, he can turn his attention to…

Roman Reigns.

Before he can continue, The Street Profits are here, and they are not happy.

Seth shouts no a bunch of times, tells them to shut the music down. No cups. Don’t say a word. He knows they’re boys with Riddle, but…

He knows they’re used to watching losers here in Houston, but he doesn’t wanna share any air space with the biggest losers in all of WWE. How many times have they lost to The Usos now? They suck so much as a tag team, they should probably break up. Pack it in and go back to the back.

Dawkins says hold up, didn’t they beat Seth to become Raw Tag Team Champions. Ford does remember. He knows who this is. It’s the same guy who got his ass whooped by Cody Rhodes when he only had one boobie.

Seth would love nothing more than to come down and stomp their heads in, but there’s two of them and only one of him.

They like the way Seth thinks. Dawkins asks Houston if they’d like to see one of the Profits beat the crap out of Seth. They decide to Rock, Paper, Scissors this decision. Ford gives some love to Dawkins, says this the only time we’ll see them separated. Haha. Nice.

They bring out a ref, go rock, pape—- and Ford grabs a ref and runs down the ramp with him!!! Lol. Looks like it’s Ford v Seth!

Match 2: Montez Ford vs Seth Rollins

Ford and Seth toy with each other for a bit, and Ford eventually gets a quick cover for 1..2NO!!! Ford heads to the top rope, but Rollins rolls to the outside. Ford follow, Seth kicks, goes for a Pedigree, but Ford hits a back body drop. Seth enters the ring, Ford stands on the apron, knee from Seth. Seth drops Ford on the top rope. Seth sends Ford into the ring post ribs first then rolls into the ring as the ref counts. Ref at 8, Ford on his knees, ref hits 9, and Ford flies into the ring. Seth attacks with a kick to the back. Seth with a chop to the chest agaibst the ropes, then another in the corner. Ford fires back with one of his own, another, another, whip to Seth, reversed, Seth holds on and hits a knee, another knee against the ropes. Another knee. Fireman’s and Seth drops the gut onto his knee. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Seth counters and elbow with a back suplex. Seth slaps Ford around then tries to suplex him into the ring from the apron. Ford blocks. Attacks the mid section, high kick to the face, Ford to the top, he flies, high frog splash crossbody into a cover for 1..2.NO!!! Ford with rights! Over and over! A HUGE ONE! He hits the ropes, hard clothesline. Kick to the mid, kick to the chest, high kick to the head! Ford locks up from behind, back suplex! KIP UP!!! Ford lookin beeeeeefy!!! Standing moonsault! Cover for 1..2….NO!!! Ford favoring the ribs. Ford tries for a waist lock, hits the ropes, standing fucking blockbuster! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Seth with a surprise roll up for 1..2.NO!!! Superkick form Seth! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!

Seth is up n in the corner, taking in the moment and ready to stomp, but Ford moves, kick to the mid, Seth catches the boot, rolling elbow, he lifts Ford up, wants Buckle Bomb, but Ford hits rights, Seth lets him go, Ford on the 2nd rope, he turns and flies with a tornado DDT! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Rope break! Ford to the top rope, Seth pushes the legs out, BUCKLE BOMB FROM SETH! FALCON ARROW!!! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!

Seth to the top rope! He flies with a frog splash! FORD ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! FORD TO THE TOP ROPE!!! FROG SPLASH!!!!! KNEES ARE UP!!! Holy shit, the crowd wanted it!!!

STOMP!!! Cover! 1…2……3!!!!!

Winner: Seth Rollins
If you were curious about the adoration Ford has, watch the final moments of that match and hear the shift in the crowd when Ford heads to the top rope for the frog splash. Holy shit, man. The match itself was a tada slow to begin, but only or a minute or two, because once it kicked into high gear, it didn’t let up. Nice.
Total Rating: ***3/4
Match Time: 10:27

Seth ain’t done! He wants another stomp for Ford. He hits the corner, runs for it, but Dawkins enters the ring to stop it, and Seth leaves the ring with a grin.

We find out that Drew McIntyre will be facing Roman Reigns at the Clash at the Castle thing, or whatever it’s called.

Match 3: Asuka vs Alexa Bliss

Asuka starts off with a right strike to the face of Bliss. Backslide for a pin, but it only gets 2. Asuka hits a shoulder tackle and mocks Alexa. Whip to the corner is reerse by Alexa. Droplick off the top by Asuka, but Alexa sidesteps, cover for 1..2..NO!!! Right hand to Asuka Knee to the face, another right. Damn. Another knee. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Bliss grbs Asuka by the hair and lcoks in a sleeper. Alexa with a standing moonsault, missing Asuka as she rolls out of the way. Asuka with a running knee to Bliss. ASuka with some strikes. German from behind.

Asuka with a hip attack in the corner, whip to Bliss, reversed, locks the head, Asuka escsapes, high knee to the face, Asuka rolsl to the top rope, but here comes Bayley, Dakota, and Io!!!

Winner: No Contest
Not much in the way of a match, but interesting to keep the story going.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2:28

Bayley and Co attack both girls, and Bayley ends it with a knee to the face of Bayley, then turns her attention to Asuka. Kai with a running high boot to the face. Bayley rolls Bliss over to Asuka, both girls laying next to each other. Kai hands Io a chair, and she is looking to fly with it. Bianca runs down the ramp and chases them out.

Bianca has a a mic, says she doesn’t care who it is, she wants a match with one of them TONIGHT.

Gable gets some promo time before his match sating his brain is so big and beautiful that it’s twice the size of Texas. He’s going to dispose of Dolph and Ciampa, beat AJ, put the country on his back, and he will do all this without cheating, unlike the Houston Astros.

Match 4: Dolph Ziggler vs Tommaso Ciampa vs Chad Gable

Gable waits to get in, and Ciampa attacks Ziggler the second the bell rings. Ziggler with a dropkick, and Gable runs in to cover with his feet on the ropes. Lol. Ciampa attaks Ziggler with a right hand. Gable and Tommaso take turns stomping Ziggler out, effectively making him the defacto face.

Ciampa tries to shoosh Gable. He sends Ziggler into the corner, rolls into a fireman’s, Ciampa escapes, Gable spins him and drops him face first. He pulls back on the arms, stomps Ciampa’s face in! Cover attempt but Ziggler with a fameasser as we go to break!

We return to Gable having an ankle lock on Ziggler. Ciampa runs in to lock on a crossface on Ziggler, while he’s in an ankle lock. Ciampa swings back with some rights to Gable. Gable kicks him away, Ziggler rolls through for a pin, gets a 1..2.NO!!! Gable still has the Ankle Lock! Ciampa runs from behind to hit a leg lariat to the back of the head of Gable! Cover for 1..2..N!O!! Chop from Ciampa! He drops a knee onto the left leg of Ziggler. Ciampa sits Ziggler on the top rope. Chop. He walks up to the top and hits a version of White Noise off the top rope onto Ziggler! Cover for 1..2nO!!! Broken up by a headbutt from Gable! Ziggler with a Zig Zag on Gable, barely a cover for 1..2.NO!!!

All men are slow to stand, Gable is sent to the outside, Ciampa rolls up Ziggler, holds the tihts, 1..2..NO!!! Ziggler reverses, holds the tights, 1…2..NO!!! Kick from Ziggler! Gable enters, sends Ziggler out, covers for 1..2.NO!!! Ziggler there to pull the leg and Gable to the outside.

Ziggler hops on the apron, huge knee rom Ciampa sends him flying. Gable in! FAIRY TALE ENDING! Cover for 1..2…3!!!!!!

Winner: Ciampa
”A huge STATEMENT on Monday Night Raw,” says Jimmy, and a huge statement it is indeed. Not nearly as good as the opener, but the quality was still high.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 10:42

Recap of Edge’s return.

We return from a break with Edge in the middle of the ring. He’s got a mic and some words for us.

He thanks Houston. He says he’s been a bit of an asshole for the last few months. This all changes now, because now we both get what we want. He’s gonna keep it simple; he thought he was helping underutilized talent reach their full potential. It felt like they were just getting started, they were going somewhere, but with that first taste of power, it clouded their judgment. They thought the learned all they needed to, but they were wrong. To be fair, they pulled one over on him. Put him on the shelf for a couple of months. But if you witness Summerslam, you saw Edge pull himself out of the hell they put him in, and now it’s time to kill what he created. Finn! Damian! Rhea! Edge is going to end Judgment Day!

Bayley is backstage with her crew and says haven’t we been watching? This show has been the drizzling shits and she took it upon herself to come back and be a role model.

Dakota: “We know how to play…the game.”

Io tells Bianca she’ll see her out there.

Match 5: Iyo Sky vs Bianca Belair

Bianca backs Iyo into the corner quickly, hits a few kicks, sends her to the next corner and hits more kicks. Shoulders to the mid. Sky shoves her away. Bianca whips Sky into the corner, reversed, Bianca hops over the running Sky, dropkick and a kip up. Bianca rushes the corner, Sky sends her to the apron and hangs her up. Sky to the apron. She springboards and hits a moonsault onto Bianca!

We come back and Sky is holding a sleeper from behind. Bianca is able to stand out of it but Sky hits a side Russian leg sweep. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Sky to the top rope. She flies with a crossbody, Bianca rolls through, lifts her back with a Fallaway Slam! Bianca lifts up Sky for a Glam Slam, drops her hard, hits the ropes, moonsault to Sky. Cover for 1..2.NO!!!

Bayley and Kai come down to watch ringside. Bianca to the top rope, Sky climbs up and head scissors Bianca off the top rope! Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Bianca lifts Sky to the shoulders, goes for KOD, but Sky lands on her feet, holds the ropes, Bianca lands on the apron, locks the head, pulls Sky to the apron. Kick from Bianca is blocked. Sky clips the leg, Bianca with a waist lock, looking for a German to the outside. Bianca drops down instead, so Sky rusns off with a rana attempt. Bianca catches her and swings her into the barricade!!! Bayley and Dakota are nearby now, sitting on the apron. Bianca cannot send Sky into the ring, because they’ve blocked her


WE come back from a break and Bianca is hitting a nice ass moonsault off the top rope. Cover for 1..2.NO!!!! Bianca grabs th boot of Sky, Sky turns into the hol, tries for a kick, Bianca ducks and dodges it, then locks up from behind. Sky elbows back, roll up, stomp from Sky. GAWDAMN! Sky Running double knees in the corner. She hops up to swing, but Bianca catches her and slams her down hard with a spinebuster. Moonsault to Sky, but the KNEES ARE UP!!! These girls are killin it.

Sky pulls at the arm, Bianca with a right hand, hits the ropes, Bayley trips her up, the distraction allows Sky to kick, Bianca swings her, locks up from behind, back elbow from Bianca. Sky with a pin, using the feet on the ropes, but Bliss pushes her legs off!!!

Bayley and Dakota to the apron. Asuka and Bliss on the apron! They talk shit from across the ring. THEY ALL ENTER AND GO AT IT!!! REF CCALLS FOR A NO CONTEST.

Winner: No Contest
Bianca and Sky went the distance, going almost twnty minutes and finishing strong befoe the obvious DQ. Lovin it.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 17:17

Bayley eats an Asuka knee! Bliss and Dakota go at it. Refs run down to break up the madness! Bianca continues to wrestle with Sky in the corner.

The heels leave the ring as refs create a wall.

Backstage, Miz and Ciampa are talking strategy. In comes Patrick to ask Miz how he feels. He says WWE isn’t a playground for an entitled YouTuber to cash a few paychecks. He had it all taken care of until Aj blindsided Ciampa like the coward he is. Why would AJ do that? Was he training Logan to prevent him from winning?

Ciampa says tonight, AJ will learn that he chose the wrong side. He used to respect AJ, but AJ chose to support a social media influencer who made a mockery of their home. Under Miz’s tutelage, we are looking at the next United States Champion.

Match 6: AJ Styles vs Ciampa

We got Booker T on commentary for some reason. Possibly cuz they’re in Texas?

Ciampa attacks the neck immediately, then corners AJ then stomps him away. Ciampa with a side headlock. He pulls AJ up and chops , then whips to the ropes, AJ stops the run, ducks under a clothesline, hits a back breaker. AJ drops Ciampa on his back as Miz watches on outside of the ring. Ciampa escapes a hold and slides AJ into the ringpost shoulder first. Ciampa leaves the ring and kicks Aj’s head that hangs from the apron. He hits a running knee to the head of AJ, then entesr the ring and covers for 1..2NO!!!! AJ with a surprise backbreaker/Flatliner combo! Ciampa rolls to the outside to talk to Miz. Aj rolls into the rin, ducks a clothesline, drops damn, hits a dropkick to Ciampa in the middle of the ring! Ciampa to the outside! AJ springboards with a forearm over the top rope to the outside!

We are back and AJ is up standing while Ciampa struggles in the corner. Aj with a clothesline to the corner, gets him to the shoulders, flips Ciampa neckfirst onto the knee, then slams him down face first and covers for 1..2..NO!!! AJ CALLS FOR THE FINISH! Ciampa escapes, hits a forearm to the head, kick to the back of the head, leg lariat across the back of the head! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Ciampa drops the knee pad. He rushes AJ, AJ side steps, roll up into a Styles Clas—NO! Ciampa escapes! He rushes the corner. Kick to Ciampa! Suplex INTO THE BUCKLE!!! AJ up in one corner, he rushes Ciampa in the other, Ciampa lifts him to the apron. FOREARM TO CIAMPA! PHENOMENAL FOR-NO!!!! HUGE KNEE FROM CIAMPA!!!

Miz is flabbergasted! Ciampa flips AJ up for a powerbomb, but bombs him on his knees!!! GAHLEEEE! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!! Ciampa screams that he deserves it, chops AJ on the top rope over and over. AJ hangs with a single leg, grabs Ciampa and hits a bunch of headbutts. Ciampa drops to his feet, hits a hard right hand. He climbs up and grabs AJ onto his shoulders. But AJ slinks down and gets Styles Clash positioning!!! STYLES CLASH!! Cover!!!!!! 1…2….Miz puts the foot on the rope!!!!

AJ is pissed. He leaves the ring and hits a hard right. Ciampa is right behind him. He sends AJ into the ringpost then into the timekeepers area as the ref starts the count. Ciampa realizes this and heads into the ring at 4.

AJ tries to leave at 6, but Miz holds onto his foot!!! Ref hits 9!!! AJ escapes! Runs into the ring! KNEE!!! FAIRY TALE ENDING!!! Cover for 1..2…3!!!!

Winner: Ciampa
A solid effort to make Ciampa worth something, especially considering how little we saw this past month or so. The match itelf was high quality, with AJ just being the MVP of the night, cuz damn. Ciampa also got to show his vicousness and stand out. Just a great effort.
Total Rating: ***3/4
Match Time: 14:15

Patrick is backstage with Lashley to talk about Ciampa’s win.

Lashley says he’ll defend this title weekly if he’s got to, because he loves this. He will defeat anyone anywhere any time. He will bring respect back to this title. Last week, he humbled Theory, and he has no problem giving Ciampa a reality check.

Match 7: WWE World Tag Team Championship Match
Rey and Dominik Mysterio vs The Usos

Rey and Jey to start. Jey sends Rey into the corner, eats buckle, then sends Rey flying to the outside. Rey rolls through, pops up on his feet, and kicks the outgoing Jey. Kick to Jey, here comes Jimmy. He gets sent over the top. Crossbody from Dominik onto both Usos! Dom rolls into the ring.

We are back and Rey looks like he got a stinger. Jimmy tags himself in and stops Rey from tagging his son. Jimmy gives Dom the death stare. Tag to Jey. He drops Rey then covers for 1..2.NO!!! Butt splash in the corner. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Tag to Jimmy. He corners Rey, Rey blocks a right. Shove to the corner, Rey kicks out, bac elbow, rana into the corner buckle! Rey gets a tag! Crossbody!!! Right hands to Jimmy! Whip. Dom hits a right, another, duks under a right and hits Jey ith a nekbreaker, the one for Jimmy. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Jimmy sends Dom into the corner, Dom comes back with a slingblade. Dropkick to Jimmy. 619 attempt but Jimmy rolls out of the ring! Om flies with a crossbody, but both Usos catch him and send him bak first into the ring post!!!

We are BACK and Dominik is on the top rope! He flies with a frog splash! Cover! .1…….2…..NO!!!! Jey there to stop the cover! Rey in the ring now. He sends Jey to the outside. Jey pulls Rey to the outside and tries to lawn dart him. Rey lands on his feet. Superkick to Rey!!! Dominik flies from the ring to the outside onto Jey!!! He gets back to the top rope. Jimmy with a right hand! Jimmy turns, hits a right, loks the head, SUPERPLE— NO! Dominik blocks with right hands! Jimmy falls to the mat! Dom on the top rope again!

Dom flies, lands on his feet, roll through, dropkick to Jimmy! Jey is on the apron. Tag! Dom hits the ropes. 1D!!!!! Cover for 1…..2…..3!!!!

Winner: The Usos
Nice little fun match that didn’t really have a good reason behind it, but gave us some high quality stuff from The Usos, and reminded us that they’re the kings of these here mountains.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 15:48

The Usos celebrate, walk up the ramp, and as they do, Priest, Balor, and Ripley enter th e ring to attack Dom and Rey!!! Rhea chokes Dominik up in the corner while Finn and Priest attack Rey in the corner.

Edge’s music hits, and here he comes!!!! He rushes the ring, Priest wait sfor him, he ducks under a right, attacks Finn, Priest and Edge go at it. Clohesline sends Priest to the outside. Edge grabs Balor. Huge elevated DDT. Crowd is hyped. Edge turns to the corner, Edge looks to spear Finn, but Rhea shoves Dom and EDGE SPEARS DOMINIK!!!!

Edge chases after Priest and Balor in the crowd as Rhea laughs on ringside. Rey seems confused, checks on his son as the show ends.

End Show

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Wow. I really didn't want to put unnecessary energy into the hype around a single show and how different it would be, because we've been down this road before. Vince, HHH, and Steph once stood in that ring and promised something incredibly different, promised they'd listen to us, and promised they would change the game....then proceeded to do the same shit they've always done for years to follow. The thing about these changes that we saw tonight is simply that although deliberate, they were not IN YOUR FACE, nor were they pandering. The show, as a whole, felt like a show with a purpose, driven, and in some ways, kind of exhausting (albeit in a good way). This episode did make a statement, but the statement wasnt PAPA'S GOT A BRAND NEW BAG; it was more along the lines of "please, just wait and see." We saw new people get a spotlight, matches with meat on them and purpose, seeds planted for stories moving forward, and a unified front for a much better product. What's perhaps MOST important is that they did this all while still being WWE. This will become important later because just like we never wanted AEW to be WWE-lite, we also wouldn't want the tropes of AEW to bleed over into the WWE. WWE can stand on its own as an amazing product, and tonight proved just that.

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