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Chelsea Green Gets Suspended On Twitter (Again) For Bikini Pic in Banner

April 28, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Chelsea Green ROH Best in the World Image Credit: ROH/Twitter

Chelsea Green got suspended for the second time in a week over a bikini pic that was being used in the header of her profile. Green posted to Twitter (a now-deleted post) to note that she had been suspended for a non-nude header photo that featured her in a bikini, writing:

Second time this week.

@Twitter maybe focus on the verbal harassment’s that we deal with daily on this app instead of my profile banner. WTF”

The post featured a screenshot of the suspension which does indeed say it is for the banner photo. Green had posted just two days ago about the same thing, as you can see below. She has since changed the photo to a pic of herself from her “Hot Mess’ Laurel Van Ness days.

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