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Atticus Cogar On Not Being A Big Part of The WRLD on GCW, GCW Not Sharing His Promo For the Show

March 10, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
The WRLD on GCW Image Credit: GCW

Atticus Cogar didn’t end up with a major spot on GCW’s The WRLD on GCW at Hammerstein Ballroom, and he discussed the matter in a new interview. The GCW alum, who noted that he is no longer with the company, discussed the Hammerstein show during his interview with Gregory Iron and you can see some highlights below (per Fightful):

On not being in a big spot on the show: “I was informed that we were doing the Hammerstein show and I looked at it as, ‘that’s going to be my biggest opportunity I’ve ever had.’ I truly believed that. The promo that I released before Hammerstein, that was me and all me. I was not asked to do that promo. It was the promo that was pretty much about, ‘Why are all these TV names on Hammerstein and why are the people who helped this company grow not on Hammerstein?'”

On releasing the promo: “With Independent wrestling, you’re given the platform to do stuff and be creative, especially with GCW. Nine times out of ten, you’re given zero direction and there is always someone coming for your spot. There is always Brett’s new toy. That’s what I was told since day one with the whole ‘quick sand business’ thing. I just always related to that with GCW. It’s pretty much, you’re sinking. If you’re just going to sit there and run in place in quicksand, you’re just going to sink to the bottom. That’s the thought going into it.

“Going into the promo, I knew what I was doing. I knew I didn’t have a prominent spot on the show and knew I was going to do something with ‘ECW legends.’ I knew there were a lot of people on the roster, because I was on every GCW show, every show leading up to Hammerstein, there were so many people that were upset because they did so much for the company and they didn’t have prominent positions. You had SGC [Second Gear Crew] guys in prominent positions, and I don’t disagree with that, they’ve been a huge part of GCW’s success and deserve every bit of it. You have 30 other people on your roster that were there every show, during COVID, that were on the pre-show battle royal.”

On his mindset going into the promo: “My main (goal), and on several occasions, I told Brett Lauderdale, ‘I want to be a GCW guy.’ When people think of Atticus Cogar, I want them to think Game Changer Wrestling. Hearing how mad everybody was in the back, my first thought is, ‘If everybody is mad about Hammerstein, nobody is going to go work hard or give a f**k about anything we’re doing because they don’t feel appreciated.’ It was for the overall view of the company because there are people who complain about how much it’s gotten away from the deathmatches. I’ve never been one to hold back what I’m going to say. It changed the card, regardless if they want to admit that or not.”

On GCW’s reaction to the promo: “Game Changer Wrestling never shared the promo. They never retweeted it. Giancarlo (Dittamo) probably retweeted and said something about it. Nobody shared it from their end. They didn’t want it seen. When it started getting a lot of views, regardless if it’s positive on my end or not, the overall reaction to it was, ‘he’s right, these dudes aren’t on the show, what the f**k.’ I know GCW is going to listen to Twitter.

“So that was my goal, for Twitter to freak out and for them to listen to Twitter. Brett was not happy about it. I feel it’s why our spot went from about five ECW legends coming out and bumping us to just Sabu. By no means did we not want to do it. The idea of doing something with Sabu and other ECW legends in Hammerstein is cool and grateful for the opportunity with everything. Up until the day of the show, it was supposed to be a bunch of ECW legends and then we were told it was just Sabu and Bill Alfonso. We said okay, we did it, and we sold a bunch of merch. It was a lot of fun and I have no issues with the Hammerstein show, as far as the way I was booked on the show.”