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Complete Playbook: CMLL on Galavision January 31, 2004

January 23, 2007 | Posted by Ryan Mancuso
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Complete Playbook: CMLL on Galavision January 31, 2004  

Hello again, I have returned with another lucha review. This episode aired on Galavision on January 31, 2004. It aired matches from the November 14, 2003 Arena Mexico show. This was a very special show because it celebrates Atlantis 20th Anniversary in Lucha Libre. Atlantis is a very popular tecnico in CMLL. He always fought for what was right and be a great example for the kids. Until September 2005, Atlantis was very Ricky Steamboat like in the fact that he had never been on the side of evil in his career. Tonight, Atlantis is in the main event as he defends his Tohoku Jr. Heavyweight Title against Perro Aguayo Jr. Another title is also on the line as Virus challenges Rocky Romero for the CMLL Super Lightweight Title. Also, the rivalry between Pierroth and Los Capos continues. Enough with the hype and onto the review:

Universo and Mascara Ano give a brief interview to start the show. They have their sights set on eliminating Pierroth tonight.

CMLL Super Lightweight Title: Rocky Romero © vs. Virus

Clipped down again, but very nice from what was shown. These two men continued to show the great chemistry they had. Why can’t Mexico be like Japan and have a satellite service that airs CMLL Arena Mexico shows in full from top to bottom? I would have loved to seen this, and many other promising matches, in full. I guess I should look at the bright side and be thankful they aired some of this at all. Here is some play-by-play:

This is joined in progress in the third fall. Romero is the first to get to his feet. Romero runs off the ropes and knocks Virus down with a lariat. Romero covers, but only gets a one count. Virus ducks another lariat attempt by Romero and locks him in a Cobra Twist. Romero feels the effects of the submission for a few seconds, but uses his technique to counter the submission into a cradle. However, Romero does not go for a cover and tries lock Virus in an ankle lock. Virus manages to roll up Romero before the submission is applied. Romero barely kicks out of the cradle.

Virus catches a Romero kick and plants him with a German suplex. He keeps his hands together so that he could pick Romero up and go for another German suplex. Virus was successful again and maintains a bridge for a cover. It seemed a new champion was going to be crowned, but Romero shows the instincts of a champion by putting his hand on the bottom rope before the referee’s hand touched the mat for the third time. Virus climbs the top turnbuckle and connects with a missile dropkick. Virus goes for it again, but Romero moves out of the way. Romero quickly covers, but Virus is out at 2.75.

I think there was another clip to this match because Virus catches Romero with an Inverted Gory Special. Romero does not give up. Virus decides to spin around and plan Romero with a Vertebraker like move that has more impact on the back than neck. Virus quickly gets a hold of Romero’s legs and goes for Campana. Just like the episode from the week before, Romero submits as soon as Virus stands up with the hold. Virus gets a celebration with Felino lifting him on his shoulders and riding him around the ring. Virus puts the title around his waist and the fans approve of the new champion.

Universo Dos Mil (captain), Mascara Ano Dos Mil & Apolo Dantes vs. Pierroth & Giant Silva

It looks like Pierroth found a new ally, and it was quite the coup with Giant Silva. I must have missed when Silva turned rudo and joined up with him. Pierroth is very happy about this because he yells out “Viva Brazil!” and “Viva Puerto Rico!” on the microphone. Since this is a handicap match, this is one fall instead of three. Good thing it was one fall because the match felt too long and the action was not good. Capos had a strategy of trying to keep Silva out of the ring so that they could triple team Pierroth. It worked at first, but Silva got back in the ring and the momentum shifted. However, Los Capos looked like they had some hope at the end of the match. Universo caught a big boot from Giant Silva. From that position, Pierroth kicked Universo in the groin. The referee was not looking so there was no DQ. Silva and Universo covered to get the win. After the match, Pierroth told Universo that he was going to lose his mask on December 5.

A promo aired that hyped the hair vs. mask match between Pierroth and Universo on December 5. After that, the spectacular moments segment aired. First, it was the next generation of the Brazo’s family using stereo tope suicidas at the corner on two rudos. Next, Sagrado uses a triple jump hurricanarana onto Averno. Rocky Romero uses a jumping cross armbreaker to make Virus submit. Averno connects with a nice looking tope con giro onto Felino. Finally, Ultimo Guerrero uses an overhead belly to belly suplex onto Dr. Wagner Jr. on the floor.

A vignette aired with pictures taken of Atlantis throughout his career. There was one photo of him, Chris Jericho, El Hijo Del Santo, Silver King and The Great Sasuke together. Another was a recent photo of him winning the Tohoku Jr. Heavyweight Title in Japan for Michinoku Pro Wrestling. Atlantis says that he is going to win his 20th Anniversary match tonight for the kids. As Atlantis was walking to the ring, there was a parade like celebration with lots of balloons and confetti. Atlantis walks to the ring with his kids. His kids are wearing Atlantis masks. How cute! A couple of guests entered the ring including Emilio Charles Jr. and Satanico. Surprisingly, neither man tried to ruin the celebration by attacking Atlanish. Both men embraced Atlantis and congratulated him for having a 20+ year career. Photos were taken in the ring. While this is a nice celebration, but will Perro Aguayo Jr. ruin the celebration by defeating Atlantis and taking his title tonight?

Tohoku Jr. Heavyweight Title: Atlantis © vs. Perro Aguayo Jr.

Good match to celebrate Atlantis 20th Anniversary. It showed that he can still go after all of these years wrestling. I thought Perro looked really good at playing the rudo role. He played to his strengths of brawling and letting the crowd get behind Atlantis by using dirty tactics like ripping at the mask. Unfortunately, there looked to be some clipping to the match. That is a shame because I was enjoying what they were doing here. This match had a rare four falls.

The first fall saw them take it to the mat. They traded holds and pinfalls. The end came when Atlantis took Perro down and made him submit to a rolling double underhook guillotine choke. The second fall saw Perro become more aggressive in his attack. He was trying to rip Atlantis’ mask off his face. He had succeeded in ripping the top part of it. While on the floor, Perro threw Atlantis into the crowd. When they got back into the ring, Perro finished Atlantis off with the top rope version of La Lanza (double footstomp to the midsection).

The third fall saw Perro rip the mask off Atlantis. However, Atlantis was able to find a replacement mask and wear it for the rest of match. Perro is sent out to the floor and Atlantis dives after him with a tope suicidia. Both men are brawling on the floor and the referee counts both men out to end the third fall. Atlantis and Perro continue to fight after the fall ended. The referee breaks it up and raises the hand of both men. Neither is happy and wants a fourth fall to happen.

They get their wish because a commissioner allows them to go at it for one more fall. The fourth fall started with Perro in control when he used La Silla off the apron and onto Atlantis on the floor. Both men went back in the ring and Atlantis connected with two consecutive tilt-a-whirl backbreakers. Atlantis goes for a Victory Roll, but Perro sits down to counter and gets a two count. Atlantis catches Perro with his trademark La Atlantida. Atlantis drops to his knees while Perro is in the hold and Perro submits. A big celebration after the match as Atlantis wins his 20th Anniversary match and retains his title. The show ends on that note.

The 411: Another solid episode of CMLL. Romero & Virus looked really good from what was shown. Despite some clipping, Atlantis celebrated his 20th Anniversary in style with a good title defense against Perro Aguayo Jr. The handicap match in the middle of the show felt twice as long as it went and was not good at all. Outside of that, I would recommend checking out this show for a taste of Romero vs. Virus and the Atlantis 20th Anniversary stuff.
Final Score:  6.0   [ Average ]  legend

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