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Bayley Reveals Her Future Goals In WWE, Reason She Wants To Have A Match With Lita

September 30, 2022 | Posted by Blake Lovell
Bayley Dakota Kai IYO SKY WWE Raw, Damage CTRL Image Credit: WWE

In a recent interview on The Five Count, Bayley discussed her future goals in WWE, wanting to have a match with Lita, and much more. You can read her comments below.

Bayley on adjusting to the WWE travel schedule since her return to the ring: “It has been pretty hard, to be honest. It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve been doing things I’ve never done before. It’s been an honor being on all the shows, just running wild on all the shows. But my body is so confused because I was home for a year rehabbing, and now it’s like, ‘Oh wait, you still do this? You still wrestle? You still travel like a mad woman?’ So now that my body and immune system is catching up to the travel schedule again, I’ll be alright. The WWE lifestyle is so wild, but I’ve been having such a great time.”

Bayley on her future goals in WWE: “There’s a lot of women in NXT that I would love to do some stories with, tell some stories with, but I still haven’t main-evented WrestleMania, and I feel like that’s a big deal to everybody, especially because it’s been done a couple of times now in the women’s division. I would love to do that or just have a singles title match at WrestleMania. I would love to win the Royal Rumble, but those are just like little things. I think the bigger picture is just to leave the division in good hands, and that’s what Damage CTRL is all about. I wrote on a post that Rome wasn’t built in a day, so I know it’s going to be a little bit until I can feel satisfied.”

On wanting to have a match with Lita: “I guess I would say Lita because she was my childhood hero, and I feel like that would be the cherry on top of the story of my career.”

If using any of the above quotes, please credit The Five Count with an h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.

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