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CONTRA UNIT Takes Control of Latest MLW Pulp FUSION Feed

October 29, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

The latest MLW Pulp FUSION was intended to see Salina de la Renta answer the accusations against her, but CONTRA UNIT handled that. The latest episode is online — or at least the corrupted feed of it is, as you can see below. MLW has commented on the video saying:

“We apologize for tonight’s issues with the live feed. There appears to have been some interference. While we expect CONTRA is involved, our team is working on the issue and hope to have an update shortly.”

The synopsis for the video, which shows what you WOULD have seen, reads:

“Alicia Atout interviews Court Bauer to get the exclusive on #TheRestart and the date for a return… plus how does MLW plan to deal with CONTRA?

What does Salina de la Renta have to say about her traitorous actions? The Empresaria unleashes like never before!

Alex Hammerstone readies for The Restart… and you’ll never guess who he has recruited to join the renegades as MLW rises up against CONTRA.

Savio Vega talks about the MLW/IWA Puerto Rico strategic alliance and what’s on the future.

Los Parks check in with some Halloween party do’s and don’ts.

Bu Ku Dao talks about his upcoming Major League Wrestling debut.
Alicia Atout scores a big interview!

King Mo spars with a famous boxer and proves he’s the King of Knockouts again!

The reigning World Tag Team Champions Ross and Marshall Von Erich have a special message for Von Erich Nation.

Gino Medina talks about social distancing while trick or treating with a certain mamacita.”

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