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Complete Playbook: CMLL on Galavision January 10, 2004

January 16, 2007 | Posted by Ryan Mancuso
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Complete Playbook: CMLL on Galavision January 10, 2004  

Hola mis lectores. Welcome back to another lucha review. This episode of CMLL on Galavision aired on January 10, 2004. It showed matches taped from the October 14, 2003 Arena Coliseo show and October, 17, 2003 Arena Mexico show. The main event is a special Super Libre match between the Guapos unit of Shocker, Mascara Magica & Terrible against Familia de Tijuana & Rey Bucanero. Members of Los Capos & Talibanes team up in a handicap match against Giant Silva, Rayo De Jalisco Jr. & Lizmark Jr. From Arena Coliseo, Mr. Niebla and Blue Panther face each other in a singles match. Review begins now:

Shocker cuts a promo talking about his match later on the show. He says he is Guapo and does a dance. Alfonso Morales does the show introduction and we are off to the matches:

Mr. Niebla vs. Blue Panther

This is from October 14, 2003 at Arena Coliseo. It is joined in progress for the third fall. Masks were already ripped from some action not shown. However, the only thing exposed was Panther’s hair. Niebla misses a dropkick off the top turnbuckle. Panther goes for a spinning toe hold, but Niebla counters with an inside cradle to win the match. They only aired the final minute of the match.

A vignette aired which showed Bestia Salvage having one of those days where nothing goes right for him. He talks to his Talibanes teammate Emilio Charles Jr. Bestia has a sore throat, he cannot find the keys to his car, he does not know where their stablemate Scorpio Jr. is and not happy in teaming with members of Los Capos tonight. Emilio tells him not to worry. As they were walking away, the camera showed that Bestia’s car keys were right next to him on the ground. Poor guy, I have had a few of those days as well. Next two matches are from Arena Mexico on October 17, 2003.

Giant Silva (captain), Rayo Jalisco Jr. & Lizmark Jr. vs. Universo Dos Mil (captain), Apolo Dantes, Emilio Charles Jr. & Bestia Salvage

Since this is a handicap match, this match only has one fall instead of three. With Giant Silva on one side, it is understandable why this would be a handicap match. Que Monito, the little blue monkey, comes out with Rayo Jalisco Jr. Los Capos and Talibanes could not get along during the match. Capos would want to fight Rayo and Lizmark Jr., but threw in Talibanes to fight Giant Silva. Silva just mowed through Talibanes. He had Apolo up for a big powerbomb, but Universo low blows Silva to give the tecnicos the DQ victory. After the match, Capos and Talibanes brawled with each other. It was even until Scorpio Jr. showed up to give Talibanes a one man advantage. They gave Apolo and Universo a beat down. I guess that will make Bestia’s day a little better.

CMLL usually has a segment that highlights some of their top moves recently. It starts with a Super Porky Bronco Buster onto three rudos. Next was Black Warrior doing his awesome tope suicida onto Brazo De Oro. Rocky Romero performs a nice slingshot somersault tope onto Super Crazy. Mascara Ano Dos Mil drops Negro Casas on his head with a backdrop suplex. Finally, Giant Silva does a splash off the middle turnbuckle onto two rudos.

Familia de Tijuana has a vignette. Halloween is waiting for his partner Damian 666. While he is doing so, he calls up his kid on a cell phone. Damian sneaks up from behind and scares Halloween out of his seat. They were just talking about fighting the Guapos in their style of match known as Super Libre. Super Libre just means no DQ.

Super Libre: Shocker (captain), Mascara Magica & Terrible vs. Halloween (captain), Damian 666 & Rey Bucanero

Good TV main event for this week. However, it was disappointing in the sense that the no DQ stipulation was useless in this match. Damian 666 & Halloween are guys who like to use weapons their matches. There were no tables, chairs or Singapore canes used in the match. The closest thing to an actual DQ-able offense was a comedy spot in which Shocker drop toehold Damian into Halloween’s groin. As a match itself, it was a good with Shocker and Bucanero looking the best on their teams.

As soon as the Guapos enter the ring, the rudos are ready to attack. It got so out of control early that the ring announcer was trapped in a corner with Bucanero attacking Shocker. The ring announcer was fighting hard to get out of there. Plenty of teamwork by the rudos including Rey & Halloween lifting Terrible up so that Damian could take him down with a Diamond Cutter. Damian lifts Magica up for a Diamond Dust variation off the top turnbuckle by Bucanero. Shocker tries to come back, but the odds were too much. Halloween puts Shocker’s back on his knees and Bucanero comes off the top with a rolling diving senton. Damian & Halloween cover to win the first fall.

Guapos come back in the second fall by taking the rudos out of the ring. They looked like they were going for dives. However, it was a fake out because the rolled, strutted and danced. The rudos came back to fight, but this was just Guapos fall. Terrible did a Russian Legsweep into a grounded Octopus hold to get Halloween to submit. Bucanero takes a big bump onto the floor, and Magica keeps Bucanero out there by diving out with a tope suicidia. Shocker finishes Damian off with a guillotine choke to officially win the fall.

Bucanero wants to fight Shocker to start the third fall. Bucanero found success early when he made Shocker spin from the impact of shoulderblock. Shocker came back with a bulldog off the middle turnbuckle and a Yakuza Kick. Damian and Halloween enter the ring to attack Shocker. Halloween tries to hold Shocker for a Damian attack, but it fails. Halloween goes down into a corner. Damian charges to attack Shocker, but Shocker uses a drop toehold that sees Damian land headfirst onto Halloween’s groin. Halloween calls for a foul, but does not get it because this match is no DQ. Magica gets an advantage when he is fighting the rudos. Halloween tries to enter the ring, but his frustration made him get tied up on the ropes.

Damian and Terrible go at it. Terrible goes for a corner charge attack, but Damian moves out of the way. Terrible’s momentum sends him flying over the top rope and onto the floor. Damian dives out with a tope suicida. Magica meets Damian by running off the apron to connect with a hurricanrana. Halloween tries a dive, but Shocker nails him with a lariat. While Shocker was celebrating, Bucanero manages to sneak a slingshot somersault tope onto Magica. Halloween kicks Shocker in the midsection and goes for the F5. However, Shocker gets out of the way and tries his rolling fireman’s carry slam. Halloween counters into a reverse DDT. Halloween runs off the ropes to try a lariat, but Shocker catches him with that jumping hammerlock small package to win the third fall for the Guapos. Guapos celebrate with the fans to end the show.

The 411: This was a one match show with Guapos vs. Familia de Tijuana & Rey Bucanero being a good TV main event, even with the No DQ stipulation being useless. Blue Panther vs. Mr. Niebla was too chopped up to know the quality of the match. The handicap match was nothing much than to set up the rivalry between Los Capos and Talibanes. Decent hour of TV, but nothing really worth going out of your way to see.
Final Score:  6.0   [ Average ]  legend

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