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April 5, 2010 | Posted by Rob McNew

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  • NXT rookie David Otunga will be the host.
  • As HHH was trying to say goodbye to Shawn Michaels, Sheamus attacked him! Will The Game be out for revenge tonight?
  • Last week the Hart Dynasty battled the Unified Tag Team Champions, and at the end of the bout, the champions decided to walk. Will The Hart Dynasty get another crack at the champions, and will Bret Hart be in their corner?
  • After a loss to Christian, Ted DiBiase was very upset, even walking away from his father. Will the third generation star get back on track this week?
  • Jack Swagger cashed in Money in the Bank to win the world Title on Smackdown, meaning that for now, John Cena is safe. Will Batista get his rematch, or will Randy Orton get involved in the title mix?
  • Speaking of Swagger, he will appear on the show tonight. What will the new champion have to say?


    -Live from the Iwireless Center in Moline, IL

    -Hosted by Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

    -The brand new Heavyweight Champion of the World Jack Swagger joins us to open the program. Swagger tells us to roll up, and we get footage of his shocking cash in on Friday night which gave him the title. Swagger says last Friday he made history. He cashed in Money in the Bank and became our New World Heavyweight Champion. Before he begins with his state of the Championship he has a few opening remarks. Last week he was considering his contract on WWE Champion John Cena, but then I thought if he’s truly going to be recognized for what he is then he needed to take on a competitor who is superior to John Cena. A person who calls himself the best in the world at what he does, Chris Jericho. He would have defeated Cena quicker than he did Jericho which was all of 9 seconds. He says now he has to consider exclusively giving his skills to Smackdown, because no one on Raw compares to his abilities. John Cena interrupts and congratulates Swagger, and calls him the luckiest man in the world. He cashed in a briefcase to become World Champion. Cena says that’s the easy part, and he’s about to learn these people don’t care about what he’s done. He says part of being Champion is looking forward to what he’s about to do. He asks what Jack Swagger is about to do, and says he’s announced he’s going to Smackdown. He sarcastically says we’ll be sorry to see him leave, and Cena understands that the title is exclusive to Smackdown. Cena says Swagger thinks that no one on Raw can compete with him, but Cena thinks he’s a liar. He says he’s watching Swagger sweat nervously, and he knows he’s not Championship material. Cena says he earned his title, but he knows Swagger hasn’t earned everything and behind all that All-American American bravado he’s nothing but a weasel. He says Swagger wants to shut him up, but if this is going to be his last night on Raw then he needs to face Cena tonight. He says he’s so sure he can make Swagger tap out he’ll put the WWE Championship on the line. Swagger says that doesn’t work for him on a couple levels, and he’s going to tell us why but Randy Orton decides to interrupt him. Orton gets in Cena’s face and says he’s sure that Mr. Swagger being the competitor that he thinks he is would rather face the man who beat him last week and that’s him. Now we get another interruption and that’s from ShowMiz. Miz says its so typical of Orton and Cena to try to come out and steal the spotlight at the beginning of the show, but let’s face the issue at hand and that’s that Raw is about the Unified Tag Team Champions ShowMiz. Finally they are interrupted by David Otunga who introduces himself as “the A-List, and Mr. NXT.” He says while we know him as the most promising rookie on NXT tonight he’s the guest host for Monday Night Raw. He says tonight will be A-List and top notch all around. He tells Swagger he will face the man who pinned him last week, and that’s Randy Orton. He orders ShowMiz to defend the Unified Tag Team Titles against Batista and his partner John Cena? Holy Russo Batman! Orton goes to RKO Cena out of nowhere, but Cena pushes him off so he RKO’s Swagger instead. Well in fairness Batista and Cena are former World Tag Team Champions. Odds this gets mentioned by anyone tonight? 100 to 1.

    Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus
    Sheamus takes control early and goes for a powerslam, but Kofi slides down the back and delivers a few kicks. Sheamus catches Kofi off the ropes however and delivers a brutal backbreaker. Sheamus stomps on Kofi in the corner, and delivers a forearm for a two count. Sheamus grabs a crossface chicken wing, and follows up by whipping Kofi to the corner. Kofi comes back with a kick from the apron, and a springboard crossbody. Kofi delivers a pair of double hand knife edges, and a standing dropkick. Kofi hops to the top rope to deliver a series of right hands, but Sheamus is right back with a pair of pump kicks. That sets up the Razors Edge to finish at 2:56. SOS, dey see me jobbin! After the match Sheamus grabs the lead pipe he used last week on HHH from under the ring, and whacks Kofi over the back of the head with it. Triple H is shown headed to the ring as we go to break.
    Winner: Sheamus (Pinfall-Razors Edge *1/2)

    -Sheamus says last week Shawn Michaels’s career came to an end. He says it was a great 25 year career, but it took him 8 years to win his first WWE Championship. He says he did it in six months, and he was supposed to cap the greatest first year ever by being victorious at Wrestlemania. He says the greatest moment of his career was taken away from him by Triple H. He says last week he took something away from him when he attacked him from behind with a steel pipe and left him laying. He says he knows Triple H is here tonight, but rather than get his revenge he decided to come out and say goodbye to his best friend Shawn Michaels. He says he cried for a man who decided to leave so he wouldn’t have to face him. He says Shawn left before he had to take him out, but HHH is a bit more stubborn. He says HHH doesn’t have one more great match left him, but he asks if HHH is going to go out in a blaze of glory or in a wheel chair. He says HHH can either make the decision or he will make it for him. That brings out HHH, who climbs to the apron but thinks twice before getting inside. He instead grabs the sledgehammer, and bashes Sheamus in the gut with it sending him to the floor. HHH takes a wild swing at Sheamus but he moves and bails through the crowd. HHH says that’s just like a silly Irishman to bring a pipe to a sledgehammer fight. That was his only line. No seriously, that was it.

    Diva’s Red Carpet Dressed to Impress Battle Royal: Participants-Kelly Kelly, Alicia Fox, Gail Kim, Rosa Mendes, Jillian Hall, Katie Lea Burchill, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Eve Torres
    This is basically an evening gown battle royal. Sure to be a match of the year candidate. Big brawl to start with the Bellas tossing Rosa immediately. Both Bellas get tossed right away as well, and Gail and Katie Lea fight on the apron. Kelly dropkicks them sending both of them out. Kelly delivers her twisting hurracanrana to Alicia, but a firemans carry sends her out at the hands of Jillian. Maryse has joined us on commentary by the way, as the winner of this gets a title shot. Jillian and Alicia deliver a double suplex to Eve, and follow up by whipping her to the buckle. Jillian tries to fire Alicia into the corner, but she misses and gets dumped leaving just Jillian and Eve. More shenaningans from Alicia on the floor sees Eve nearly eliminated, and Jillian prematurely celebrating. Of course Eve saves herself and dumps Jillian to win this abortion at 2:40. The less said the better.
    Winner: Eve Torres (Last Eliminates Jillian Hall DUD)

    -We get the NXT video package on David Otunga to let the audience know who the hell this random guy is hosting the show.

    -Otunga hangs out with his posse in the office bragging about how awesome he is, and we see that they did in fact give him 427 green M&M’s. Santino drops by and he wants to know where the A-Team is. Otunga corrects him and says it’s the A-List, but Santino is disappointed that Mr. T isn’t going to be here as he is the Vice President of the Mr. T fan club. He says he pitys the fool who tells him Mr. T isn’t going to be here tonight, and says if the real Mr. T was here he wouldn’t let anyone do that to his 427 green M&M’s. We see Hornswoggle (who apparently didn’t get the memo that Shawn retired and DX is no more) munching on the M&M’s. Otunga’s posse chases him off, and Santino says he is so happy when a plan comes together.

    Unified Tag Team Championship: The Big Show & The Miz vs. John Cena & Batista
    Still no mention of the fact that the challengers are former Champions. Also funny note…Batista still has a Smackdown graphic meaning he is still a Smackdown superstar despite not being on that show in nearly two months. Especially funny when they mentioned earlier that Swagger is going to Smackdown because the belt is exclusive to that show. Wouldn’t that mean Batista had to go to Raw when he won the WWE Title? Cena starts the match with Miz and takes him over with a snap mare before locking in a chinlock. Miz elbows free, but Cena takes him down with a drop toehold. Miz goes for the Attitude Adjustment, but Miz is able to tag Show who is in with a headbutt. Show delivers a right hand to the mid section of Cena, and whips him into the corner. Show delivers a big open hand chop, and tags in Miz who delivers a big right hand in the corner. Miz whips Cena to the corner, and goes for a running clothesline which misses. Cena goes for a tag, but Batista drops down and walks out. Cena nails Miz, and goes after his partner Batista. They end up fighting on the stage, and that gets them counted out at 2:36. Cena seems upset that he was dumb enough to chase after Cena, and that brings out Otunga again. He says ShowMiz isn’t getting off that easy. Later tonight they have to defend the titles again, and since Cena and Batista can’t get along Cena’s new tag team partner is him. Cena looks skeptical, but seems to be okay with it.
    Winners: STILL Unified Tag Team Champions-The Big Show & The Miz (Count Out ½*)

    Ted Dibiase vs. Christian
    Dibiase comes out carrying the Million Dollar Belt, and he says last week at Wrestlemania his dad was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. He says that prestigious honor had some profound effect on his dad, because last week on Raw he did something he had never done before. Act like a father. He says one random act of kindness doesn’t make up for all those lost years. All those missed baseball games, football games, and his graduation. But he knows better than anyone how to win him over, and that’s through his bank account. He thanks him for the trust fund, and for the Million Dollar Title. He says it truly is fun being the fortunate son. Christian attacks early with a series of right hands, and whips Dibise to the corner delivering a backdrop. Christian chokes out Dibiase on the second rope and fires him over the top to the floor. Christian delivers a baseball slide, and delivers a crossbody from the top rope all the way to the floor. Christian fires Dibiase back inside but gets caught with a neckbreaker from Dibiase on the way back inside. Dibiase fires Christian to the ropes and hits a back elbow picking up a two count before grabbing a rear chinlock. Christian elbows free, but Dibiase connects with a rebound clothesline for two. Dibiase fires Christian to the corner, but misses a charge and gets hit with a bicycle kick. Christian sets up Dibiase on the second rope, and jumps to the floor to deliver and open hand right. Christian hits a crossbody off the top rope for two, and sets up for the killswitch but Dibiase stops it with a right hand. They trade counters on their finishers with neither being successful and Dibiase connecting with a snap mare. Christian comes back with a tornado DDT attempt that is blocked, and Dibiase sends Christian crashing into the ringpost and finishes things with Dream Street at 4:18. Christian again delivers a stellar match even with short time, and Dibiase even held his own as well.
    Winner: Ted Dibiase (Pinfall-Dream Street **1/2)

    -Recap of the HBK retirement speech last week. Complete with HHH and HBK’s gayest hetero hug since Rocky and Apollo in Rocky III.

    -The announcers sell that HHH wanted to do more for Shawn, but Sheamus robbed him of the opportunity (despite that he came out at the end showing no ill effects), and that leads to a recap of what happened earlier on.

    Jack Swagger vs. Randy Orton
    Swagger attacks early with a boot to the midsection, and drives a shoulderblock into Orton in the corner. Swagger whips Orton to the corner and hits an avalanche. Orton whips again, but a second avalanche misses and Orton delivers his signature stomps. Orton connects with a kneedrop for two before pounding Swagger down in the corner. Swagger comes back with a double leg takedown, and a clothesline sends Orton to the floor as we head to break. We return with Orton battling back with a series of European Upper Cuts sending Swagger to the floor. Orton slides out and connects with a clothesline on the floor before firing him back inside. Swagger catches Orton coming in dropping him on the top rope, and a shoulderblock sends Orton crashing to the barricade. Swagger goes out after him and fires him into the ringsteps. Back inside they go as Swagger hits a back suplex for a two count. Swagger sets up for a suplex that connects for two, and locks in the abdominal stretch. Orton is able to fight free, but Swagger attempts to go right back to it. Orton fights him off and sends him crashing to the floor, and then catches him coming inside with a boot to the face. That sets up the hangman’s DDT for two as Swagger gets his foot on the bottom rope. Orton delivers a pair of clotheslines, and a powerslam. Orton hits the inverted backbreaker, and calls for the RKO. Swagger counters the RKO and hits a big boot for two. Swagger delivers a Vader Bomb for a two count, so he follows up with a second. Swagger goes for the Gutwrench, but Orton counters and connects with the RKO at 10:50. Great match, but I don’t like the result at all. Swagger needed this one a hell of a lot more than Orton did.
    Winner: Randy Orton (Pinfal-RKO ***1/4)

    -Raw from London next week will be hosted by none other than David Hasselhoff

    Unified Tag Team Championship-The Big Show & The Miz © vs. David Otunga & John Cena
    Miz starts things out once again with Cena, and Cena grabs an arm wringer. Cena tags in Otunga and grabs a side headlock, and hits the ropes delivering a pair of shoulderblocks to Miz picking up a one count. Cena tags back in and fires Miz into the top buckle before hitting a running bulldog for two. Cena fires Miz to the corner, but runs into a back elbow. Cena gets into the heel corner and Show delivers a headbutt as Miz distracts the official. Miz delivers a boot to the face for two, and tags in Show who comes in with a bodyshot to the ribs. Cena fights back with right hands of his own, but an attempted running shoulderblock just gets shrugged off by Show. Show stands on the chest of Cena in the corner, and Miz gets a few kicks in with the referee’s back turned. Show chokes out Cena with a knee to the throat, and buries a right hand to the ribs. Miz tags in and Show fires him shoulderfirst into Cena. Miz connects with a running clothesline in the corner for two, and follows up with a rear chinlock. Cena powers out of the hold, but Miz is able to deliver a knee to the lower back. Both men hit the ropes delivering clotheslines putting them both down which allows them to both crawl for tags. Cena dives for the hot tag, but Otunga hops down off the apron. Show who tagged in delivers the knockout punch to retain the titles at 5:57. Batista comes out to the defenseless Cena and destroys him with a Batista Bomb, and demands a spotlight. Otunga interrupts and says he’s still the guest host and wants us to know Batista has an announcement to make. He’s invoking his rematch clause for the WWE Championship at Extreme Rules. Batista says Cena won’t be making anyone tap out because he can’t win that way. The only way to win is to be the last man standing. Batista stands tall as we’re out for the night.
    Winners: STILL Unified Tag Team Champions-The Big Show & The Miz (Show pins Cena-Knockout Punch **)

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