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Chad Gable Says He’s Ready To Move To Singles Work

September 18, 2023 | Posted by Jack Gregory
Chad Gable

In a recent appearance with WWE’s After The Bell, Chad Gable shared his thoughts on moving away from tag teams and into a singles match career focus (per Wrestling Inc). He explained that he stepped up for this out of his own ambition and feels compelled to deliver performances demonstrating his confidence in the future. You can see a highlight from Gable and listen to the complete episode below.

On moving into the singles phase of his wrestling career: “I truly feel at this point that I’m ready for this, as a singles guy. I’m done with just being labeled the tag team guy. There’s something in me that has clicked now. I’m ready, and I’m confidently telling you that. So here we are now for a singles title, and I’m going into this match remembering I put this on myself. I’m the one that gave them my word that said, ‘I’m ready, so you better fricking deliver, and if you don’t, they have no reason to believe you in the future. They have no reason to read your pitches anymore. They have no reason to say, Oh, he’s got some good ideas, let’s give him a chance. That’s on you.’ So going into it, one of my biggest motivating factors was that and coming out of it was full gratification.”

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