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Csonka’s Impact Wrestling One Night Only Canadian Clash Review

February 23, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Alberto el patron One Night Only Impact Wrestling
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Csonka’s Impact Wrestling One Night Only Canadian Clash Review  

Csonka’s Impact Wrestling One Night Only Canadian Clash Review

– Dezmond Xavier & Eddie Edwards defeated oVe @ 11:30 via pin [**½]
– Rosemary defeated KC Spinelli @ 7:53 via pin [**½]
– Petey Williams defeated Jimmy Jacobs, Gavin Quinn, and Hakim Zane @ 10:12 via pin [**¾]
– LAX defeated the Cult of Lee @ 7:35 via pin [***]
– Laurel Van Ness defeated Sienna @ 9:22 via pin [**]
– Lashley defeated El Hijo del Fantasma @ 9:09 via pin [**¾]
– Eli Drake defeated A-1 @ 10:16 via pin []
From Final Resolution 2011: James Storm defeated Kurt Angle @ 18:00 via pin [***½]
– Moose defeated EC3 @ 9:08 via pin [**½]
– Alberto El Patron defeated James Storm @ 13:10 via pin [**]

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– This is available on the Global Wrestling Network.

– Matches were taped in Ottawa & at BCW.

Dezmond Xavier & Eddie Edwards vs. oVe (Jake & Dave Crist): Jake & Xavier start things off. They work a slow and clunky opening stretch. Dave & Eddie tag in, Eddie takes control and works quick tags with Xavier. Dave cuts off Xavier, working the arm. Jake in now and maintains the heat on Xavier. Quick tags by oVe as Dave takes a cheap shot. Xavier picks up the pace, hits a dropkick but is slammed to the corner. Jake back in, but Xavier counters out and tags in Eddie. He runs wild, bringing some much needed energy to the match. Dave cheap shots Eddie, allowing Jake to take control. Dave in and lays in some chops. Eddie fights back with a suplex, and we get wholesale changes to Jake & Xavier. Xavier controls, hitting a dropkick for 2. Jake hits an enziguri and superkick, and the German gets 2. Double teams by oVe follow, and Eddie makes the save. He’s dumped and oVe run into each other, and Eddie files in with a double missile dropkick. The suicide dive follows and Xavier then hits a tope. Back in and Xavier hits the back flip kick and Eddie finishes Dave with the running knee strike. Dezmond Xavier & Eddie Edwards defeated oVe @ 11:30 via pin [**½] This was a solid match that had some bright spots, but never really settled in and the crowd was mostly dead.

Rosemary vs. KC Spinelli: Spinelli looks afraid of Rosemary here. Rosemary looks to lure her in, but Spinelli backs off. Spinelli runs and Rosemary chases her around the ring. Back in and Rosemary sneaks up behind her and attacks. She connects with clotheslines, and then a forearm off the ropes. Rosemary misses a charge, but then works a tarantula. Rosemary up top but misses the missile dropkick, and Spinelli lays the boots to her. The clothesline follows. Spinelli follows with corner spears and a bulldog for 2. The handspring elbow connects in the corner, but Rosemary fights back with strikes and clotheslines. Spinelli ten dumps her to the floor. Spinelli drags her backing and they hit cross bodies for the double down. Rosemary rises up and scares Spinelli and follows with a German. The XPLODER follows and that gets 2. Spinelli counters out of red wedding, but Rosemary cradles her for 2. Spinelli hits the final cut, and heads up top. The moonsault misses. Rosemary finishes her with red wedding for the win. Rosemary defeated KC Spinelli @ 7:53 via pin [**½] This was another solid back and forth match, with Spinelli putting in another good effort, and continues to be a fun addition to the roster.

Jimmy Jacobs vs. Gavin Quinn vs. Hakim Zane vs. Petey Williams: This was taped at BCW. Jacobs does a bunch of wacky posing to begin, because he’s a zombie princess. Petey & Jacobs clear the ring and they trade strikes. Petey hits a suicide dive, and Zane attacks Jacobs. The shady BCW loose ass ropes are back. Jacobs cuts off Zane and works over Quinn. He then grounds the action, and it ends up in a three person head scissor spot. Petey in and locks on the sharp shooter, but Zane cuts him off. Quinn hits Jacobs with a superkick for 2. Zane & Quinn take control, dumping Petey and then double-teaming Jacobs. That ends quickly as Quinn attacks and dumps Zane. Quinn holds the ring, working over Jacobs, but Jacobs hits a clothesline. Zane back in, sweeps the ring and covers for 2. Zane hits a snap suplex on Jacobs for 2. Jacobs battles back with a tornado suplex for 2. Quinn returns and hits a powerslam for 2.Petey back in and hits a German, and then the Russian leg sweep on Zane gets 2. The flatliner follows and then a bulldog on Quinn connects Quinn & Quinn take down Jacobs & Petey, Petey fights back with strikes, lighting up Quinn, He then powerbombs Zane onto Quinn. Zane runs wild with strikes and boots, the cannonball follows for 2. Quinn now it’s a rack bomb for a good near fall. Jacobs back in and rolls up Quinn for 2. Jacobs kisses him and hits a cutter. Petey dumps Jacobs and hits the destroyer on Quinn and picks up the win. Petey Williams defeated Jimmy Jacobs, Gavin Quinn, and Hakim Zane @ 10:12 via pin [**¾] This was a pretty good match, with a better crowd reaction and overall sense of urgency. Petey picking up the win was the right call, as it played well with the Canadian crowd.

LAX (Santana & Ortiz) vs. The Cult of Lee (Trevor Lee & Caleb Konley): Konnan & Homicide are out with LAX. Konley & Ortiz start us off. Ortiz looks to overpower Konley to begin, but Konley picks up the pace and they work a nice back and forth until Ortiz hits a northern lights suplex for 2. Double-teams by LAX follow and the cover gets 2. Santana in, distracted by Lee, and gets dumped to the floor. Lee rolls Santana back in and then Lee tags in, taking control and covering for 2. Quick tags follow, and Konley takes control, covering for 2. Sonata tries to fire up, but is cut off right away, and Lee tags in. The clothesline follows, and he then mocks Ortiz before hitting a back breaker for 2 on Santana. Konley back in, Santana fights them off and tags in Ortiz, he runs wild hitting a RANA and then a sitout spinebuster for 2. It breaks down with Konley hitting a bridging back suplex for 2. Santana and Lee to the floor, Lee gets posted and Homicide is in and hits a cutter off the ropes on Konley. The street sweeper finishes it. LAX defeated the Cult of Lee @ 7:35 via pin [***] This was a good match, straight and to the point, with clean work and nice sense of urgency.

Sienna vs. Laurel Van Ness: This was taped at BCW. LVN plays around, causing Sienna to fall all over the place and to the floor. Sienna fires back and then beats on LVN, working her over in the corner. Sienna kicks her to the floor and poses. Sienna follows and lays in chops on the floor. LVN fires back, but Sienna cuts her off and slams her off of the apron. Sienna then posts her, lays in more chops and back in we go. LVN hits a sunset flip for 2. Sienna fires back with mounted strikes, and then chokes out LVN. They trade strikes, but Sienna hits the sack of shit slam, covering for 2. Sienna now works a Japanese strangle hold, but LVN escapes and hits a backstabber. They work back and forth, and LVN hits a curb stop to he buckles, covering for 2. LVN looks for the unprettier, but Sienna escapes and LVN counters the AK 47. Sienna cuts her off with a lariat for 2. LVN counters another AK 47 into a code red for 2. LVN fires up, misses a curb stomp and Sienna trolls her up for 2. LVN then hits the unprettier for the win. Laurel Van Ness defeated Sienna @ 9:22 via pin [**] This was an OK match, which unfortunately felt way too long and was really lackadaisical and at times, overly repetitive.

Lashley vs. El Hijo del Fantasma: Lashley looks to overpower Fantasma to begin, and does with ease. Shoulder blocks follow, and Lashley then beats him down in the corner. Corner spears follow and he then posts himself, allowing Fantasma to pick up the pace and dump Lashley to the floor. Fantasma follows, and they work back into the ring. Lashley grounds things, lays in the boots and the delayed suplex is countered, and Fantasma picks up the pace, hits a RANA and covers for 2. Lashley cuts him off with a spinebuster, and hits the running powerslam for 2. Lashley dumps Fantasma to he floor, Lashley follows, and just beats him down. Lashley then sends Fantasma over the barricade; Lashley sends him back to ringside and chokes him out. Back in and Lashley covers for 2. Lashley grounds things, and then hits a running back elbow. Lashley covers for 2. Fantasma picks up the pace, hits a RANA, and follows with dropkicks, covering for 2. Lashley now sent to the floor, and Fantasma hits the suicide dive. Back in and Lashley fights of the head scissors, and Lashley hits a RANA and spear for the win. Lashley defeated El Hijo del Fantasma @ 9:09 via pin [**¾] This was a pretty good match, it took a bit to get going, but was fun overall.

Eli Drake vs. A-1: This was taped at BCW. A-1 is the same guy from the team Canada days on the weekly PPV shows, he’s still in great shape, but slimmed down. We get a ton of stalling to begin. They now work some slow back and forth; Drake hits a shoulder tackle but then runs into a hip toss. A-1 hits a shoulder tackle, but Drake cuts him off and works him over in the corner. A-1 now hits clotheslines, but gets dumped to the floor. Drake then stuns A-1 off the ropes, and hits an apron neck breaker. We get some floor brawling but A-1 posts Drake. He follows with chops, but Drake pokes him in the eyes. Drake then suplexes him on the ramp. Back in and Drake covers for 2. Drake misses a charge, but immediately comes back, cutting off A-1. But Drake misses the knee drop, and then also misses a springboard moonsault. A-1 fires up with strikes, hits a shoulder tackle, and follows with a knee lift. The fisherman’s suplex gets 2. Things get sloppy in the transitions, but A-1 hits a Russian leg sweep for 2. A-1 heads up top, but Drake runs up and hits the superplex for 2. The gravy train is countered and A-1 gets a cradle for a near fall. A-1 up top, but Drake knocks the ref into the ropes, crotching A-1, and the gravy train finishes it. Eli Drake defeated A-1 @ 10:16 via pin [*¾] This was not good at all, as A-1 was REALLY bad in his transitions, and Drake looked really pissed half of the time. It isn’t like they were working complex counters here, it’s that A-1 is just still a really bad wrestler.

From Final Resolution 2011: Kurt Angle vs. James Storm: They hate each other so much that they lock up right away, RAGE! Another lock up, they work around the ropes, and Angle takes him down and they grapple. Storm with the hammerlock, and Angle escapes. Lock up again, Angle works the arm. Storm escapes, they work counter holds, and a side headlock takeover by Storm. Angle counters out of that, and applies a side headlock. Storm to his feet, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Storm. A hip toss and arm drag follows. Storm works the arm bar, To the corner they go, eye rake by Angle. Rights follow, Storm covers up as Angle beats on him. Off the ropes and a knee buster by Storm, neck breaker follows and a cover for 2. Storm then clothesline Angle to the floor. He follows and rights to Angle. Storm slams Angle to the barricade and more rights follow. Storm breaks the count, and then Angle slams him to the steel steps. Back into the ring we go and Angle kicks him in the head. Chinlock applied by Angle as he tries to keep Storm grounded. Storm fights to his feet, elbows out, off the ropes and a back elbow by Angle sends Storm to the mat. Mounted rights by Angle, and he breaks due to the count. More rights from Angle and Storm crumbles to the mat. Angle then chokes him out with the boot, to the floor and elbows by Angle to the head and face of Storm. Storm tries to cover up, but Angle still continues his attack. Storm tries to fight back with rights, off the ropes and a sleeper applied by Angle. Angle takes Storm to the mat, and the referee checks the arm of Storm. Storm fights out to his feet, elbows out and then gets the belly to back suplex. BOTH men are down. Angle gets to his feet first, they trade rights, off the ropes and a clothesline by Storm. Another and a third. Angle fires back, lung blower and then a back stabber by Storm gets 2. Rights by Storm, but an overhead belly to belly by Angle gets 2. Angle looks for the Germans, Storm counters, off the ropes and a roll through and ankle lock by Angle. Storm rolls out, sent to the apron and a kick to Angle. Boot by Storm, whirly bird try countered and a GERMAN by Angle! Holds on and lands another. Rolls again and then lands the third and Angle covers for 2. Angle slam countered and Storm gets the whirly bird! SHADES OF AL PEREZ! That gets 2 for Storm. Storm to the apron, up top now and Angle runs up and slips, but then gets the huge belly to belly off the top. Angle covers for 2. Straps down, angle slam countered and a superkick by Storm countered into the ankle lock. Storm looks to tap, tries to fight, but escapes. Angle misses a charge and hits the steel post, both men to the apron. Storm grabs Angle and gets the hangman’s DDT on the apron. Angle falls to the floor as does Storm. Storm works his way back into the ring, rolling in Angle as well. Storm sets in the corner, looks for the superkick, Angle catches him and gets the Angle slam for 2. Angle goes up top, moonsault try MISSES! Storm gets ready, SUPERKICK! 1…2…3! James Storm defeated Kurt Angle @ 18:00 via pin [***½] This is a very good match, and a welcomed addition to what has been a very average show.

Moose vs. EC3: They lockup and Moose overpowers EC3 to begin. Loc up again, and EC3 looks to outwrestle Moose. Moose overpowers again and hits a shoulder block. They push and shove, EC3 gets pissed but Moose knocks him on his ass. More shoulder blocks and chops follow by Moose. The bicycle kick follows and EC3 powders to the floor. Moose follows, delivering more chops. EC3 cuts him off, but ends up chopping the post. EC3 now slams Moose onto the apron and follows with rights. Back in and EC3 hits a suplex, covering for 2. EC3 keeps control, hitting a back elbow. EC3 lays the boots to him, and talks some trash. The knee drop follows. EC3 now lays in chops, and chokes out Moose in the ropes. EC3 works jabs an mocks Moose while doing so, but Moose hits a head butt. Moose follows with jabs, and a big right. The corner dropkick follows, but EC3 fights of the game changer and they tease a ref bump, low blow by EC3, and that gets 2. Moose hits the game changer for the win. Moose defeated EC3 @ 9:08 via pin [**½] This was a perfectly solid match, that unfortunately just never got out of second gear.

Alberto El Patron vs. James Storm: This has been hyped as the last match for Storm since he’s done with the company. Patron stalls to begin. They waste a good two-minutes here doing nothing. Patron wants to shake hand, but Storm attacks and we’re finally underway. Storm lays in rights and Patron powders to the floor. Storm follows and slams him off of the steps, and then continues to attack. He then gets help from the fans, slamming Patron into their boots. Back in and Patron cuts off Storm, and works him over in the corner. Back to the floor and Patron posts Storm and takes control. This is a total walk and brawl so far. Back in and Patron continues to attack, covering for 2. Storm now tosses Patron to the floor. He follows with rights, but Patron sends him to the steps. Back in and Patron continues his attack, and then grounds the action. Storm battles back, sets Patron up top and Patron works the hanging arm bar in the ropes. Storm manages to cut him off and hits a clothesline for the double down. V now runs wild, hitting anatomic drop and clothesline. The enziguri and neck breaker follows for 2. Storm sets, but Patron counters the superkick. The back stabber follows for 2. Patron misses a superkick and Storm hits a backstabber for 2. Patron attacks the arm, hits a superkick and covers for 2. Patron up spits water on Storm, and looks for the arm bar, but Storm hits a flatliner for 2. They work up top now, Patron fights off Storm and hits the double stomp and that’s it. Alberto El Patron defeated James Storm @ 13:10 via pin [**] This was a lot of stalling, a lot of walk and brawl, and not much else. There was no life to this, no sense of urgency, and was a complete disappointment.

– Patron cuts a post match promo and makes the ref raise his hand in victory.

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Average
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This was a very typical One Night Only show, nothing really bad, but at the same time, nothing worth going out of your way to see. It was fine.