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Csonka’s EVOLVE 115 Review

November 10, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
AR Fox EVOLVE Memorial Cup
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Csonka’s EVOLVE 115 Review  

Csonka’s EVOLVE 115 Review

* Barrett Brown defeated BSHP KNG via pin @ 9:00 [**]
* Mike Fierro defeated Juntai via pin @ 3:50 [**]
* Harlem Bravado defeated Adrian Alanis, Jason Kincaid, & Leon Ruff via pin @ 12:30 [***¼]
* Austin Theory defeated AR Fox via pin @ 1:30 [NR]
* Mustafa Ali defeated DJZ via pin @ 15:20 [****]
* Josh Briggs defeated Cody Vance via pin @ 1:15 [NR]
* SHINE Title Match: Champion Allysin Kay defeated Shotzi Blackheart via pin @ 9:35 [**¾]
* EVOLVE Tag Team Title Match: Champions Street Profits defeated Anthony Henry & JD Drake via pin @ 15:15 [****]
* EVOLVE Title Match: Champion Fabian Aichner defeated Kassius Ohno via pin @ 19:00 [****]
* Unsanctioned Match For Ownership of WWA4 and Leadership of The Skulk: AR Fox defeated Austin Theory via pin @ 27:00 [****]

Barrett Brown vs. BSHP KNG: They lock up, working into some back and forth until BSHP KNG dumps Brown. Back in and Brown trips up BSHP KNG and hits the running kick. The head scissors follows and BSHP KNG heads to the floor. He fights off a suicide dive and cuts off Brown with a kick. Back in and BSHP KNG grounds the action. Brown fires up but BSHP KNG levels him with a running forearm for 2. Brown fights to his feet again, transitions to a guillotine, but BSHP KNG powers out and hits a powerslam for 2. BSHP KNG now lays in strikes, but Brown fires back with a flurry of kicks and DDT for 2. Brown lays in strikes, BSHP KNG asks for more, and Brown keeps throwing. BSHP KNG hit the spinebuster, heads up top and the senton connects for 2. BSHP KNG takes off his boots and grabs work boots from under the ring. Back in and Brown avoids the kick and cradles BSHP KNG for the win. Barrett Brown defeated BSHP KNG via pin @ 9:00 [**] This was an ok opener, with a stupid finish and an overall disjointed feeling structure. I guess the BSHP KNG boot deal is a local thing but it came off as stupid. He takes his boots off, goes to the floor, puts on work boots, comes back in and misses a kick and gets pinned. I was really hoping that this would be more of a showcase for Barrett Brown, who impressed last time out.

Mike Fierro vs. Juntai: Mike is a big dude in the right ways, basically a taller Jeff Cobb. Mike overpowers to begin, shakes off the kicks and takes Juntai down and follows with ground and pound. He starts throwing suplexes, picking up a near fall. The corner splash follows but Juntai fights back and the missile dropkick gets 2. The enziguri follows, and the DDT gets 2. Juntai hits the running boot, looks for a high cross, gets caught and, the widow maker finishes things. Mike Fierro defeated Juntai via pin @ 3:50 [**] This was solid for the time given, but I really dig what I saw of Mike Fierro here. He’s a tall dude with a good build and moves well in the ring. He looks to have a ton of raw potential and definitely a guy you can develop into something.

Harlem Bravado vs. Adrian Alanis vs. Jason Kincaid vs. Leon Ruff: Alanis & Ruff dump Kincaid and work over Bravado to begin. Bravado fires up, runs them together and the double blockbuster follows for 2. Kincaid in, cuts off Bravado and follows with a double stomp. The knee drop follows, but Ruff & Alanis cut off Kincaid with double teams, and then Alanis attacks with chops and backbreaker. Ruff picks up the pace hits an enziguri but Bravado in and cuts off his dive attempt. Kincaid takes Alanis to the floor, celebrates, and Bravado kicks him in the face and sends him to the floor. Ruff back in and the RANA follows on Bravado. Bravado powders, and Ruff hits a step up dive to the floor. Alanis cuts off Ruff, and then hits the sitout powerbomb on Kincaid for 2. He hits a big boy senton; Kincaid cuts him off and sort of hits an x-factor. It breaks down; Bravado fights them off until Ruff hits a German for 2. Bravado fires back with a running boot, everyone works into a four-way down spot. They start trading strikes, Bravado takes Kincaid to the floor, and Ruff and Alanis work back and forth until Ruff hits a flying cutter. He heads up top and Bravado crotches him and hits the tower of London. Kincaid in and hits the neck breaker, and that gets 2 as Alanis makes the save. Kincaid locks on the compassionate release, but Bravado makes the save. Kincaid & Alanis brawl, Ruff joins in as they work up top and hits a sunset bomb on Alanis. Bravado dumps Kincaid and hits straight cash homie and picks up the win. Harlem Bravado defeated Adrian Alanis, Jason Kincaid, & Leon Ruff via pin @ 12:30 [***¼] This was a good multi-man match, they kept the action moving, didn’t do a ton of napping on the floor spots, Ruff got to shine again, and Bravado picks up a win ahead of his 116 title shot.

– Theory claims Fox is stealing from the Skulk, and will ruin their careers. Theory is the new hotness, and he should be their trainer, leader, and inspiration. He again claims he will beat Fox and become a future WWE champion.

Austin Theory vs. AR Fox: They have been building to this match for some time. They lock up and Theory scores a takedown. Fox fight out and hits a dropkick and flying arm bar. Kelly attacks Ayla on the floor and Theory cradles Fox and pins him holding the tights. Austin Theory defeated AR Fox via pin @ 1:30 [NR] Theory steals the win in short order, angering the fans until the post match angle set up “the real match” later on.

– Post match, Fox was pissed about how this all went down. They banter and agree to face again tonight, but this time if Theory wins, he wins ownership of WWA4 and gains leadership of The Skulk, but if Fox wins, he needs to show them the respect he’s refused them; the match will be an unsanctioned fight.

Mustafa Ali vs. DJZ: They kill the lights and face off in their light up gear. They shake hands and here we go. Lock up and DJZ grounds the action. Ali counters out and hits a lucha arm drag. They work into a series of counters, and DJZ grounds things. They work into a series of covers, and into a stand off. They pick up the pace, Ali huts a RANA, and DJZ is frustrated. He now hits a RANA as they try to one up each other. They push and shove, boot by Ali and DJZ shoves him to the floor. DJZ follows and lays in chops. Ali fires back but DJZ dumps him into the crowd. He follows with a running high cross into the chairs. Back in they go, and DJZ hits a slingshot splash and lionsault for 2. The clothesline follows, and another as DJZ heels up to the crowd. DJZ turns him inside out with a third clothesline and covers for 2. DJZ grounds things, Ali fights to his feet and rolls into a cradle for 2. DJZ cuts him off with a neck breaker, and they trade basement dropkicks. Ali fires up with clotheslines, a dropkick and enziguri. The rolling x-factor follows for 2. Ali takes him up top and follows. DJZ fights him off and runs into a DDT for 2. DJZ counters into a cradle, and follows with a code breaker for 2. DJZ up top and gets crotched. Ali follows him up and DJZ slips out into a powerbomb for 2. DJZ hits the face buster, but Ali fires back with kicks and into a cover for 2. They trade strikes, lighting each other up and then trade chops. DJZ counters the rolling x-factor into a DDT for 2. DJZ fires up and Ali counters the ZDT into a sunset flip for the win.Mustafa Ali defeated DJZ via pin @ 15:20 [****] This felt like a 205 Live main event, with Ali going full tilt as usual and DJZ delivering for EVOLVE again. This was great stuff with a hot crowd and the energetic sprint-like style you’d expect from these two.

Josh Briggs vs. Cody Vance: Briggs was supposed to be in the four-way, but had travel issues. Vance attacks at the bell, but Briggs cuts him off with a back breaker. The running boot follows and the F5 finishes Vance. Josh Briggs defeated Cody Vance via pin @ 1:15 [NR] A fine squash to give Briggs some momentum back.

SHINE Title Match: Champion Allysin Kay vs. Shotzi Blackheart: Kay attacks at the bell, laying the boots to Blackheart. Blackheart fires back and gets the sunset flip for 2. Blackheart rolls into a death lock variation, grounding the champion, and gets a cradle for 2. Kay cuts her off with a wheelbarrow German and that gets 2. Kay chokes her out, and follows with chops. Kay grounds things, and follows with a fall away slam for 2. Kay again grounds things, working a straight jacket; Blackheart fights out and hits a RANA. Kay misses a charge, superkick and knee strikes by Blackheart follow. The bulldog follows for 2. Kay cuts her off, but Blackheart counters into a DDT for 2. Kay now hits a clothesline and Saito suplex for 2. Kay hits another Saito suplex and then cuts off the sunset flip and hits jig’n tonic for 2. Kay takes her up top and follows her up. Blackheart fights off the superplex, knocks her to the mat and misses the double stomp and the rolling lariat finishes it. Champion Allysin Kay defeated Shotzi Blackheart via pin @ 9:35 [**¾] This was a pretty good match with Blackheart looking good before finally falling to the champion.

EVOLVE Tag Team Title Match: Champions Street Profits (Ford & Dawkins) vs. Anthony Henry & JD Drake: The Street Profits are over huge. The challengers attack before the bell and we start with a brawl on the floor, with Drake and Henry controlling. They run wild on the champions, roll Ford in and the drill bit and double stomp gets a near fall. Henry with a plancha onto Dawkins and, but back in, and the challengers have communication issues allowing Dawkins to make the comeback. The champions now take over with double teams until Henry takes Ford to the floor. Back in and Henry hits kicks and a neck breaker for 2. Drake in and chokes out Ford, they trade chops and Drake cuts him off and the sliding lariat gets 2. Double teams on Ford follow, and that gets 2. Henry grounds things, and the challengers work quick tags, as they continue to isolate Ford. Drake hits the big boy senton for 2. Henry in with a double stomp, and then lays in kicks. Ford battles back with a series of near falls, but Henry cuts him off and lays in forearms. Henry flies in but Ford cuts him of and catapults him to he buckles and fights off both and dives for the tag. Dawkins runs wild, Drake & Henry have communication issues as Dawkins hits dropkicks. Ford tags in as they double-team Henry, leading to a near fall. Henry fights them off, Drake with the hot tag and just firs away with strikes and chops on the champions. The DDT follows for 2 as Dawkins makes the save. Drake lights him up with chops, superkick by Ford and they hit the doomsday blockbuster but Henry makes the save. Henry with superkicks, spinebuster by Drake, and the TKO/shining wizard follows. The challengers run wild, Drake hits cannonballs, and Henry hits the top rope double stomp and Drake hits the moonsault for 2. Dawkins tosses Henry onto Drake, and everyone is down. They fight to their feet, trading strikes, Henry fires up with kicks as Drake hits a big lariat. The challengers isolate Dawkins but they have communication issues again and Ford flies in with a frog splash and pins Drake! Champions Street Profits defeated Anthony Henry & JD Drake via pin @ 15:15 [****] The Street Profits retain in a great match that not only continues the tease of Drake vs. Henry, but also sets up Ford vs. Drake. This EVOLVE run is going to be very good for the growth of the Profits. Ford is clearly being positioned as the break out star of the team, but Dawkins (who many ignore) is working really hard and delivering.

– Post match, Ford says he wants a shot at Drake’s WWN Championship. Book it Gabe.

EVOLVE Title Match: Champion Fabian Aichner vs. Kassius Ohno: Ohno looks absolutely thrilled to be back in EVOLVE and the crowd gives him a superstar reaction. They shake hands and here we go. They lock up and Ohno tosses Aichner aside with ease. They lock up and Ohno overpowers Aichner and they trade shoulder tackles. Ohno then kicks Aichner straight in the face and lays in chops. Aichner finally hits shoulder tackle and then catches Ohno and hits a powerslam. Ohno now hits a shoulder tackle, counters the dropkick with a big boot and follows with rights. Aichner quickly hits a belly to back suplex and that gets 2. The dropkick follows, but Ohno hits the bicycle kick and sends Aichner to the floor. Ohno follows him out and lays in chops. Back in and Ohno hits the senton and grounds Aichner. Ohno follows with a sick elbow strike and running kick. Ohno is slipping into bully mode, which he excels at. Ohno now follows with a knee drop and another after dropping the kneepad. Ohno talks shit and pie faces Aichner and follows with big time strikes. Aichner finally cuts him off with a tilt a whirl back breaker. They trade strikes, Aichner takes control and hits a lariat. The Finlay roll and moonsault follows for 2. Ohno fights off the powerbomb and they work into pin attempts. Ohno follows with a cyclone kick and that gets 2. Ohno now starts throwing bombs on Aichner, just destroying him with forearm strikes. Aichner gets the backslide for 2. Ohno with a KO shot, takes Aichner up top and follows him up. Aichner shoves him off and follow with a tornado DDT for 2. Aichner takes off his gloves now, looks for a powerbomb, Ohno fights and counters with RANA and elbow strikes, covering for 2. Aichner dares Ohno to keep throwing so Ohno kicks him in his face. Bad plan Fabian. Ohno lays in more kicks, just fucking Aichner’s day up. Aichner fires up, keeps asking for more, and takes it. he fired back with a flurry of strikes, Ohno hits another kick but Aichner hits the brainbuster, loses him on the powerbomb for a moment, but hercs him back up and hits it for the win. Champion Fabian Aichner defeated Kassius Ohno via pin @ 19:00 [****] Outside of the small flub at the end, this was great stuff with Ohno going back in time and reminding us of the Chris Hero that used to dominate EVOLVE. He was an absolutely tremendous bully here, and while he looked great, it was clear that the goal of this match and his performance was designed to put Aichner over as a legit and strong champion. To his credit, Aichner stepped up with another great performance and is off and rolling as the champion.

– Anthony Henry arrives and puts over the match an hypes his match with Aichner at 116. Ohno then raises Aichner’s hand before leaving, giving him the big endorsement.

Unsanctioned Match For Ownership of WWA4 and Leadership of The Skulk: AR Fox vs. Austin Theory: This is unsanctioned so anything goes. They brawl immediately on the floor, with Theory taking early control. He repeatedly whips Theory to the barricade, and breaks out a ladder. Fox slides under the ring and this confuses Theory. Theory follows, but finds a Skulk member, allowing Fox to hit a tope. Fox follows with a cannonball onto Theory, he gets a ladder and Theory cuts him off from using it and they trade strikes as Fox follows with a superkick. Fox follows with strikes, lays the ladder on Theory, who’s trapped under the ropes on the apron. Fox connects with the top rope leg drop. He now makes a ladder bridge between the apron and barricade, teases a suplex, but Theory cuts that off and brings Fox back in. Theory now takes Fox up top, lays in chops, and follows him up. Fox fights him off and lays in kicks. Theory falls onto the ladder and Fox hits the kick flip moonsault onto Fox. Kelly is out to distract Fox, allowing Theory to hits a running powerbomb into a propped up ladder. Back in and Theory covers for 2. Theory now lays in ground and pound, lays the boots to Fox, and then slaps him around and talks shit to him. Theory then whips him into a ladder. Theory then suplexes Fox onto the ladder and that gets 2. They work to the floor, and Theory crotches Fox on the guardrail and knocks him into the crowd. Fox battles back with elbow strikes, stuns him off the barricade and then shoves the barricade against the ring and then continues attacking Theory. Fox drapes him over the barricade, and follows with the apron leg drop. The dive over the barricade sends Theory into the chairs. Fox now stands on some chairs but Theory counters and then eats an enziguri. Fox follows with clotheslines, but Theory backdrops him back to ringside. Fox fires back with a superkick, grabs a ladder and sets it up, It’s a short ladder and Fox runs and uses it to crush Theory on the floor. Back in and Fox heads up top and the 450 connects for a CLOSE 2. Fox argues as the fans chant “that was 3.” Fox finally finds a proper ladder, not the short Dollar Tree brand, and slides it in. Fox sets up a little ladder bridge, and lays Theory on it. He heads up top but Theory rolls off of it. Fox flies anyway and misses the swanton. They trade strikes and kicks, Theory cuts off the cutter with three seconds around the world onto the ladder for 2. Fox keeps fighting escapes ataxia, and just uppercuts Theory in the balls. Ayla arrives and attacks Kelly as they brawl to the back. They trade strikes, both are exhausted and Fox then fires up with a final flurry of kicks and the Fox catcher finally finishes Theory. AR Fox defeated Austin Theory via pin @ 27:00 [****] The road to get to this match was long, and the story was told well. Theory was an ungrateful little shit and disrespected his teacher, school, and fellow students at every turn because he thinks he’s above them all, has surpassed Fox, and thinks he’s a future WWE champion, while Fox is all about having fun, winning matches, and getting his Skulk (students) opportunities. But he was so enraged, he put his everything on the line just to get his hands on Theory. And it was that story that led to this and allowed them to continue it in the ring, with a great unsanctioned match, where Fox finally overcame his disrespectful student, saving his school and students while seemingly ending the feud once and for all. They both took great punishment and delivered here.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
The one criticisms I have is that I don’t think the show needed 10-matches, as I think EVOLVE really thrived with the 5-7 match layout. The shows were shorter, everything felt important, and they flowed really well. That being said, EVOLVE 115 was a really strong show that set the stage well for EVOLVE 116, and delivered four great matches that were all different and worth your time. I understand some being skeptical of the new direction, but Fabian Aichner & the Street Profits are killing it so far.