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Cazer’s Impact Wrestling Review 6.16.2022

June 16, 2022 | Posted by Andrew Cazer
Impact Wrestling 6-16-2022 Image Credit: Impact Wrestling
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Cazer’s Impact Wrestling Review 6.16.2022  

Welcome back to another night of Impact Wrestling coverage with your boy! We’re just days away from Slammiversary and Impact has done all they can to bring back the TNA Nostalgia ahead of one of their biggest shows of the year. Tonight we’ll see the continued build to Slammiversary as Eric Young and Josh Alexander will partake in a traditional pro wrestling contract signing. We’ll also see Trey Miguel and Mike Bailey square off in singles action ahead of their Ultimate X match this Sunday. At Slammiversary we’ll see the debut of the Queen of the Mountain match and tonight we’ll have a tag match to get us prepped for that as Tasha Steelz and Savanah Evans will team up to take on Jordynne Grace and Mia Yim. All this and more on the go-home edition of Impact Wrestling.

– We get a recap video to kick off the show featuring the issues between Josh Alexander and Eric Young. Tom Hannifan reminds us that this Sunday we are celebrating 20 years of Impact Wrestling.

Tasha Steelz & Savanah Evans vs. Mia Yim and Jordynne Grace

Three of these women will be in the first-ever Queen of the Mountain match this Sunday at Slammiversary. It’s sure to be an interesting match and this should be a good tease of things to come. Yim and Evans kick this one off. Hannifan reminds us all of the rules of a Queen of the Mountain match. I’m glad I already understand the rules and don’t have to try to put this together for the first time ever. Evans with a splash on Yim in the corner, charges Yim in the opposite corner, Yim ducks and dodges before nailing Evans with a dropkick. Steelz gets in the face of Yim allowing Evans to pull her to the mat by her hair. Evans with a powerbomb on Yim before laying into her with strikes. Evans with a spear in the corner and tags Steelz in. Evans tosses Steelz into Yim in the corner. Steelz chares Yim in the corner, she fights back with strikes but Steelz with a stiff chop before hitting Yim with an uppercut and then a kick in the corner. Steelz with a tornado DDT and cover for two. Yim into the corner and Evans tags back in laying into Yim with chops across the chest in the process. Evans runs into two boots from Yim in the corner. Steelz tries to attack but she’s dumped outside. Yim sends Evans face-first into the turnbuckle. Grace calls for the tag, Yim tags her in, and Steelz tags in as well they exchange strikes but Grace with the upper hand, she tosses Steelz into the ropes, and hits her with a spinebuster on the rebound. Grace with the running knees into the back of Steelz in the corner then a running elbow into the back. Grace with a splash onto Steelz and then locks in a crossface. Evans hops in and breaks it up, Yim tries to make a save but eats a big boot. Grace sends Steelz to the outside. Grace sends Steelz into the corner face first, Yim tags in, and they hit a combination legdrop bodyslam. Grace dives to the outside and hits Evans with a forearm. Yim covers Steelz for a two count. Yim holds Steelz up, Grace attempts a forearm but she fights free and hits Yim with the double knees. Tasha looking for the tag but Evans is out. Grace tags in and hits Steelz with a boot to the back. Yim and Grace attempt a tag move but Steelz fights free and hits Grace with a series of strikes. Yim breaks it up and holds Steelz up but she moves and Grace hits Yim with a clothesline. Steelz with the roll-up on Grace with a handful of tights and she steals the victory!
Rating: **3/4
Review: This was a solid tag opener between two solid women’s tag teams and a decent match to get us ready for the Queen of the Mountain match.

– Gia is backstage talking with Deonna and Chelsea Green, they explain that there are no teams in a Queen of the Mountain match but they’ll have each other’s back. Gia asks what if it comes down to only them? Deonna says they understand that only one can be the Queen of the Mountain. Chelsea says well she’s right and they walk off.

– After running down tonight’s card we see Aces & 8s backstage and they reminisce their legendary moments. Honor No More walk up and talk trash and things start to break down before D’Lo shows up to break stuff up. They ask D’Lo what happened to him, why he turned office on them. They say they want Honor No More tonight, D’Lo says the good thing about him being office is he can go ask for that match. Well, I’ll be. Not exactly the ‘Aces’ of Aces & 8’s but I’ll take it for the fun anyways. I did see a guy wearing a Sons of Anarchy vest at work today, maybe it’s the right time for a comeback.

– We get a sick hype video for Eric Young vs. Josh Alexander, I wasn’t sold on this feud initially but given their options this was a solid choice and this hype video really helps solidify this. I am left wondering who could possibly be next for Josh but I’ve enjoyed how this feud has played out.

Trey Miguel vs. Mike Bailey

These two are great X-Division superstars and just had a triple threat match for the X-Division title where neither man walked out champion now we’re gonna get an exciting one-on-one match between the two. Fast-paced action early on with both men exchanging holds, Bailey takes control with a submission stretch before transitioning into an arm submission but Trey gets the ropes and forces a break. Trey with a submission of his own transitioning Bailey into a roll-up but Bailey lifts up at one and the referee stops the count. Bailey charges Trey on the apron and eats a boot for his effort. Trey with a dropkick and a kip-up on Bailey and takes in the adulation from the crowd. Trey with a running kick to the face of Bailey and we have a loud dueling chant. Great to see this reaction for these two. Bailey charges Trey he leaps over and Bailey to the outside. Bailey with a kick to Trey as he hands on the ropes and he falls to the mat. Bailey with a kick to the back of Trey as we go to break. Bailey favoring his ankle as Tom says he thinks Bailey kicked the apron as well.

Back from break and Bailey’s in control, Bailey with a twisting splash onto Trey for a two count. This crowd is hot for these two, one of the louder matches recently great stuff to see these two really catching on. Bailey leaps up and drops the knees across the chest of Trey and covers again for two. Bailey with a half Boston crab Bailey drops a kick right onto the chest of Trey, Bailey with a kick to Trey but he counters and hits Bailey with a combination of strikes and he sets Bailey up, Trey with a neck breaker and rolls through into a dragon sleeper on Bailey. Bailey crawls to the ropes and fights free. Both men to their feet and they exchange forearms in the center of the ring. Trey with a kick to the chest of Bailey he asks for another, Bailey says one more, Trey complies and Bailey immediately returns with a kick that sends Trey to the mat, another, Trey to his feet he asks for another and Trey stays standing for this one, Trey lays into Bailey with forearms but Bailey hits Trey with his series of kicks and finishes with a kick to the face sending Trey to the outside. Bailey through the ropes with a dropkick. Bailey sends Trey back into the ring, Trey rushes and returns with a tope, Bailey sent to the inside and counters hitting Trey with a moonsault to the outside. Trey sends him inside, Bailey heads up top and Trey sends him to the outside with a kick. Trey with a dive to the outside on Bailey, loud this is awesome chant. Strongly agree. Trey goes for Meteora, Bailey dodges and goes to kick Trey in the face, Trey slides through to dodge, Bailey with a kick and then a moonsault with the knees to the ribs of Trey. Bailey sets up the kick and nails it right to Trey’s face. Bailey sets Trey up in the corner and goes for a roundhouse kick, Trey with a roll-up to steal the victory.
Rating: ***3/4
Review: I kicked this one down a notch because that finish kind of stinks, I get roll-ups but they usually suck unless both parties do a great job at selling its ‘surprise’ and ‘trapt’ factor. It wasn’t a lazy roll-up, I’m just a hater on Roll ups. Otherwise, this was a banger and I honestly thought they might get even more time than they did because it was going so damn well for so long. This delivered exactly what I expected I just wish we got a traditional finish. Hoping they run this back in a singles match again. 

– We see images of Sami Callihan being packed into an ambulance, then of Moose discussing all the bad things he did while reigning as the greatest champion this company ever had. Sami tells Moose he wants him in Monsters Ball, we see scenes from last week when Sami smashed the baseball bat right into Moose’s head. Another really good hype package leading up to monsters ball. Lots of images of Abyss have me wondering if Moose is going to drag the TNA Legend back from the dead for help during Monster’s Ball.

Masha Slamovich vs. Alisha Edwards

Masha backs Alisha up and tells Lish to bring it. Lish with strikes but Masha eats them all and lays into Lish with a series of bodyslams. Masha lifts Alisha up and hits her with the snowplow picking up the victory in about a minute.
Rating: N/A
Review: I’ll tell ya what, I complained about her not having legit opponents, and Lish isn’t a dominant Knockout but she’s been around a lot so I appreciate this win here along with the Havok win, we’ve moved on from total squashes of unknown jobbers.
Post match: Masha threatens to attack Alisha after the match but Giselle tells her to get out of her and for some reason, she complies and leaves it for another day.

– Rosemary is backstage with Taya Valkyrie and they discuss aligning to take out the Influence. Impact has a solid women’s roster but I do think they’re lacking a bit on tag teams and it hurts their Knockouts tag division. Taya says they’ll work together and save Havok. I had no idea she was in such trouble. I did enjoy this even though I think I’ve missed a lot of their history and thus the background stuff didn’t make much sense to me.

Jay White & Chris Bey vs. The Briscoes

Nice to see Bey being featured prominently even though Ace has joined the group. Commentary tells us Ace is at home healing up ahead of his title defense on Sunday. We have the good brothers on commentary and they tell us they made Slammiversary with their appearance at Slammiversary 2020. Jay White and Jay Briscoe kick this one off. White has Jay backed up in the corner and locks in a headlock. Jay fights free and tags in Mark tossing White into his own corner. Bey tags in. Locks up with Briscoe. Mark with a headlock Bey tosses him into the corner, Mark fights free, Bey on the apron he leaps into the ring and hits Mark with an enziguri. Bey sends Mark into the ropes Jay with the blind tag. Mark grabs Bey and sends him into a big boot from Jay. Briscoe with an uppercut to Bey and he sends him into the ropes, Jay with a dropkick on the return. Jay tags in Mark and he hits Bey with a shot to the midsection. Mark goes for a suplex but Bey counters and dropkicks him out of the ring. Bey teases a dive but Mark breaks it up. Bey on the outside and Mark pulls the rope down allowing Jay to hit a dive on Bey on the outside. Jay gets in the face of the Good Brothers before tossing Bey into the ring. Mark covers for a two count. Mark with a right hand to Bey Jay with some kicks from the outside. Mark with a chop to the chest of Bey and they both stomp away at Bey as Jay tags in. Doc and Karl are great on commentary they’re trying to get Tom fired they say. Jay on the outside he has Jay and Mark locked up, Bey with a dive onto the outside taking out just the Briscoes as Jay smartly moves to avoid the dive. Smart tag teamwork is good tag teamwork.

Back from break, Jay White is backing up Jay Briscoe into the corner raking the eyes before locking in a sleeper hold. The Good Brothers are having a real hoot on commentary, they’re threatening to boot Rory Hannifan out of the booth and taking over weekly. Jay teases a too sweet chop to Jay White, then another, Jay with a kick to the midsection then a chop, Jay Briscoe with a superkick, Mark tags in, Bey jumps in and breaks things up. Mark and Bey exchange strikes and Mark lays into Bey. He drops him with a leaping forearm. Mark sets Bey up on the top rope and slaps him with some redneck kung fu. Mark with a powerbomb off the top with a two count. Bey lifts Mark onto his shoulders, he fights free, Mark sends him into the corner, Jay with a spear in the corner on Bey. Briscoes with a double team neck breaker. Jay White breaks up the pinfall attempt. Jay attempts a neck breaker but Bey fights out and hits a kick to the face of Mark Briscoe. Bey off the middle rope but Mark Briscoe counters. Jay White and Mark Briscoe exchange strikes, Bey with a forearm to the face of Mark. Code red from Bey to Briscoe and he covers for two. Jay White into the ring they set Jay Briscoe up but he fights out for a moment, Jay White teases a blade runner but it’s broken up by Mark. Jay with a neck breaker to Bey. Mark Briscoe up top he goes for a frog splash Bey counters, Mark rolls through and then rolls up Bey for the victory.
Rating: ***
Review: That was a solid tag match but another roll-up victory is just funny to me. It shows a lack of creativity but it is what it is the rest of the match was solid. Commentary was amazing. 

– Rohit Raju is backstage with Shera and they talk about how they’ll win the reverse battle royal. Swinger walks up and says he’s a shoo-in to win after his history of getting eliminated so quickly. Raju tells him that’s not how it works but he tells him he’ll find out later.

– Wes and Bischoff are backstage and discussing their upcoming match. D’Lo walks up wearing his vest and says the best part of being aces & 8s is you never walk alone. I hope Ken Anderson…..Anderson is on the other side of this commercial break.

– We recap Honor No More’s history with the Impact roster and their constant attacks on Impact Originals. This wasn’t the best hype package we’ve seen tonight but a good recap of the storyline so far. NICK ALDIS has joined team Impact. Good to see Nick back again.

Honor No More vs. Aces & Eights

Impact’s latest mid-stable taking on the greatest mid-stable in Impact’s history. The Aces & Eights are back. The Aces and Eights receive a lukewarm reaction as many either don’t care, don’t remember, or a combination of both. I love that D’Lo is with them though, when Honor No More debuted they took him out so it does come full circle. Aces and Eights start off in control early sending Vincent to the outside. They back King into the corner before the referee forces them to leave. Bischoff smashes King face-first into the top turnbuckle and follows up with a bulldog. Wes tags in and hits King with a splash in the corner, Bischoff with one of his own. Poor Kenny King having to sell for these guys. King breaks free and tags in Vincent, Vincent runs right into an armdrag. Bischoff tags in and they hit a combo suplex. Bischoff sends Vincent into the ropes but he counters. Bischoff and Briscoe regain control sending Vincent and King to the outside as we go to the commercial.

Briscoe and Vincent are in the ring as we return from break. Eddie distracts Briscoe allowing Vincent to hit a neckbreaker and covers Briscoe for the victory. Hilarious. Thank goodness this match obviously wasn’t great if they let half of it run in the commercial.
Rating: **
Review: Aces and Eights always seem more of a meme squad to me and when they’re missing the actual key members it’s hard to really care at all and the crowd hardly did. The post-match was good but the match itself was forgettable and while they’re referencing Impact’s History they couldn’t do ANYTHING else? 
Post match: D’Lo gets in the face of all of Honor No More, he sends everyone to the outside and hits King with the Sky High. The Impact Zone is hyped but not even as loud as they were for the Mike Bailey match so I’d hardly say unglued. Taven and Bennett finally hit the ring and make the save. C”Mon Ken. Bennett and Taven set D’Lo up but Sabin, Shelley, and Kaz make the save. Damn, where’s Ken. Honor No More run into a series of superkicks. Shelley with Shell Shocked on Taven then Cradleshock to Bennett.

– Contract signing to end the go-home show. Odds on who is going through the table? -300 Josh Alexander, -250 Doring, +1000 Doring, +300 Eric Young, +300 Scott D’Amore. Live odds courtesy of the Cazer Sportsbook. D’Amore introduces Eric and he slowly makes his way to the ring. Scott introduces Josh and he makes his way out, Scott calls this a historic first-time singles match. Eric asks Scott if he gives a damn about history? Scott tells Eric to sign the contract but he tells Josh to sign it first. Josh says he can’t believe that Eric doesn’t care about the history of Impact because he was a big piece of the last 20 years of Impact. Josh says he started as a fan and when he tuned into Impact it made him want to chase his dream. Josh says they both owe everything to Impact Wrestling and if Eric doesn’t think Slammiversary is a celebration of all things in the past and to come, then he does and he doesn’t know a better way to celebrate other than kicking his ass. Eric says that was cute to pander. Eric says he sat right there and said those exact words to these people and it was a lie. Eric says Josh is lying to himself and he’s lying to them, the truth is he’s nothing like them he’s 1000x better than they will ever be. Eric says they’re going to judge them and pass out five-star ratings but the fans’ opinion doesn’t matter. Eric says it doesn’t matter to Josh and it doesn’t matter to Eric. Eric says he rides the razor-thin line between chaos and order. Eric says chaos can be beautiful and chaos can be violent. Eric says at Slammiversary he will open Josh’s eyes to the truth. Eric signs the contract. Eric tells Scott he’s done and tells him to leave. Eric says he has something to say to him alone. Josh says they have a different idea of what alone means before pointing out Deaner and Doring. Eric says this makes him nervous because his family has his back, the only people that care about Eric are here to watch his back. Eric calls Josh scared because he’s alone. Josh asks Eric if he’s confused at Slammiversary he walks into their match with this entire company’s history on his back with the entire company at his back. Josh says people who built their careers here have his back. People like Abyss, Samoa Joe, Mickie James, Awesome Kong, Rhino, and MCMG, they started here, they’re known around the world because of Impact wrestling. Josh said when he started in 2005 all he heard about was the very best from Canada Showtime Eric Young. Josh says that the same Eric Young that came out here night after night having people chant “Don’t Fire Eric” is here but he’s wasting his breath. Josh says that Eric Young would be disgusted to see what Eric’s become now. They throw the table away. No odds for no one was a big loss for the public. Josh saves D’Amore from Doring but Eric hits him from behind. Eric and the rest of VBD lay out Josh Deaner grabs a weapon to break down the turnbuckle. Deaner is breaking down the ring. This seems pretty unnecessary. Deaner rips up the canvas and Eric uses the hook of the turnbuckle to cut at the skull of Josh. Eric lifts up the ring canvas exposing the wood underneath neatly numbered. Eric chokes out Josh with the rope. Eric sets Josh up and nails him with the piledriver on the exposed wood. Ok, it was necessary. Eric and VBD stand tall over Josh and he’s left hopeless that’s rough considering he’s often bailed out Team Impact. Good way to make Eric look strong going into the PPV. Definitely pulling for Josh to win.

The final score: review Good
The 411
There were a lot of great moments in this show but half of the non squash matches ended in roll up which i'm not huge on. The other matches were solid and the closing segment were both solid as well so overall a good go home episode of Impact. I thought the highlight packages were well done and helped further important storylines going into the pay per view. The reaction from the crowd during Bailey and Trey was awesome and really wasn't that level for that long the rest of the night. I am definitely intrigued with what happens at Slammiversary and what the plans are going forward.

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