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Csonka Reviews Free Women’s Matches With Deonna Purrazzo, LuFisto, & More

December 7, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Deonna Purrazzo WOH

Csonka Reviews This Week’s Free Women’s Matches With Deonna Purrazzo, LuFisto, & More

From ROH: Jenny Rose, Mandy Leon, & Deonna Purrazzo vs. Britt Baker, Fay Jackson, & Sumie Sakai @ 9:08 via submission [**½]
From Women’s Wrestling Revolution: LuFisto defeated Penelope Ford @ 8:30 via pin [**½]
From ROH: Mandy Leon defeated Jenny Rose @ 10:30 via pin []

Jenny Rose, Mandy Leon, & Deonna Purrazzo vs. Britt Baker, Fay Jackson, & Sumie Sakai: It was smart to give them the buffer with the Bully promo and intermission after two great matches. Sakai and Purrazzo into begin. Purrazzo takes early control, going for repeated covers. Jackson tags in, as does Leon. Leon tries to pickup the pace, Jackson cuts her off and hits a corner attack. Leon avoids a charge, but Jackson hits a big spear for 2. Leon tags out to Rose, Baker in as well. They work a fun back and forth, with Baker hitting a sling blade for 2. She pulls the Adam Cole chinlock spot, Rose battles out and Baker tags out to Sakai. The dropkick follows, but Rose cuts her off with a side slam for 2. Leon tags backing, they double team Sakai and Leon covers for 2. She works the full nelson with the legs, Sakai escapes and Leon hits a German. Sakai battles back and she hits a German for the double down. Wholesale changes to Purrazzo and Baker, they trade strikes and Baker hits a fisherman’s suplex for 2. Purrazzo looks for the arm bar, but Baker makes the ropes. Superkick by Baker, they trade kicks and baker finally covers for 2. Rose makes the save, and Baker tags out to Jackson and she heads up top and hits a high cross to Purrazzo and Rose. It breaks down, Baker superkicks Rose, but Purrazzo hits a suplex and covers for 2. Jackson backing and Purrazzo fights her off, and locks in the arm bar and Jackson taps. Jenny Rose, Mandy Leon, & Deonna Purrazzo vs. Britt Baker, Fay Jackson, & Sumie Sakai @ 9:08 via submission [**½] Despite a few small hiccups, this was a perfectly average match. Not having Baker win in her hometown was silly though, as she was over big time.

LuFisto vs. Penelope Ford: Ford attacks before the bell, which appears to be a smart plan, but against LuFisto, likely not. LuFisto quickly fights back, laying in clubbing blows to Ford. Ford send her to the buckles and hits a back handspring elbow, only to eat a big lariat from LuFisto. LuFisto follows with chops, and then kicks to the back, covering for 2. LuFisto then works a modified camel clutch, bending Ford in half and then lays the boots to her. The leg drop follows for 2. LuFisto works a half crab and uses Ford’s own foot to hit her in the head. Ford is flexible, and just makes the ropes. Ford avoids a charge, chokes out LuFisto in the ropes and hits a standing moonsault for 2. Ford then works a Muta lock, but LuFisto quickly escapes. LuFisto slams her to the corner, sets her up top but Ford catches her with a RANA. The shotgun dropkick follows for 2. Ford now hits a DDT, but LuFisto kicks out. LuFisto catches her with a reverse DVD, Ford counters the burning hammer, hitting a head kick for 2. LuFisto cuts her off and the toss up gut buster follows. LuFisto hits the cannonball, and covers for 2. Ford manages to hit a jawbreaker, but LuFisto hits a cradle DDT but Ford kicks out. LuFisto is not happy, argues with the ref and Ford hits a cutter for 2. Ford looks for a back handspring, coming up short, allowing LuFisto to hit the burning hammer for the win. LuFisto defeated Penelope Ford @ 8:30 via pin [**½] This was a really solid back and forth match, with Ford given a lot against the veteran. But I felt that the match was too rushed and that nothing had time to sink in or make the audience care.

Mandy Leon vs. Jenny Rose: Deonna Purrazzo is out on commentary. They lock up, and Rose gets a takedown and they work some solid back and forth. They have a stand off, and work into a test of strength, Leon fights up and takes Rose to the mat. They work into a bridge spot, Rose counters and works an Indian death lock and then the Muta lock. Leon escapes and makes the ropes. Leon hits a clothesline, covering for 2. She then works the full nelson with the legs, the old iron maiden. Rose counters out and counters into a submission of her own. To the corner and Rose hits a clothesline, Leon counters the second attempt and hits double knees, Rose rolls to the floor. Leon hits an apron PK and cannonball off the apron. They work to the apron; Leon lays in chops but Rose fires back. They work slow counters and Rose hits a spear on the apron. Rose follows with a suplex on the floor, back in they go and Rose follows with strikes and hits a clothesline. They trade strikes center ring, Rose misses a charge and Leon hits a head scissors out of the corner, follows with a neck breaker and covers for 2. Rose hits a side slam, and fisherman’s suplex, covering for 2. To the corner they go, Leon hits a victory roll for 2. Leon hits a pump handle driver for the win. Mandy Leon defeated Jenny Rose @ 10:30 via pin [*½] This was another slow motion Mandy Leon special, but not in the fun CHIKARA/PWG kind of way. Leon is not a good wrestler, everything is so slow, has no aggression or sense of urgency to it, and comes off as completely unbelievable. But that doesn’t stop commentary from kissing her ass as the savior of Women of Honor and praising her recent trip to STARDOM where she won a bunch of matches she had no right to while almost injuring people like Toni Storm. Jenny Rose did her best here, but Leon is the company’s favorite and more importantly, “the booker’s favorite.”

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