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UPDATED: More Details on Why Brian James Quit as Smackdown Creative Lead

April 11, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Road Dogg Brian James

UPDATE 2: The WON has new details about “Road Dogg” Brian James stepping down from his role as co-creative lead. According to the site, there is a bit more context to the report from PWInsider that James quit over becoming frustrated with Vince McMahon making changes to the script.

According to the WON, James was splitting time between his Skyping in for all-night meetings from home in Pensacola and being in Stamford for the meetings. He had been frustrated with putting in that amount of time to put together the show, only to have McMahon come in and change the show completely during production meetings on the day of the show. The report also says that McMahon had dressed James down over continuity issues on the show, and riding him because James wasn’t able to mask his frustrations while leading the creative meeting.

As reported yesterday, WWE is hiring someone to supervise script continuity.

UPDATE: ProWrestlingSheet has more details on the Road Dogg situation. Per the update, Road Dogg (aka BG James) is not leaving the company, and is instead expected to be moving into a new role.

According to the report, WWE wants to use James as a “utility player” for now and try him out in different roles as the company prepares for the move to FOX this fall. James may try out being a WWE commentator or take over the position left behind by Arn Anderson at live events before he was let go recently.

The decision was not a contentious one, and both sides reportedly agreed this was the best move for all involved.

ORIGINAL: PWInsider reports that ‘Road Dogg’ Brian James has resigned as the co-lead writer for the Smackdown brand and told WWE of his decision yesterday. He had been leading the brand with Stephen Guerrieri. James handled duties on the road while Guerrieri would work from WWE headquarters in Stamford, CT. Guerreri has been working in creative since 2012 and has been a lead writer since 2014.

James has reportedly been frustrated with changes made to the scripts by Vince McMahon and finally hit a “breaking point” at the Smackdown taping in Brooklyn this past Tuesday. There’s no word on if he will be moved to another role within the company.

He wrote on Twitter:

It’s unknown who will replace James at this time. Several sources say that with the current role of creative, the lead writer is more of a formality than it used to be. Everything that is pitched through the team goes to Vince McMahon who either approves or turns down the ideas, then tweaks the script all the way to the taping, sometimes as late as during the taping.

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