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Billy Corgan On Working With Tyrus, Matt Cardona & More

August 13, 2022 | Posted by Jack Gregory
Billy Corgan NWA Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

Billy Corgan spoke in an interview regarding both active and former members of the NWA roster (per Fightful). When asked about the significant criticism on his decision utilizing Tyrus after the wrestler’s comparative inactivity over the past four years, Corgan referenced his TNA history with Tyrus, stating that there was nothing to defend in actuality. He added that he often refers to personalities that he knows and the consumers can vote by showing up or not, and should separate the performer from the person.

Corgan also said he got to know Pope thru his time with TNA, and mentioned incorporating Pope’s preference for commentary roles when bringing him onto the roster as Pope said he didn’t feel valued during his time as a wrestler.

Corgan also weighed in on Zicky Dice and the open conflicts he had with NWA, saying that they should not have been publicized, citing it as a bad business move to put such issues in the viewer’s eye. However, he believes Zicky Dice is a talented performer who earned his spot with NWA and would look forward to working with him again in the future. Matt Cardona was also discussed in the interview, and Corgan referenced trusting Chelsea Green’s opinion given their history in TNA as well. He spoke about Cardona’s brand impact independent of WWE and how he intends to support Cardona’s advancement moving forward and spoke about Cardona’s injury, noting it came in rapidly and that when it was clear he couldn’t compete at the most recent PPV he made sure Cardona would be able to fly to the PPV to vacate the title.

Corgan also said he had no issues with Cardona criticizing the NWA as a company either in character or not and said his job is to help get Cardona over more than he is even now.

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