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Bruce Prichard Recalls Undertaker Being Angry About ECW Invasion Storyline at WWF Mind Games

May 4, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE Undertaker WrestleMania 34

– While looking back at JBL’s career in the latest Something to Wrestle With, Bruce Prichard recalled ECW talent appearing at Mind Games in 1996. Tommy Dreamer, The Sandman and Paul Heyman appeared at ringside for JBL’s (then Justin Bradshaw) Caribbean Strap match with Savio Vega, and Prichard revealed that the talent were not told that the bit was a work. Highlights from the discussion are below

On ECW being at ringside for Bradshaw’s match Caribbean Strap match Savio Vega at WWF Mind Games: “They didn’t know s**t. And I talked to Savio, and I told Savio, I said, ‘Look. Those guys are out there, they want you to pay attention to them. I don’t give a f**k what happens. If anything happens, I don’t give a f**k what happens. Do not under any circumstances, let that big f**king cowboy loose from that Caribbean strap.’ I said, ‘You hold onto that big son of a b***h. And he is not to get involved in anything that could potentially happen out there. Because that’s exactly what they f**king want. So I’m counting on you to be the professional, and to keep him away. And if that f**kin’ Sandman or something spits some god-damned beer in your face, then you f**kin’ tell him to pull you out, and you guys get over to the other side of the f**kin’ ring.’ And Savio got it, he understood, and that was it. That was all I told them. I’m sure Savio smartened John up to, ‘Hey big boy, they’re doing something there, and we’ll just get on the other side of the ring if anything happens.’ Which is exactly what they did.”

On the reaction backstage: “But the worst was Undertaker. Undertaker was pissed off because the guys in the back are ready to come out and stomp a hole in some ECW folks. It could have been ugly.”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Something to Wrestle With with a h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.