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More Details On Bray Wyatt’s WWE Release, Vince McMahon’s Backstage Issues With Wyatt

November 2, 2021 | Posted by Blake Lovell
Bray Wyatt Raw 4-12-21 Windham Rotunda Image Credit: WWE

Bray Wyatt was released by WWE back on July 31, and with his non-complete clause up, many are speculating as to his new move in wrestling. Fightful Select has more details on Wyatt’s exit from WWE, including creative frustrations backstage and Vince McMahon’s stance on Wyatt.

According to Fightful, the creative team was told in the summer that Wyatt had been cleared to return before he eventually was released. Wyatt was reportedly at a few editions of WWE Raw after WrestleMania 37, and both he and Randy Orton were “not happy” with the creative direction of the match, which was changed two days before the show.

Fightful notes that it was told that at one point, there was “never a true creative endgame” for the storyline with the two, and initially, Orton was the one that was supposed to take time off after the match rather than Wyatt. Some WWE superstars reportedly approached Orton and Wyatt to express their sentiment with how their WrestleMania match was changed.

Additionally, the report states that “numerous people backstage” mentioned that Wyatt was outspoken about bad creative, and prior to his release, some thought that Vince McMahon “just didn’t like him” due to that.

It’s also noted that there was major frustration with the “burned Fiend” angle due to the size, weight, and movement of the suit, with the creative team being told Wyatt believed it was too heavy and that it was going to look bad and be difficult for him to move around in, which led to the idea being scrapped.

Meanwhile, there was a consensus that “almost nobody” believed Wyatt was released due to budget cuts given his popularity, merchandise sales, and others aspects, with several other “long-time stars” no longer believing their own jobs are safe despite their positions on the card.