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CM Punk Starrcast Q&A Report: Punk Open To Talking With WWE, Talks Kofi Kingston’s Title Win, Working With John Cena

August 31, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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– 411mania was in attendance for today’s CM Punk Q&A at Starrcast III, where the former WWE Champion discussed his WWE run, getting past his issues with the company and more. You can see highlights below, as well as the live tweets from our coverage of the event.

Punk started off the Q&A by saying that he would not be at AEW All Out tonight, and shot down the rumors that his agency reached out to FOX Sports 1 about him co-hosting the upcoming WWE talk show. Punk noted that he has let go everything regarding his past issues with WWE, adding that if the company wanted to make sure he was happy while he was there then they could have just talked to him and let him have time off. When he was told that talent gets time off now such as Seth Rollins and Finn Balor, he was left speechless by the revelation.

Punk talked about his work with Samoa Joe in Ring of Honor, saying that he enjoyed it and that working with Joe was easy. He commented on Joe’s legendary stiffness in the ring, saying, “that guy would beat the s**t out of you.” He was very complimentary of Joe and said he hopes Joe’s happy with what he’s doing now. Discussing his time in Ring of Honor, he said he was proud of his work there because he felt the company began a destination for both wrestlers and fans. He feld sad about leaving ROH in 2005, but also felt that it was time for him to move on.

Punk talked about his friendship with Kofi Kingston in WWE, saying that he loved traveling with Kofi. He added that Kingson’s WWE Championship win was long overdue and should have happened ten years ago.

Asked about his new movie The Girl on the Third Floor, Punk said he is very critical of his own work but when he watched the film, “didn’t hate it” which for him is a compliment.

Punk noted that he would be open to talking to Vince McMahon and Triple H at some point, but that he would not be the one to initiate the talks. He added, “If they didn’t talk to me then, why would they talk to me now?” He said that he enjoyed working with John Cena because it was easy to do so, and that he he thinks Cena was relieved to not have to call the match.

He also addressed The Rock calling him on the phone in front of a Raw audience in February of 2017 after the show went off the air, when they were filming a scene for Fighting with My Family. The incident reportedly had people backstage livid over the situation. Punk said he didn’t answer because he was in an elevator at the time and thus didn’t get the call. He said, “When I got outside I had 87 messages!” Punk noted that he recieved text messages from people backstage about how chaotic it was, saying that there were “broken headsets.”

Punk shared a story of the late Harley Race, saying that he was driving with Race and the WWE Hall of Famer had to throw up. Punk tried to pull over but Race told him, “Don’t pull over. It’ll alert the authorities.” After Race threw up, he apologized and gave Punk a hug with vomit on his chest. He also talked about Steve Austin, saying that he once approached Austin in 2010 and asked if Austin could give him a Stunner after a dark match because he wanted to take one. Punk says he tried to get a match to happen after that.

Punk was asked about current stars, and says he has seen clips of Will Ospreay. He put Ospreay over and said that he doesn’t believe he could keep up with guys like him and Kenny Omega.

He also recalled the altercation that he had with Tony Atlas in 2007. Atlas was down in OVW doing some mentoring and made a comment about Punk’s wrist taping looking weird. The two got into it later during the group critique and Atlas tore into Punk, saying, “With an attitude like that you’ll never be called up to TV.” The argument went for a reported 20 minutes. Punk said that someone reported it to Vince McMahon because they wanted to get him fired, but that he spoke with Undertaker and nothing ever came of the whole thing. He also talked about facing Undertaker at WrestleMania and said that he wasn’t made about it; he just wanted it to be the best it could and wanted to look like a threat to the Dead Man. He said he believed it was a it was a good match.

Punk said that he pitched a film to WWE Studios, namely a Cannonball Run remake involving WWE stars. He also did reach out to Good Humor about the famous WWE Ice Cream Bars in the wake of his promo with Vince McMahon when he was making demands as WWE Champion when his contract was running out in storyline.

Punk said that his comic book film role is a 2019 take on Kraven the Hunter, and that he would love to play Moon Knight in the upcoming Disney+ Marvel series. He closed out the panel by saying that fans shouldn’t let the wrestling companies draw them into an us vs them mentality: “Just enjoy all the wrestling that’s out there.”

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