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Aron Stevens On Wrestling Promoters Who Hijack Their Product For Their ‘Vision’

October 14, 2021 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Aron Stevens NWA Into the Fire

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Aron Stevens spoke about wrestling promoters who let their own vision “hijack” their product and don’t listen to fans. Here are highlights:

On entertaining fans: “The life-blood of the business, in my opinion, has always been the fans. That’s why you do what you do. To me, that’s what the show is for. I think what’s happened, and I’m not going to name company names or anything, but some people in other companies have let their own ‘vision’ highjack the product. That’s why a lot of different products are a little bit dry and need a little bit of pep.”

On listening to the audience: “In wrestling, if you’re not listening, then you will become stagnant. You have to not be afraid to try stuff. It’s like fishing. You throw it out there and see what they bite on.”

On the key to lasting longer in the business: “That’s my experience on how to have longevity in wrestling. There have been so many times when fans have reacted to something, I’ve gone, ‘Oh, really?! You like that?!?’ Personally, it’s not exactly what I want to do. However….who am I to let my own individual wants and needs interfere with a good show?”

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