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Brian Myers Comments On Rumors Of Edge’s Retirement, Hopes He’s At Peace With His Career

August 18, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Curt Hawkins Zack Ryder Matt Cardona Brian Myers Edge Image Credit: WWE

It has been speculated that Edge’s match with Sheamus on WWE Smackdown may have been his last, and Brian Myers weighed in on the topic. The Rated-R Superstar defeated Sheamus on tonight’s show, and ahead of that Myers spoke with Metro about the possibility. Myers and Matt Cardona played the Edgeheads in WWE. You can see highlights below:

On the idea of Edge’s in-ring career ending: “Of course, I’d be sad – I was devastated the first time he retired, I was devastated to the point of tears. I was literally crushed to the point of tears. So I think anything past that point where he thinks he was forced into retirement, I think this has just been icing on the cake if you will, to get some more Edge matches when you thought they were long gone.”

On if he thinks Edge is retiring: “I don’t know what I think anymore, and I don’t think it matters. I want him to be at peace and comfortable with his career and his accomplishments, and be happy with himself to walk away when it’s time to walk away – if it is time to walk away.”

On learning from Edge in WWE: “Matt and I, the experience that we got with Edge, I don’t think anyone in this business has ever had. I guess maybe you can count Cody [Rhodes] and Teddy [DiBiase Jr] when they were in Legacy as well because it was kind of like a mirrored experience. But to me, 2008, Edge, Adam Copeland is the best wrestler in the entire world and we literally followed him everywhere he went for a year, watched all of his matches from ringside, saw what it takes to be a top guy and a champion, day in and day out. An instrumental, life changing, life altering learning experience that we’ll forever be grateful for.”