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Cook’s ROH TV Review 9.10.21: Death Before Dishonor 2021 Weekend

September 12, 2021 | Posted by Steve Cook
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Cook’s ROH TV Review 9.10.21: Death Before Dishonor 2021 Weekend  

Hey kids! It’s Death Before Dishonor Weekend, so ROH rushed this episode online brfore the PPV. Makes sense, though with all the football & fake boxing going on I do wonder if people will properly notice the wrestling. Worth a shot, and we’ve got some big time matches on this show. Let’s hook em up!

Cook’s ROH TV Review 9.10.21

Quinn McKay welcomes us to Ring of Honor Wrestling! It’s Death Before Dishonor Weekend and we have a special bonus match as the main event. Chris Dickinson & Homicide will defend the Tag Team Championship against Kenny King & Dragon Lee. We’ve also got a Pure Rules match between Josh Woods & Will Ferrara. We’ve also got the Briscoes taking on Bandido & Rey Horus. The best wrestling on the planet!

Ian & Caprice on the call.

Mark Briscoe speaks some Spanglish while Jay Briscoe yells at their upcoming opponents. Rey Horus has been waiting his whole life to take on the Briscoes. Bandido says the Briscoes are the baddest tag team in the world, but they’re about to get shown the real lucha libre.

Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Bandido & Rey Horus: I have to disagree with Caprice’s premise that there’s no better best friend to have than the World Champion. If you want a title shot, which most wrestlers do, you pretty much have to stab your best friend in the back. Sure, the champion will say “All you had to do was ask, brother!”, but we know things don’t work that way in the real world. Handshakes all around. Jay & Horus start. Well, no they don’t, Bandido tags in instead. Jay takes the early advantage, but Bandido gets out of the armbar & poses. Pose met with a kick. Bandido with some gymnastics, Jay with a rana, Bandido with a rana, dropkicks, and the indy standoff as we go to commercial.

During the break, the Briscoes took control on Rey Horus. Briscoes double team Horus and knock Bandido to the floor too. Bandido gets sent into the barricade. Horus sent back into the ring, Todd Sinclair not doing much to stop the Briscoes double teaming here. Blind tag, Bandido crossbodies both Briscoes, sends Horus into a rana. Running shooting star gets two. Big boot by Jay. He starts working Bandido’s mask like he’s a Young Buck or something. Mark tags in, utilizes his redneck Kung Fu on Bandido. Tag to Horus, forearm exchange. Horus wins with kicks. Hogan legdrop gets two. Bandido gonna come in for the double team since Todd’s allowing it. Jay tosses Bandido outside. We got kicks & strikes all around and all four men are down. Chops & strikes exchanged between Horus & Mark. Iconoclasm from Mark gets a two count. Bandido’s in and he’s going ham on the Briscoes. Big dive to Jay on the floor. Horus on Mark in the ring, hits his quesadora driver for two. Bandido knocked off the top rope. Jay gets Horus on the shoulders, they hit the Doomsday Device for the three count.

Winners: Jay & Mark Briscoe (12:10 via pinfall)
Match Rating: ***1/4

Jay & Mark working their way back up the ladder. They get the win over a Bandido team, but did not pin the World Champion. Respect shown afterward.

Jonathan Gresham joins Ian & Caprice for the next match.

Will Ferrara talks about how he’s been around for a long time but has never felt more at home than in the Pure division. His best days are yet to come, and he wants to make Jon Gresham proud & Josh Woods tap. Woods says that Ferrara is a damn good competitor, but the Pure Championship belongs to the Technical Beast. Well, he hasn’t won the strap yet.

Pure Rules Match: Will Ferrara vs. Josh Woods: Woods with a suplex pretty much right away. He has a pretty good size advantage on Ferrara, but Will is tricky and can gain advantage with the ol’ wrist control. Ferrara uses his first rope break on a gutwrench. Ferrara gains the advantage and targets the left arm & shoulder. Woods gets out and goes for the gorilla lock, and there’s Will’s second rope break. Commercial.

Ferrara goes back to the arm, but Woods’ size is too much for him. Overhead suplex sends Will down. Back to the gutwrench, during which he stares at Gresham before tossing Ferrara. Single arm DDT than then a short arm scissor by Ferrara. Keeps working the hold, Woods rolls out, lifts Ferrara up with one arm and drops back. Ferrara uses his final rope break to avoid the suplex & fires back on Woods until getting smacked in the chin. Chaos Theory gets the three count.

Winner: Josh Woods (6:18 via pinfall)
Match Rating: **1/4

Woods makes short work of Ferrara to warm up for his title match against Gresham at the PPV. Gresham walks up to Woods in the entranceway to shake his hand. We might not see that sort of thing in the next match.

Clips from last week where Miranda Alize set themselves up for the tournament final at the PPV.

Shane Taylor joins Ian & Caprice for the main event.

Dragon Lee talks about the movie Return of the Dragon. Kenny King says the guys who are smartest will win this one. Homicide & Dickinson talk about honor in violence.

ROH World Tag Team Championship Match: Challengers Dragon Lee & Kenny King vs. Champions Chris Dickinson & Homicide: Homicide & Kenny start. Cide acts like he wants the handshake but probably not. King gets the better of the early match technical wrestling. Tag to Dickinson as we go to commercial.

Dragon Lee tags in. Big shoulderblocks from Dickinson. Back suplex gets two. Dickinson & Homicide with some double teaming. Homicide takes a bite out of Lee before being sent outside. Both teams brawl on the outside. Homicide & Lee back in, Lee goes on the offensive. King works over Homicide while talking smack. Lee back in, locks in a single crab with his foot on Homicide’s neck. More double teaming from LFI, the ref keeps dismissing Dickinson. King misses in the corner, Homicide goes up top, misses the splash. King misses a springboard legdrop as we go to commercial.

Dickinson & Lee tag in. Dickinson with the advantage, hits a suplex then goes into a submission. Lee with a german suplex, but Dickinson responds with a DVD for 2.86. Tag to Homicide, tag to King. Ace Crusher on King gets two. Homicide doesn’t seem happy. King with a dragon suplex and a tiger driver gets two. Dickinson & Lee back in. Dickinson knocked to the floor. Homicide & King go at it. Cide locked in the Tree of Woe, Lee doublestomps him, dives onto Dickinson on the outside. Back in, King hits the Royal Flush on Dickinson for two. King dives onto Homicide. Dickinson & Lee go at it. Lee with a big knee strike. Dickinson blocks another one, sets Lee up but gets knee striked for a two count. Incinerator knee gets the three count!

Winners: Dragon Lee & Kenny King (14:08 via pinfall)
Star Rating: ***1/2

History has been made as we have new two-time two-time two-time Tag Team Champions. Dragon Lee could be a triple champion if LFI win the Six-Man titles on Sunday.

Run down that DBD card one more time. One late addition: Jake Atlas vs. Taylor Rust.

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Now this made more sense as a go-home show. I'd been used to ROH rolling out some lesser stuff on their PPV weekends, so I wasn't expecting them to go crazy with title changes & things like that. Even the Woods Pure squash was useful to establish him as a contender. Good stuff.

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