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Cook’s Impact No Surrender 2023 Review

February 24, 2023 | Posted by Steve Cook
Impact No Surrender Josh Alexander Image Credit: Impact Wrestling
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Cook’s Impact No Surrender 2023 Review  

Hey kids! Steve Cook here with you with a fancy review of Impact Wrestling’s No Surrender 2023. It’s live from the beautiful Sam’s Town Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. I’ve never been there, but I assume it’s quite exquisite. Let’s get cookin with those kickoff show matches!

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Gisele Shaw (w/Jai Vidal): Deonna & Gisele have had issues involving Gisele chasing Deonna’s BFF away and Deonna throwing some chili in Gisele’s face. Happens all the time where I come from. Fans are behind the Virtuosa, which the Quintessential Diva takes offense to. Lots of difficult words for me to spell as Deonna goes to a headlock. Shoulderblock by Purrazzo, Jai creates the distraction for Gisele to try and take advantage of. Shoulderblock by Gisele. Deonna with a rana, then a pump kick sends Gisele down. Standing moonsault sends Shaw outside to regroup. Deonna gets trapped in the apron, tries to fight back but gets kicked down. Back in the ring, Gisele sends Deonna into the corner, hits a couple of elbowblocks, a spinning elbow sends Purrazzo down for a two count. Shaw mocks Purrazzo’s typical pose, which creates a brief flurry of offense from the Virtuosa. That goes nowhere, and Shaw chops away on Purrazzo in the corner. Gisele runs into a elbow, but blocks a boot and double stomps Deonna down in the corner for two. Chinlock! Deonna fights out and strikes are exchanged. Double clothesline sends both Knockouts down. Deonna with some chops, then some clotheslines. Kneelift and a side-Jersey legsweep gets two. Deonna transitions into the armbar, Gisele fights out. Gisele with a full nelson into a backbreaker/flatliner gets two. Couple too many steps to that move. Gisele sets Deonna up for her piledriver, but Deonna fights out. Rollup back into the armbar by Purrazzo in the middle of the ring, but Shaw manages to make the ropes. Jai distracts the official while Deonna goes for the Queen’s Gambit, but here comes Savannah Evans! Her full nelson slam leads to the running knee strike for Shaw and a 1-2-3.

Winner: Gisele Shaw (9:02 via pinfall)
Match Rating: **1/2

I suppose Evans needs somebody to be a bodyguard for with Tasha Steelz away from the ring. Deonna may need some backup if she’s to continue this issue, but she’s kind of lacking for friends in Impact given she’s spent most of her time there asserting her superiority to everybody in the promotion. As somebody else with a big ego that’s driven away many a potential friend, I sympathize with Deonna here.

Jonathan Gresham vs. Mike Bailey: These guys teamed against the Motor City Machine Guns last night, so of course they’re wrestling each other tonight. Tieup into the ropes leads to some move evasion and another tieup. Shoulderblocks go nowhere, nor do headlocks. A kick by Bailey knocks Gresham down and chops are exchanged. Gresham evades the flips, but doesn’t evade the kicks of Bailey. Bailey kicks Gresham outside before hitting the moonsault to the floor. Speedball seems to be favoring his left knee, he better hope Gresham doesn’t notice. Gresham blocks the kick in the corner, but not the kick in the center of the ring. Kicks from Bailey, Gresham asks for some more. Gresham then hits a dropkick. Bailey’s right back with those kicks though, then misses a standing shooting star. Gresham with a rana, a double stomp, and then some targeting of the knee. Gresham tries to apply the figure four on the proper leg, opts for the kneeling variation. Finally locks in that proper figure four. Bailey makes the ropes after awhile. Gresham evades a dropkick, but Bailey fights back. Bailey flips out of a suplex, hits a kick, gets forearm smashed by Gresham. Gresham & Bailey back to their feet and exchange chops as we hear the voices of the announcers echo through the arena like it’s AAA or something. Chop kick chop kick chop kick & so on. Gresham with a shot to Bailey’s leg. Gresham slips on the lionsault but still catches some of it. Bailey with the Asai moonsault to the floor after a series of evasions. Gresham hits a running forearm for two after Bailey stumbles, then Bailey hits a poison rana. Spin kick in the corner by Bailey. Bailey misses the Ultimate Weapon, then Gresham hits a modified victory roll for three.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham (10:58 via pinfall)
Match Rating: ***

Match was solid for the most part, but kind of fell apart towards the end when moves got a little too high on the degree of difficulty. Very talented guys, their chemistry will improve the more they wrestle each other.

Cook’s Impact No Surrender 2023 Review

The Impact Plus portion starts with a video and Josh Alexander & Rich Swann entering the venue. Here’s the Director of Authority, Santino Marella! He talks about how what happens in Vegas no longer stays in Vegas thanks to the Internet. He then introduces Frankie Kazarian, who happens to be in the first match. Santino joins Tom Hannifan & Matthew Rehwoldt on commentary.

Frankie Kazarian vs. Kon (w/The Design): Callihan is out there with Deaner & Angels in Kon’s corner, though Kazarian seems to think that Callihan’s intentions are impure. They usually are. . No disrespect to either of these guys, but I would rather watch their wives have a match. Did Traci & Krissy ever meet in the ring? Kon powers Frankie down before getting chopped. Kon misses in the corner, gets shoulderblocked. Kazarian with more strikes. He clotheslines Kon over the ropes, but the big man lands on his feet. Kazarian dropkicks Kon off the apron. Kon rebounds off the ropes on the apron and clotheslines Kazarian down. Back in the ring, an elbowdrop gets two. Kon with some driving forearms for two. Kon blocks the crucifix, then spinebusts Kazarian for two. Kon snaps Kazarian’s neck with his knees, then uppercuts him down. Kazarian with a couple of punches, then he gets whipped to the floor by Kon. Kazarian stops Kon from getting in the ring with a legdrop, then hits the slingshot version to send Kon back to the floor. Kon shoulderblocks Kazarian before getting back in the ring. Kazarian hits a reverse DDT for two, then goes for the chicken wing. They end up on the top rope, Kon misses a diving headbutt. Kazarian goes for a rollup, then goes back to the chicken wing. Angels distracts the referee while Callihan reaches under the ring for a chair. Kon ends up eating the steel (accidentally, of course). A slingshot Cutter gets the three count for Kazarian.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian (9:21 via pinfall)
Match Rating: **1/4

Pretty basic stuff here that was more about continuing the dissension between Callihan and his apparent new stablemates. Also gives Kazarian a win over a big guy, which could prove useful.

Gia Miller talks to Brian Myers, who has re-focused and is ready to become Impact World Champion. He can’t speak to Matt Cardona’s business, and he hopes that Moose makes a fool out of Joe Hendry tonight.

Impact Knockouts World Tag Team Championship Match: The Death Dollz (c) (Jessicka & Taya Valkyrie w/Rosemary) vs. The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle): We get some Taglines before the match, reminding me of TNA PPVs of years gone by. Bit disappointing to have some audio issues during the Death Dollz entrance, as I’d like to hear their music at the 11 volume it should be heard at. Taya & Allysin go at it right away. The Hex takes advantage with kicks & sentons to the downed Valkyrie for two. Taya fights back and whips Marti into the corner. Tag to Jessicka, who summons her inner Dusty for some bionic elbows. Marti fights back and stomps Jessicka down, then mocks the death metal genre. Jessicka misses in the corner and Allysin tags in, whipping Marti into Jessicka a couple of times before grinding on Jessicka in the corner. Allysin works over Jessicka and baits Taya into the ring, distracting the ref so Marti can do some choking in the corner. Jessicka fights back in another corner before Allysin smacks her down. Jessicka fights out of the rear chinlock, but Marti tags in to continue the offensive onslaught of the Hex. Allysin makes sure to choke Jessicka while the referee looks at the audience. Jessicka finally gets the tag to Taya, who clotheslines Allysin down and hits Blue Thunder for two. Taya misses an elbow, but grabs Allysin’s boots and positions her for the curb stomp for two. Kay hits a Samoan drop for two. Taya hits a running powerbomb on Kay, but Belle got the tag. Jessicka tags in and kicks Belle in the head. Kay with a kick, Taya with a spear. Kay with a spin kick to Taya. Jessicka breaks up the Hex’s finisher, hits a powerbomb on Kay. Belle gets picked up, kicked and Sick Drivered for the three count.

Winners: The Death Dollz (8:55 via pinfall)
Match Rating: **1/2

Pretty solid effort from all four here. Hopefully we see some more of the Hex here in Impact, as I am a big fan of Allysin & Marti and everything they have to offer.

Impact Digital Media Championship Dot Combat Match: Joe Hendry (c) vs. Moose: Lots of weapons, no countouts or DQs is what a Dot Combat Match is in case you’re wondering. So basically a modern singles match with hopefully some unique weapons. Joe talks about how we’re in Sin City, and there’s a lot of sins going on around here. The only sin we need to worry about is failing to say the words “We believe”. Sounds fair to me. Moose with quite the stylish robe tonight. Moose attacks Hendry before the bell, which is fine since it’s a Dot Combat match. Moose goes under the rings and finds a Sega Dreamcast! There’s a keyboard, and there’s a steel chair. Moose opts for the chair, but Hendry covers Moose with his own robe and punches away. Hendry with the keyboard to the back of Moose. Moose gouges Hendry’s eyes but gets tossed outside. Moose gets introduced to the ringpost. And again! Moose recovers quick and sends Hendry through the poor timekeeper’s table. What’d that guy do to anybody? Moose tosses Hendry into the ring, then whips him hard into the turnbuckle. Moose places the chair into the corner, then goads Hendry with some sign language. Hendry grabs the Dreamcast and introduces it to Moose’s skull. Hendry finds a Fisher-Price remote control car under the ring, and drives it into Moose’s foot! Moose kicks it away. Hendry with a big bodyslam after some spinning, then the Trust Fall. Hendry goes back outside and looks under the ring for some more toys. There’s a box! There’s a big remote control car! See if this works on Moose. The remote control is faulty, so Hendry just tosses the car into Moose’s lower abdominal section. Ow! Hendry gets whipped into the chair in the corner, then Sky Highed off the middle rope for two. Moose looks under the ring and finds a black bag! Thumbtacks? No, keyboard keys. Those won’t feel good either. Moose goes up top, and Hendry throws some keys in his face. Hendry follows Moose up top and superplexes him into the key caps. Two count. Moose finds a steel chair, while Hendry finds a gaming chair. Hendry wins that chair battle, then hits a powerbomb into the caps for two. Hendry finds another box and gets a virtual reality headset to place on Moose’s head! Moose seems to be having some fun with whatever’s playing on it. Dancing Moose is back! Moose has seen enough of that. Moose misses in the corner, Hendry hits a cutter into the caps and that gets two. Moose with a low kick and a cover gets two. Hendry with a headlock takeover into a cover for two! Moose with a rollup and some tights, that gets two. Hendry gets a rollup and hooks the tights for three!

Winner: Joe Hendry (12:23 via pinfall)
Match Rating: ***1/4

This was a fun brawl. Moose keeps getting screwed in this feud, but it’s ok because Hendry’s charismatic and Moose is an asshole.

Gia talks to Mickie James. Mickie is a bit tired of Jordynne Grace talking about how she made Mickie tap, but tonight’s about her match with Masha Slamovich.

Busted Open Live: Dave LaGreca comes out and I’m wondering if Tony Khan is going to call him a fraud for participating in this. Dave explains how they’re going to have a sit-down to air out the differences between Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer. Bully gets to talk first since he won the Beat the Clock Challenge last night. Tommy gets to walk out first. Lars Fredericksen is here tonight, but I don’t think he brought CM Punk with him. Bully gets to talk while Tommy gets to drink. Bully soaks up the disdain of the audience. Bully says he’s sorry, which gets some laughter from Tommy. Tommy seems skeptical. Bully doesn’t think a time restraint is needed. It’s gone too far. Bully’s known Tommy’s mom since he met Tommy, and she’s always been awesome to him. On Sunday, Bully watched a documentary about the NWO, where Kevin Nash had to talk about Scott Hall. It was the first time Kevin had to do a documentary without Scott there. Bully says they are as tight as Scott & Kevin were. It’s better for them to have it out now than to wait until one of them are dead. Bully says they don’t have to do business or anything together in the ring. He doesn’t need a hug or a handshake or anything, he just wants to make amends. Tommy appreciates Bully’s efforts, and that’s when he gets the coffee thrown in his face. To be fair to Bully, Tommy did say how hard it was for “someone like you” to admit when he was wrong. LaGreca gets shoved down and Dreamer gets the coffee pot smashed into his face.

Well, that was certainly a segment of an Impact Plus event. I’m sure there are people that listen to the radio show, and plenty of people that still care about Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer beefing in 2023. I am not one of them, so this was a complete waste of time from where I sit. Your mileage may vary.

Gia is with Rich Swann, who tells us that tonight is the night that he becomes Impact World Champion again. Steve Maclin wishes Rich luck, because if he wins they can meet in the Rebellion main event. Rich says he’ll whoop that ass. How about Gia’s tribute to Renee Paquette’s white dress on Dynamite?

Impact World Championship #1 Contender Match: Brian Myers vs. Heath vs. PCO vs. Steve Maclin: Quite the eclectic mixture of wrestling talent here. PCO gets attacked, and he fights everybody off. PCO Cactus clotheslines Maclin over the top rope. Heath & Myers go at it in the ring. Myers gets tossed over the top rope, and Heath flips onto Myers & Maclin. Maclin dives onto Myers & Heath. PCO comes off the top with the moonsault onto Heath, Maclin & Myers. PCO with a modified DDT on Maclin on the ramp, then he sends Myers face-first into the steps. PCO gets backdropped onto the floor by Myers. Myers & Maclin with a double back suplex to PCO on the ramp. PCO gets rolled under the ring, and Myers & Maclin focus their attention on Heath. I doubt these guys will form a tag team anytime soon, but their names go together well. Heath fights back in the ring. Backbreaker by Maclin gets a couple of two counts on Heath. Maclin gets sent outside just in time for Myers to hit a knee strike for two on Heath. Myers hits a Downward Spiral on Heath, then poses. PCO pops up from under the ring. Myers begs off, so Maclin gets to eat that offense. PCO with a cannonball to Myers on the floor. Heath with a flapjack on Maclin, a powerslam gets two. Heath hits the Wake Up Call, but Maclin rolls onto the apron…where PCO can hit his cannonball! PCO usually misses that, so good for him. Myers with a spear to Heath that gets two. PCO cleans house and hits a reverse DDT on Myers. PCO sault gets…two? Eddie Edwards was a second late to the party, but he still gets to hit PCO with a shovel. Heath with the Wake Up Call on Myers, Maclin with the KIA on Heath, and he’s the #1 contender.

Winner: Steve Maclin (9:16 via pinfall)
Match Rating: ***

I’d say it was the right result, as Maclin has yet to get a title shot on a big event and deserves one as much as anybody else here.

Trey Miguel appears on the stage to talk about how he’s not on the card. He drops AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Chris Sabin & Kazarian’s names. He proved he was a generational talent last night. He slayed Crazzy Steve last night, and teases slaying PCO until PCO chokeslams him on the apron and clotheslines him to the floor. I’m not sure PCO has had an X Division match in at least twenty years!

Time Machine (Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin & KUSHIDA) vs. Bullet Club (Ace Austin, Chris Bey & KENTA): KENTA & KUSHIDA start in a first time meeting, at least to my & the announcers’ knowledge. KENTA begs off in the corner after some grappling, then takes advantage of a distraction. KUSHIDA works KENTA into an armbar. Headlock takeovers & headsissors exchanged. Chris Bey tags in, and the Vegas crowd shows a little appreciation to the hometown kid. Bey with a kick & punch. Shelley tags in, and some Time Splitter offense is on display. Chops from Shelley to Bey. Shelley misses in the corner, Bey with the shoulderblock, kicks Shelley’s leg out and hits the doublestomp for two. Tag to Austin, who works Shelley’s arm and gives him a dangerous papercut on the fingers with his playing card. Tag to Sabin, Austin gets kicked down for two. Drop toe hold and a kick to the back by Austin. Things break down and it’s time for the triple team on Austin. Bey comes in to get him some of that, and now it’s KENTA. Poor KENTA gets crotched on the ringpost and kicked in the head. Austin remains the Bullet Club member in peril at the end of the day, and Sabin locks in a reverse figure four for a few seconds there. Shelley tags in and tries to bend Austin’s hand off of the wrist while locking in an abdominal stretch. Shelley spits in Bey’s face so Austin can get triple teamed. Tag to KUSHIDA, who gets tossed out of the ring. Sabin gets kicked, and Austin finally makes the tag (and then nearly kills himself on a dive). Bey with a dive of his own onto Time Machine. KENTA teases a dive, ends up stepping down to the floor & working KUSHIDA over. Back in the ring, KENTA kicks KUSHIDA down and hits the kitchen sink knee. Now it’s Bullet Club’s turn to do some triple teaming. KUSHIDA forearms KENTA down, but can’t get the tag just yet. He manages to kick KENTA down and gets that tag to Sabin. Sabin takes Bey & Austin down. They run into kicks, Sabin cross-bodies both of them. Shelley comes in with a double clothesline. Sabin with the tope suicida on KENTA, more dives, Bullet Club in big trouble. Bey gets taken out wiht multiple kicks prior to a flatliner, but kicks out at two. Malfunction at the Junction leads to Shelley & KUSHIDA both being kicked down by Sabin. KENTA with the double stomp to Sabin, but that gets two. Sabin slips out of the G2S attempt, hits a brainbustaaaa on KENTA. Bey tags in, Sabin’s partners get taken out, and a doubleteam rack bomb gets two on Sabin. The 1-2-Sweet gets blocked, Sabin hits a tornado DDT on Austin. Handspring back elbow by KUSHIDA on Austin, he goes for the Hoverboard Lock on muiltiple people, it gets blocked, and kicks are delievered by everybody to everybody. Triple team Dream Sequence by Time Machine! Triple kick in the corner on Austin. Skull & Bones by Sabin & KUSHIDA! A follow up by Shelley gets broken up by Austin’s partners, and Austin backslides Sabin for the three count!

Winners: Bullet Club (19:01 via pinfall)
Match Rating: ****1/2

This was the best six-man/trios tag team match I’ve seen in quite some time. Keep in mind that I’ve seen approximately 8500 of them over the past couple of years, so that’s very high praise.

Impact Knockouts World Championship Match: Mickie James (c) vs. Masha Slamovich: Mickie takes the offense early with a headlock takeover and even tries a sleeperhold. Mickie with some shoulderblocks. Masha with some impressive gymnastics, but Mickie maintains the advantage. Mickie with the big boot, a kick sends Masha down for two. Masha’s usually the dominant force early, so this is a change of pace. Slamovich hot shots James on the top rope to break up the DDT attempt. Masha with some hair mares and a kick for a nearfall. Masha licks the face, but Mickie bites Masha’s tongue! Trish Stratus could have told Masha that was a bad idea. Masha applies a Kimura lock, but Mickie fights out. Masha runs into an elbow in the corner, than Mickie ranas Masha. Mickie with some kicks, but Masha hits the dropkick, sending Mickie to the outside. Slamovich with a rare dive to the outside, and James is in some trouble. Cover in the ring gets two. Mickie fights back and there’s an exchange of strikes. James wins that and hits a flapjack, then goes up top. Slamovich kicks her and joins her on top of the turnbuckle. Mickie knocks Masha off and hits Pie in the Sky for two. A Mick Kick gets 2.87. Masha blocks the DDT and hits the Jigntonic for two. Masha goes for the kick, Mickie grabs her leg and locks in a half crab. Masha gets to the ropes. Masha tries a sleeper, Mickie goes right to the ropes but Masha keeps locking it in on the ropes for four second intervals. Big boot in the corner by Slamovich. Masha goes up top, rolls through, some back & forth, an attempted monkey flip by Masha leads to Mickie landing on top for the three count.

Winner: Mickie James (12:20 via pinfall)
Match Rating: ***1/4

Masha’s got a ton of potential, but Mickie just keeps hanging in there. Who will be able to dethrone her? Hopefully a new star gets made at the end of this, but we’re getting some good matches in the process.

Impact World Championship Match: Josh Alexander (c) vs. Rich Swann: Alexander wants a handshake, but Swann’s having nothing to do with that until after the match. Tieup into the corner results in a shove from Swann. Alexander with the slam after Swann fights out of a wristlock. Swann with another shove after another tieup in the ropes, then a slap! Alexander doesn’t need much motivation to chop a fella. Swann takes the advantage. Swann with a dropkick to send Alexander down & reeling. Alexander blocks a kick and shoves Swann. We got shoving and slapping with the two “friends”. Swann with 2 kicks, Alexander blocks the third but gets kicked to the floor. Swann hits the dive through Alexander on the floor. Swann with the chinlock in the ring, Alexander tries to fight out, then blocks a suplex attempt. Alexander hits the vertical suplex on Swann. Swann does a total flip on a backdrop, then Alexander hits a roll through German suplex for two. Alexander with some shots to Swann’s back. Swann fires back with punches & chops. Alexander with a kick in the corner. Josh peppers Rich with some knees in the corner, then runs into a boot. Swann with a clothesline. Swann hits the Cactus clothesline to the outside. On the floor, Swann gets elevated to the apron, he goes to the turnbuckle and hits a dive onto Alexander. Back in the ring, Swann forward rolls into a frog splash for two. Swann climbs the turnbuckle & Alexander rolls away. This leads to some rolling Germans for Alexander. They go to the turnbuckle, Alexander tries a German off the top, but Swann flips out of it. Swann then hits a poison rana for two. Swann goes for the handspring cutter, but Alexander sees it coming and crossbodies Swann against the ropes. Alexander goes up top and misses a moonsault. Swann goes for a top rope rana, but Alexander blocks it and goes for the anklelock. Swann gets out for now. Swann goes for another reverse rana, Alexander blocks and flapjacks Swann. Swann with a kick, then a falcon arrow gets two. A series of roll throughs leads to a C4 Spike, but Swann manages to roll out of the ring! Alexander manages to hit a slam on the apron, but Swann keeps rolling out of pin positions. The fans getting behind the fighting challenger now, not surprising here. Swann flips out of the C4 Spike and hits a series of kicks. Swann hits the Phoenix Splash for a near-fall, and that might have been his best chance. Swann goes for another one, but misses this time. Alexander goes to the anklelock, and grapevines the leg. Swann has enough leverage to get up, and he punches Alexander. Alexander twists harder on the ankle, but Swann gets back up. A punch knocks Alexander’s headgear off! Alexander’s equilibrium seems off, but he hits some chops. We got a slap fight now, and punches in bunches. Handspring into a cutter by Swann gets 2! Alexander blocks a second cutter, hits a Tombstone & a C4 Spike for the three count!

Winner: Josh Alexander (25:11 via pinfall)
Match Rating: ****

You know that old saying that good friends make for better enemies? Alexander & Swann must be pretty damn good friends. Alexander poses with the title as we peace out for the night.

The final score: review Good
The 411
I do feel the need to lead off with the fact that Impact Plus decided not to jibe with my computer tonight, so I had to make a last minute switch in viewing methods that had me perturbed for the first hour or so of the event. That said, we got a strong main event, a kickass six-man tag and some solid things possibly set up for the future. I found the Busted Open segment rather annoying, but the rest of this was a fine way to spend a Friday night.

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