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Backstage Note on Why Vince McMahon Has Always Been Against a Physical WWE Hall of Fame

April 20, 2021 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony Legacy Wing WrestleMania

Sunday recently saw the debut of WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures on A&E. The format of the show features the search for iconic WWE memorabilia by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to bring it back to the WWE Archive. This led to a fan question on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio questioning if the aim for the show is to eventually announce a physical version of the WWE Hall of Fame. According to Meltzer, that reasoning comes down to the belief from WWE Chairman Vince McMahon that “historically,” physical Hall of Fame buildings are all “money losers.”

Additionally, Meltzer added that Triple H has always wanted a physical Hall of Fame. He’s spoken about a physical Hall of Fame 4-D experience going back as far as 2013. Also, Triple H has been collecting wrestling memorabilia for a long time.

Also, Meltzer did state his belief that he thinks they are collecting memorabilia for the show for a physical Hall of Fame building, but he’s not sure if they will announce it this season. WWE has not yet announced or confirmed any plans for a physical WWE Hall of Fame building.