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Come Hell or High Water Results 2.01.19: The Young Bucks Appear to Recruit Fenix and Pentagon Jr.

February 2, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Young Bucks Matt Jackson

As previously reported, The Young Bucks made a surprise appearance at last night’s Come Hell or High Water show. They appeared to be there to try and recruit Pentagon jr. and Fenix to AEW. A more detailed recap of the show is now available. Below are some results for the full card, courtesy of PWInsider.

McAloon Productions brought Come Hell or High Water to Norcross, Georgia at the Espacio Discotheque.

Attendance was 450 in a room set up for 500. It was a quality presentation. I only wish they have done something with the lighting. Crowd was hot for most of the night. Fatigue set in during the second half as the show ran four hours long, but the crowd got their second wind for the main event – SoCal Uncensored vs. Lucha Brothers, which was absolutely phenomenal.

Young Bucks came out after the main, offered Luchas Brothers a spot in All Elite Wrestling and did the superkick party to send the crowd home happy.

Cody Rhodes, Hangman Page and MJF appeared during the first half making a save for Joey Ryan.

MJF and Scorpio Sky also had an outstanding match, unfortunately during the second half when the crowd energy was down.

(1) Matt Cross defeated Evan Everfly in 8:20 with a shooting star press. Good way to open for this show. A cavalcade of aerial moves. Everfly’s turnbuckle moonsault got a “holy s***” chant.

(2) Thunder Rosa defeated Delilah Doom and Penelope Ford at 8:52. Rosa pinned Doom after a top rope double stomp. Match was a shining example modern pro wrestling done poorly. Obviously choreographed with wrestlers doing too much and not doing it well.

(3) Ricky Starks pinned Ethan Page in 10:24 with a spear. A quirky comedy that worked. Page dissed Starks for being from New Orleans and said he was an Atlanta native for one night only and would fly like a Falcon. Starks did a flying ass with his trunks down for a “you sick f***” chant.

(4) Mil Muertes defeated Casanova Valentine and Vernon White in a triple threat pinning Valentine with Straight to Hell at 8:10. Billed as a battle of three fighting styles – Lucha, MMA and death match. Crowd was into Muertes big time.

(5) Joey Ryan & Effy & Kikutaro & Kris Wolf defeated Pinball Wizards (Allie Kat & Moonshine Mantell & Steve o Reno & Spryda in 19:45. This was the Ryan and Effy show. The crowd wanted all of Ryan’s trademark spots and got them. The did a four-way penis plex. Kikutaro was having a tough time getting it up and got an assist from Ryan. Ryan then put the sucker in Spryda’s mouth and superkicked him for the win. Very entertaining.

The losers attacked Ryan. Crowd went bonkers a sAdam Page, Cody Rhodes and MJF saved Ryan. Rhodes got a “welcome home” chant and said he was working on bringing an AEW show to Atlanta.

Tony Schiavone was guest ring announcer for the next match. He made a reference to Ryan’s penis plex calling him “Jimmy” but the crowd didn’t hold it against him.

(6) Brian Pillman defeated Timmy Danger (with Paul Jordane) to win the Danger’s Southern Rassling Challenge (gauntlet match) in 18 torturous minutes. I could have so lived without this match. Danger was horrible. Danger pinned Matt “Sex” Sells, Elijah Evans IV and Glacier. The Yeti (Ron Reis got DQed. Pillman pinned Danger with a botched version of his neckbreaker finisher. Danger didn’t know how to take the move.

(7) Ken Shamrock & Tom Lawlor defeated Simon Grimm & Eddie Kingston and Besties In The World (Davey Vega & Matt Fitchett) when Vega tapped to Shamrock’s ankle lock. Shamrock was Lawlor’s mystery partner. They brawled all over the building for a good while. Shamrock made Fitchett his personal bitch. Lawlor used a fryer basket from the concession stand as a weapon. Then they did a match. Crowd loved Shamrock. It was really good and really long.

(8) MJF defeated Scorpio Sky. Crowd energy was at low ebb but this was a compelling match that got them more engaged as it progressed. Sky gave MJF 10 consecutive body slams. MJF had Sky on the verge of tapping with a Fujiwara armbar. MJF pulled the ref in the way to halt a Scorpio springboard and used a low blow to roll him up.

(9) Lucha Brothers (Ray Fenix & Pentagon Jr) defeated SoCal Uncensored (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian). Simply an amazing match. I’m guessing 10-12 minutes. Super fast-paced with impeccable timing. Everything they did looked great. Crowd was on their feet throughout with chants of “this is awesome”, “all these guys” and the dreaded ‘fight forever”. A light speed four-way exchange of strikes led to the finish – Fenix did a tope that cleared Kazarian’s head sending him into third row. Pentagon pinned Daniels with the Fear Factor.

Cue up Young Buck’s music for the moment the crowd had been waiting for. Bucks thanked Lucha Brothers for keeping tag team wrestling alive and said the second best tag team in the world should come to AEW. A “sign them now” chant ensued.

Bucks and Luchas were about to shake on the deal when they were attacked by a crew of enhancement talents. SCU intervened. Bucks superkicked Elijah Evans. Bucks and Lucha Brothers teamed up for a four-way superkick on Matt “Sex” Sells.

Daniels thanked the crowd and promised AEW would take pro wrestling to heights unseen in years.

NOTES: In pre- show matches, Baron Black defeated Tm Miller with a brainbuster and Team Superacademia (Ethan Price & Cody Lane & Zac Taylor) defeated Team Power Factory (Jaxson Cassel & Musa & Erik Havok) when Lane pinned Cassel…The referees were Bryce Remsberg, Chris Sharpe, David Weakley and Donnie Howell…Georgia’s referee of the year, Weakley had the honor of reffing the main event….Wrestling luminaries in the house included Priscilla Kelly, Conrad Thompson (with Megan Flair), David “It’s All Real to Me” Wills, former WCW producer Neal Pruitt and AEW event coordinator/wrestler Michael Marshall….Georgia wrestling personalities in attendance included Jen Holbrook, Devlin Valek, Takuri, Danny Danger, Mika Villas, Jonathan Williams, Jeffrey Taylor and Tim Holman and Ashley Coursin from Disruptor Pro.