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Bruce Prichard On Vince McMahon Wanting to Do Undertaker vs. Nailz, Sgt. Slaughter Transitioning to Backstage Role

December 3, 2022 | Posted by Bob Colling
The Undertaker Raw 6-3-19 Image Credit: WWE

On a recent edition of Something To Wrestle With, Bruce Prichard discussed his role upon returning to the WWF in 1992. Whether or not there was anyone he was excited to work with anyone and Matt Bourne being the perfect guy to play Doink. Below are some highlights.

On plans for Ultimate Warrior to potentially win WWF World Championship from Ric Flair: “Not to my knowledge, no. Coming in that wasn’t something I remember talking about. We didn’t really get into taking the belt off Ric until he started having health issues.”

On the end of MSG shows airing locally: “I think there was a definite effect with live events when you could sit home if you have the MSG Network and watch for free, or you get out of your house and go to Madison Square Garden and buy a ticket. Both of them were live and I think that was something that definitely hurt the gate.”

On being rehired as JJ Dillion’s assistant: “That’s just completely 100% made up and false. I was brought back to television, okay? Did I have heat with the folks at the television studio? Yes, I did. When Vince had called me to come back, I was told I would be working directly and reporting directly to Vince. I would be working with Vince and Pat. I wouldn’t even have an office at Titan Towers. I was under JJ’s umbrella in talent relations. But, my direct report was Vince McMahon.”

On if there was anyone he was excited to work with: “No. I will say this, I didn’t expect to go back there. I had already made my peace about not going back. I was going to go to WCW and do something different. I watched WWE and knew what was going on. However, I had also resigned the fact about going back. They didn’t want me. I wasn’t heavily invested in it at the time… The only person I really wanted to work with was Taker.”

On Vince wanting to do Undertaker vs. Nailz: “Yeah, I think it was natural. When you’re looking for someone to counter the Undertaker you’re looking for a big, mean, nasty son of a gun and Nailz fit that perfectly.”

On Sgt. Slaughter transitioning from performer to backstage: “Yeah, I think so. I think Sarge was ready to get out of the ring on a day to day basis. I think it was an easy transition. We were looking to use Sarge in the office, as well.”

On Matt Bourne playing Doink: “It wasn’t really a role. It was just Matt with paint on and a wig. If there was ever a perfect gimmick for someone, this was it for Matt Bourne. He embodied it. He was the perfect evil clown. He legitimately hated going out there and having to entertain the kids. He hated that! So you really had that miserable, nasty clown.”