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Bully Ray Thinks Jack Perry Needs To Turn Babyface

April 22, 2024 | Posted by Andrew Ravens
Impact Wrestling Bully Ray Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

Speaking on Busted Open Radio (per Wrestling Inc), Bully Ray gave his thoughts on various topics including AEW airing the All In footage between CM Punk & Jack Perry. At AEW Dynasty, Perry returned to AEW TV. Here are the highlights:

On being uncertain about Perry’s heel run: “I would’ve thought because CM Punk put his hands on Jungle Boy first, that gave Jungle Boy has a reason to be the babyface in this whole situation,” Ray said. “And Jungle Boy could come out and say, ‘Yeah, Punk approached me, we were having a conversation. I might have said something that the veteran didn’t like; I wasn’t trying to be intentionally disrespectful, but then he pushed me. I had no recourse — I had to try and fight back. I had to try and do something. And the reason I tried to do something, at the end of the day, is because I really love AEW, and I appreciate this company, and Tony has given me a chance.'”

On him needing to be a babyface: “Go over, over the top babyface with this. Now you got something. The kid defended the company. You gonna make him a heel? First thing I wanna chant at him is ‘CM Punk.'”

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