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Csonka’s Impact Sacrifice 2020 Review

February 22, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Tessa Blanchard Impact Hard to Kill, Moose
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Csonka’s Impact Sacrifice 2020 Review  

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Csonka’s Impact Sacrifice 2020 Review

Tag Team Title Match: Champions The North defeated The Rascalz @ 20:20 via pin [***¾]
– Kiera Hogan defeated Ray Lyn @ 11:10 via pin [**¾]
– Willie Mack defeated Jay Bradley @ 6:35 via pin [**½]
– Larry D & Acey Romero defeated oVe @ 13:55 via pin [**¾]
– Daga defeated Jake Crist @ 16:40 via pin [***½]
– Joey Ryan defeated Johnny Swinger @ 8:10 via pin [**]
Knockouts Title Match: Champion Jordynne Grace defeated Havok @ 5:45 via submission [**½]
– Rhino defeated Moose @ 2:45 via DQ [NR]
No DQ Match: Moose defeated Rhino @ 11:55 via pin [**]
Non-Title Champion vs. Champion Match: Champion Tessa Blanchard vs. Ace Austin @ 18:35 via pin [***½]

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– Josh & D’Lo are on commentary.

– When I got the link to go live, Rohit Raju was in the ring with Corey Storm, and Raju won with the double stomp.

Champions The North vs. The Rascalz (Trey & Wentz): Trey and Josh begin, locking up and Josh overpowers him. Wentz tags in and grounds Josh, but Josh powers up and backdrops him. Trey back in and they work into counters as Josh delivers chops. Trey follows with arm drags, Wentz in and double teams follow for 2. Wentz delivers chops, Josh returns fire and Wentz counters back with the dropkick for 2. Page cheap shots Wentz and tags in. he follows with elbow strikes, rights and Wentz is down. Josh tags back in and follows with the delayed suplex for 2. He grounds Wentz, follows with clubbing strikes as Page joins in but Wentz tags in Trey. Trey runs wild until Page superkicks him and covers for 2. He follows with strikes, chokes out Trey and follows with the powerslam for 2. Josh tags in and stomps away at Trey. He grounds things, Trey fights to his feet and Page tags in as double teams from the champions follow. Page hits a backbreaker and dumps Wentz. Josh tags back in and follows with chops. Trey fires back, they trade and Trey lands machinegun chops until Josh cuts him off with the suplex. Page tags in and talks shit to Trey, follows with strikes and Trey is down. Josh now follows with body shots, slaps and Trey fires up and Josh cuts him off with the Finlay roll for 2. Page joins in for double teams, they work the hand off suplex spot but Trey counters out and tags in Wentz. Wentz runs wild on Page, hits a knee strike and PK. The cutter and code breaker follows for 2. Wentz follows with chops, Trey in and Page runs them together but they cut him off with a flurry of kicks and Josh makes the save. The Rascalz control until the champions cut them off with double teams and cover for 2. Wentz runs them together, hits knee strikes, a German and dumps Page. Josh slams Trey to the apron, dive by Wentz and back in, he follows with the destroyer for 2. Wentz heads up top and the swanton eats knees. Wentz keeps fighting. but the champions hit iconoclasm but Trey tags in. meteora is caught and the crucifix bomb gets 2. Trey fights back, Wentz tags in and the swanton follows. REF BUMP, Trey hits Cheeky nandos and the 619 follows. Raju gets involved and the champions retain. Champions The North defeated The Rascalz @ 20:20 via pin [***¾] This was very good and a tremendous opener. It was on it’s way to great but the garbage finish stopped that.

– Ace Austin does a poor man’s version of the iconic Steiner Math promo.

Kiera Hogan vs. Ray Lyn: They lockup and work to the ropes. Lockup again and back to the ropes they go. They lockup again, Lyn grounds things and Hogan counters out and they trade shoulder tackles. They talk shit, both try and miss a dropkick and have a dance off while posing. Hogan attacks, follows with chops and Lyn then counters with arm drags. She twerks in Hogan’s face, Hogan cuts her off and follows with a basement dropkick for 2. Hogan delivers chops, and chokes out Lyn in the ropes. Hogan follows with chops, a corner splash and running ass attack for 2. She grounds things, they trade dropkicks and Hogan covers for 2. They work into a double down. Lyn then follows with kicks and a running meteora for 2. The running knee strike follows, Lyn up top and sorta hits a missile dropkick for 2. Hogan counters back and follows with the corner boot for 2. Lyn fights off the neck breaker, and the spin kick gets 2. Lyn follows with the fisherman’s suplex for 2. They trade and Hogan hits the superkick an fisherman’s neck breaker for the win. Kiera Hogan defeated Ray Lyn @ 11:10 via pin [**¾] This was a pretty good match if a bit rough at times.

Willie Mack vs. Jay Bradley: Bradley attacks before the bell and Mack fires back, they trade and Bradley takes control. he follows with a slam, and the Vader bomb misses. Spin kick by Mack, and the dropkick follows as Mack follows with the plancha. He delivers rights, chops and back in, Mack hits a corner splash. Bradley cuts him off with the big boot and gut wrench suplex for 2. Mack fires back, but Bradley follows with the double axe handle for 2. He chokes out Mack, follows with clubbing strikes and talks shit. Bradley follows with rights, and then grounds things. Mack fights to his feet, hits a head kick and Samoan drop. The standing moonsault gets 2. The stunner follows and another connects as the frog splash finishes it. Willie Mack defeated Jay Bradley @ 6:35 via pin [**½] This was a perfectly solid piece of business.

Mad Man Fulton & Dave Crist vs. Larry D & Acey Romero: Jake is at ringside. Fulton and Larry D begin, locking up and trading shoulder tackles as Larry D dumps him. Dave in and attacks, Larry D stops him and levels him. The corner dropkick follows as Romero tags in and they follow with double teams. Romero covers for 2. Jake takes the ref, Fulton trips up Romero and Fulton tag in. he beats down Romero, follows with a cross a body in the ropes and then mows him down. Dave tags in and follows with strikes and kicks. Dave starts attacking the knee, Futon back in and works over Romero with rights. The corner splash follows for 2. Double teams follow on Romero and that gets 2. Romero fires back, Fulton cuts him off but Romero keeps firing back, they trade and Romero finally clotheslines him down. tag to Larry D and he takes control with shoulder tackles, a suplex and cross bodies Fulton. The powerbomb on Dave follows for 2. The KO shot is countered, Romero tags in and Fulton is cutoff by double teams and the Romero elbow drop follows for 2. Dave takes out Larry D and Romero dumps him and then Fulton. Fulton cuts off the dive once but Romero hits it the second time. Back in and Romero heads up top. Dave grabs his leg and Fulton is KO’s by Larry D. Dave in and sliced bread follows for 2. He argues with the ref, Romero cuts him off, KO by Larry D and the pounce finishes it. Larry D & Acey Romero defeated oVe @ 13:55 via pin [**¾] This was pretty good with the right team winning, but a bit of a slog in the middle portion.

– Post match oVe attack until Daga makes the save.

Daga vs. Jake Crist: They get right to action, with Daga controlling early on. They work into counters, crucifix by Jake and that gets 2. Daga dumps him and follows with a plancha. Daga follows with the apron cannonball. Back in and Jake counters with the superkick, covering for 2. he chokes out Daga in the ropes, follows with strikes and then rolls into a kimura. Daga escapes, but Jake rakes the eyes. He goes back to the arm, but Daga makes the ropes. Jake follows with chops, Daga fires back but Jake levels him with a knee strike for 2. He grounds things again, focusing on the arm. Daga makes the ropes, and counters into a RANA, a back breaker and Jake rakes the eyes. He goes back to he arm, and slams Daga down shoulder first on the apron. Daga fires back, hits a tornado DDT on the floor and back in. Daga follows with aces high, clotheslines and a sky high powerbomb for 2. the dragon screw follow and the sitout powerbomb get 2 for Daga. They work up top and Jake fires back and follows with the sunset bomb for 2. They trade, suplex by Daga and the German gets 2. Jake then cradles him for 2. Jake powerslam him to the buckles, and that gets 2. They work up top, but Daga counters into the avalanche DVD for 2. Jake counters back with kicks, they trade and Daga covers for 2. Daga heads up top and flies off into a cutter for 2. He pie faces Daga and follows with strikes until Daga hits the RANA and cradle for 2. The tiger driver 98 finishes it. Daga defeated Jake Crist @ 16:40 via pin [***½] They got time and delivered a really good match, with a tremendously fun closing stretch and some great near falls.

– Swinger cuts a promo, calling him Animal Steel & Freddie Mercury’s love child. Swinger is a real wrestler and master o thousands of holds and offers Ryan a best of VHS to help him learn instead of having this match, and asks Ryan to lay down so they can still get paid and head to the next town.

Joey Ryan vs. Johnny Swinger: Ryan lays down and rolls up Swinger for 2. Ryan has the VHS in his tights and Swinger takes it back. Ryan offer a handshake, tries to make Swinger touch it and Swinger escapes. Ryan attacks with strikes, Swinger makes the mistake of trying atomic drops but hurts his knee. Ryan takes control with strikes until Swinger stuns him off the ropes. The double axe handle follows for 2. He grounds the action. Ryan fires up and Swinger falls into his balls and that allows Ryan to fire back, hits a dropkick and spinebuster for 2. Swinger tries to use the ropes, the ref catches him and after lollipop shenanigans, Swinger hits Ryan with the VHS for 2. Ryan counters swing time and makes Swinger touch it, dick flips him and Swinger kicks out at 2. Sweet tooth music finishes it. Joey Ryan defeated Johnny Swinger @ 8:10 via pin [**] This was fine.

Champion Jordynne Grace vs. Havok: Havok attacks right away and takes early control. She grounds Grace, attacking the taped up shoulder and then misses the leg drop. Grace fires back, working a sleeper but Havok escapes but Grace counters into a Vader bomb for 2. Havok fights off Grace driver, but Grace hits a draping DDT for 2. Grace counters back into the sleeper, but Havok slams her way out. They trade clotheslines and Havok follows with the backbreaker and chokeslam for 2. They workup top and Grace fights her off, locks on the sleeper again and Havok slams her way out but Grace locks it back in and Havok fades and is done. Champion Jordynne Grace defeated Havok @ 5:45 via submission [**½] This was short and solid, although I really appreciated race changing up her gameplan here and it worked well.

– Chris Harris is at ringside.

Moose vs. Rhino: They trade at the bell, Rhino hits a spinebuster and follows with a toss across the ring. Moose powders, tease leaving, but Rhino chases and they brawl at ringside. Back in and Rhino begs off. and low blow Rhino. Rhino defeated Moose @ 2:45 via DQ [NR] OK

NO DQ MATCH: Moose vs. Rhino: Moose gets a chair, hits the ropes and hits himself afterwards. They brawl to the floor and Moose takes control, talks shit to Chris Harris and Rhino attacks with a chair. Moose posts him and does it again. The big boot follows, but Rhino then cuts him off with a trashcan lid shot. Back in and Rhino low blows him. He follows with strikes, gets a staple gun and Rhino fights him off, takes it and staples Moose in the dick. Rhino follows with clotheslines, dropkick from Moose and hits another. He gets a hammer and Rhino fights him off, takes it and Moose fights him off until Rhino hits a spinebuster. Moose hammers his foot and grabs a chair and another. Back in and Moose follows with chair shots. Moose up top and Rhino hits him with a chair, piles them up and follows Moose up top. The superplex into the chairs follows. Rhino gets a table, slides it in and sets it in the corner. He sets for a gore, but Moose cuts him off and wedges a chair in the corner. Rhino runs him into it, but Moose then spears him through the table. Moose defeated Rhino @ 11:55 via pin [**] This was a really lethargic plunder brawl, their PPV match was better.

– We get an ICU message.

Champion Tessa Blanchard vs. Ace Austin: They work into a test of strength as Ace teases kissing Tessa as she slaps him and the sunset flip follows for 2 Ace cuts her off with knee strikes, elbows and dump her into the buckles. Ace grounds things, working a dragon sleeper. Ace follows with a suplex, and then kicks in the ropes. He follows with clubbing strikes, and grounds things again. Ace delivers more kick, chokes her out in the ropes and follows with the half crab. Tessa fights to the ropes and follows with the running kick. Ace counters back into an enziguri and Tessa spills to the floor. He follows her out and hits an apron superkick. He follows with strikes, slams her to the apron but Tessa fires back and Ace cuts her off with a boot. Tessa fires back with the superkick, but Ace cuts off the dive. Back in and Ace hits the anarchist suplex for 2. He grounds things, get the playing card and “cuts” her hand. The cover follows for 2. Tessa fires back, and the draping code breaker connects on the second try. Tessa follows with clotheslines, and a RANA. Ace fakes a back injury but Tessa hits the cutter and follows with a suicide dive. She hits another and then a third. Back in and Ace counters into a northern lights suplex for 2. He follows with ushigoroshi, but Tessa cuts him off with the neck breaker for 2. Ace fights off the buzzsaw DDT, takes her up top and then counters magnum with the spin kick for 2. Ace up top and follows with the leg drop for 2. The fold is countered into a tornado DDT and code red follows for 2. Tessa heads back up top and magnum is countered, enziguri by Ace and they work up top. Tessa fights him off, and counters into an avalanche buzzsaw, but counters again and Tessa DDTs him to the buckles for the win. Champion Tessa Blanchard vs. Ace Austin @ 18:35 via pin [***½]This was an overall very good main even, and while there was some wonky psychology in the middle, the home stretch redeemed it.

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The final score: review Average
The 411
Impact Sacrifice 2020 was an overall pretty good show, clocking in at just under three-hours and delivering some good in-ring action. If cherry picking watch the North vs. The Rascalz, Daga vs. Jake, & Ace vs. Tessa.