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Csonka’s Impact Wrestling Rebellion 2019 Review

April 29, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
LAX Impact Rebellion
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Csonka’s Impact Wrestling Rebellion 2019 Review  

Csonka’s Impact Wrestling Rebellion 2019 Review

– Ace Austin won an X-Division 6-way @ 5:35 via pin [**¾]
– Scarlett Bordeaux defeated Rohit Raju @ 5:00 via pin []
– Moose & The North defeated The Rascalz @ 9:30 via pin [***½]
Knockouts Title Match: Champion Taya defeated Jordynne Grace @ 9:10 via pin [***]
X-Division Title oVe Rules Match: Champion Rich Swann defeated Sami Callihan @ 16:10 via submission [***¾]
– Tessa Blanchard defeated Gail Kim @ 13:10 via submission [****]
Impact World Title Match: Cage defeated Champion Johnny Impact @ 13:20 via pin [**¾]
Tag Team Title Full Metal Mayhem Match: LAX defeated Champions The Lucha Bros @ 21:05 via pin [****¼]

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Petey Williams vs. Jake Crist vs. Aiden Prince vs. Ace Austin vs. Cousin Jake vs. Eddie Edwards: We start with the big brawl, and Edwards hits a suicide dive. Petey hits a RANA to the floor, and Austin then attacks him and then cuts of the Prince dive. Austin follows with a dive that Jake turns into a cutter onto the pile. Prince cuts off Jake, and then Petey cuts him off. The sharpshooter follows until Jake breaks that up. Jake lights him up with kicks, Austin cuts off the dive and follows with superkicks. Crist flies in and hits the cutter and suicide DDT. Petey hits a code breaker, and Prince hits the 450 on Crist for 2. Edwards hits the tiger driver on Austin for 2. Jake cuts him off with a black hole slam but Petey hits the destroyer and Austin rolls up Petey for the win. Ace Austin won an X-Division 6-way @ 5:35 via pin [**¾] This was pretty good, all action and a big win for Austin, it just needed more time.

– They announce Impact Plus, which looks to be an updated Global Wrestling Network.

– Sami Callihan cuts a promo on Rich Swann.

Scarlett Bordeaux vs. Rohit Raju: Gama Singh and his son are at ringside. Fallah Bahh is out with Scarlett. Raju rushes Scarlett, takes her down and poses. Scarlett attacks and lays the boots to him and dumps him. She dropkicks Raj and that allows Raju to cut her off. Back in and Raju whips her to the buckles. He stomps on her hands, Scarlett fires back but Raju hits a suplex for 2. Scarlett tries to fight back, lays in kicks an elbows. She lays in chops, and hits la mistica and Raju has to fight, and escapes. He follows with elbows, but Scarlett hits a German. She heads up top and hits a high cross to the floor. Gama takes the ref, and Raj dumps Scarlett off the ropes. Raju looks for a stink face; low blow by Scarlett and the jig ‘n tonic finishes him. Scarlett Bordeaux defeated Rohit Raju @ 5:00 via pin [*½] This wasn’t worth a PPV slot and the time would have been better used added to the X-Division opener.

The Rascalz vs. Moose & The North: Trey and Moose begin. The Rascalz then all attack, Trey hits a dropkick and they all hit senton atomicos. Moose kips up and cuts them off, tagging in Page. He and Alexander run wild, and Alexander covers for 2. The assisted suplex follows for 2 on Dez. Moose tags back in and lays in rights. Alexander back in and hits a back breaker for 2. Page tags in and he also hits a back breaker. Moose in and lays in chops, Dez fires back, but Moose cuts him off with a dropkick. Moose tosses him around, but Dez cuts him off with a tornado DDT. Page and Alexander in and Dez runs them together. Page cuts off Dez and dumps him to the ramp. Page gets cut off, same for Moose and Wentz flies in with a cutter. RANA by Trey and they take out Page on the floor. Trey cuts off Alexander but Moose catches the tope and slams him to the barricade. Dez wipes him out with a dive. Back in and Alexander catches Dez and Trey, but they escape and knock Moose back to the floor. Cheeky nandos on Alexander, meteors, swanton and more follow on Alexander. Page makes the save, lays in strikes, and dumps Wentz. They triple team Dez, and the assisted spinebuster and spear follows and Dez is done. Moose & The North defeated The Rascalz @ 9:30 via pin [***½] This was a very good and tremendously fun all action tag match.

– Melissa interviews Taya & Impact. They run down their opponents for tonight.

Knockouts Title Match: Champion Taya vs. Jordynne Grace: Grace attack at the bell, laying in ground and pound. To the floor and she slams Taya off the apron. The apron bomb follows, and rolls her back in and covers for 2. Taya then runs into boots and Grace hits a senton for 2. She posts Taya, but Taya pokes her in the eyes and stuns her arm off the ropes. She repeatedly posts Grace’s arm, and follows with a running knee strike for 1. Taya chokes out Grace, and follows with strikes. The full nelson bomb and arm bar follows. Taya grabs the other arm as well, but Grace makes the ropes. Taya keeps attacking the arm and hits a draping DDT for 2. Taya grounds Grace, and goes back to the arm. Grace powers up and escapes. Grace follows with a clothesline, but she can’t follow up due to the bad arm. Taya lays in strikes, but Grace keeps firing back and hits a Michinoku driver for 2. Grace cuts off the sunset flip, Taya up top and Grace grabs her and hits the muscle buster for 2. Taya counters the Grace driver and they trade pin attempts, knee by Taya and she follows with a head butt. Grace fires back, but Taya hits the road to Valhalla and that’s that. Champion Taya defeated Jordynne Grace @ 9:10 via pin [***] This was a good match, with a smart layout and great selling by Grace, even if the finish felt a bit flat.

X-Division Title oVe Rules Match: Champion Rich Swann vs. Sami Callihan: They push and shove, superkick by Swann and they trade kicks. Swann picks up the pace and follows with a dropkick. Swann gets a staple gun and staples Sami. They brawl on the floor and more stapling from Swann. Swann tosses in a trashcan, and then chairs. Back in and Sami looks to staple Swann, but Swann fights back and Sami staples him anyway. Sami follows with chops, and then face washes. Swann then fires up and superkicks him to the floor. Sam then cuts off a suicide dive with a cookie sheet shot. They work to the apron, and Sami hits the cactus driver. Sami gets a guardrail, makes a bridge, and they beats on Swann. Back in and Sami looks to powerbomb him to the floor, Swann escapes and follows with chair shots. Sami then follows with an XPLODER into an open chair for 2. Sami looks for anther cactus driver, but Swann hits him with a cookie sheet to counter. Sami spits at him and Swann attacks with the trashcan, pits it over his head and follows with superkicks. He follows with a twister onto the trashcan for 2. Sami rolls to the ramp, Swann gets a wet floor caution sign and attacks. He keeps beating on Sami, but Sami rakes the eyes only for Swann to hits a RANA. Swann follows with lethal injection on the ramp. Swann heads up top and Sami cuts him off and they brawl down and onto the floor. Superkick by Swann, but Sami gets the balls claw and cactus driver onto the barricade bridge. Back in and Sami covers for 2. Sami now gets LEGOS. He dumps them out, takes Swann to the ropes and Swann fights off cactus driver and slams Sami onto the LEGOS. Swann heads up top, Sami blinds him with powder and follows him up. SUPER CACTUS DRIVER into the LEGOS only gets 2. Sami now gets a barbed wire bat, Swann fights him off, but Sami begs for mercy. Swann hits him anyway and locks on a crossface with the barbed wire bat and Sami taps.Champion Rich Swann defeated Sami Callihan @ 16:10 via submission [***¾] This was very good, with Sami making Swann play into his game and cross a line he hadn’t before. Unfortunately for Sami, Swann gladly crossed that line and not only took the fight to him and retained.

– Tully Blanchard is here to support his daughter.

Tessa Blanchard vs. Gail Kim: Chef Robert Irvine is at ringside, as is Tully Blanchard. They go face to face, talking shit and Tessa attacks with strikes. Kim fights back and answers, and lays the boots to Tessa. Kim follows with kicks and a leg drop for 2. Kim lays in strikes, but Tessa hits a RANA. The springboard dropkick follows and Kim spills to the floor. The suicide dive follows. Kim fights back with kicks, and back in, Kim drags Tessa to the corner but Tessa fights off the posted figure four. Tessa then cuts her off, and hits the elevated code breaker for 2. Tessa follows with clotheslines, but Kim hits a snap slam for 2. Tessa cuts her off with strikes, but Kim avoids the elbow in the ropes and gets the octopus hold. Tessa powers out into a back breaker and hits the Saito suplex for 2. Tessa lays the boots to her, and then slams her to the buckles. Tessa then low bridges Kim and she flies to the floor. They work up top, and post each other, falling to the floor. Kim now locks on the posted figure four, and back in, Kim follows with rights. She slaps Tessa and Tessa is pissed and lays in forearms. They trade, Kim up top and the high cross follows for 2. Tessa counters eat defeat, sends Kim to the ramp and they brawl. Tessa then flatliners her off the stage and to the floor. Kim beats the count back in, Tessa is pissed and lays in strikes. Kim counters the buzz saw DDT, and then the slingshot suplex and hits eat defeat for 2. Kim heads up top, Tessa cuts her off and follows her up. Kim gets a dragon sleeper, Tessa bites her way out and press slams Kim to the mat. The magnum connects and transitions into a straight jacket, rolls her back center ring and Kim taps clean as a sheet. Tessa Blanchard defeated Gail Kim @ 13:10 via submission [****] As many suspected, Gail Kim didn’t miss a beat and looked great here. Tessa was equally as great, putting in a dominating and composed performance on her way to picking up the biggest win of her career. This was a signature win for Tessa, and they did it the right way, giving Kim a great and proper send off as she puts over Tessa huge. This was a great professional wrestling match.

– They embrace post match as it finally feels as they have passed the torch from Kim to the next generation.

Impact World Title Match: Champion Johnny Impact vs. Cage: Lance Storm is the special guest referee. Taya & Johnny Bravo are out with Impact. Cage attacks at the bell and runs wild with his power game. He follows with a German and F5 for 2. The pump handle face buster follows for 2. SHOCK AND AWE! The buckle bomb follows, and hits the dead lift superplex for 2. Impact counters back with a German off the ropes but Cage hits clotheslines. Impact follows with a leg lariat and knee strike. The running shooting star follows, but Cage powers up and hits a slam and standing moonsault for 2. They work to the ramp, and Impact counters the powerbomb and hits a Spanish fly to the floor! Impact follows with a knee strike sending Cage into the barricade. Impact rolls back in and argues with Lance. Cage is busted open now as Impact lays in strikes. Back in and Impact covers for 2. Impact grounds the action, but Cage fires back and walks into an enziguri. Impact hits another and hits a springboard spear for 2. Impact follows with grounded strikes, as Taya & Bravo set up a table on the floor. Impact lays in ore strikes, and teases a powerbomb, but Cage fights it off. They work to the floor, and Cage powerbombs Impact through the table. Back in and Bravo grabs Cage’s foot. Cage beats him down, Impact hits Cage with the title and we get a ref bump. UGH. Impact tosses the title to Taya, and Cage powerbombs her. Impact hits him with the title again, and Johnny Bravo is in with a ref shirt and counts 2. Lance superkicks Bravo, Cage attacks and hits drill claw for the win. Cage defeated Champion Johnny Impact @ 13:20 via pin [**¾] This was a pretty good match with a hot start, but faded with the overbooking down the stretch, leading to a messy finish. I also think Cage was legit hurt during the match, as after the Spanish fly spot to the floor, many things felt off. Cage winning was the right call, as was moving this to the co-main event

– Michael Elgin makes his debut and goes face to face with Cage. Elgin attacks, hits a back fist and the Elgin bomb to stand tall.

– Slammiversary is July 7th in Texas.

– Konnan hypes up LAX before the main event.

Tag Team Title Full Metal Mayhem Match: Champions The Lucha Bros vs. LAX: Konnan is at ringside. LAX attacks with dives and we’re underway. Santana and Pentagon pair off as Ortiz sets up a table. The champions battle back and hit topes, putting LAX through tables. Fenix works over Ortiz with chops and then chair shots. Pentagon follows with trashcan shots, they isolate Ortiz with kicks in the ring and double teams follow for 2. They then double team Santana, they put a trashcan on his head and superkick him, covering for 2. Fenix sets up a table on the ramp, as Pentagon sets one in the corner. Ortiz makes the save with a cookie sheet, but Pentagon cuts him off but LAX work double teams and hit cutters, code breakers, and superkicks. Fenix flies in and makes the save. He fires back with a flurry of kicks onto both, but Santana cuts him off and double teams follow. LAX get chairs, take Fenix up top and set the chairs up open on the mat. They hit a double stomp/stunner combo onto the chairs for 2. Santana takes out Pentagon, as Ortiz suplexes Fenix onto some chairs. Santana whips Pentagon into the crowd, and Ortiz gets a ladder. Fenix battles back, Pentagon is back and they all brawl. They all get chairs and sit down and beat on each other, trading strikes. LAX cuts them off and they get forks in an ode to Homicide. The champions cut them off with chair shots, LAX fires back with chair shots of their own and we get all four men down. LAX dumps Pentagon, they take Fenix up top and set up six chairs. Pentagon makes the save for Fenix, double stomp by Fenix and they hit the double stomp fear factor combo onto the chairs for 2. Double superkicks follow on Ortiz, Pentagon sets up chairs and Santana hits a DVD on Pentagon onto he chair. Santana gets the ladder, sets it up as they lay Pentagon on the table on the ramp. Ortiz climbs and Fenix cuts him of d with a Spanish fly through the table as Pentagon moves. Fenix landed on his head there. Pentagon works over Santana. PENTA DRIVER through a chair but Santana kicks out at 2. Pentagon sets up a table in the ring, and gets another. He sets that one up and gets a bag of tacks. He pours them out on the table, but Santana cuts him off and lays him on the tables. He climbs the ladder, Pentagon joins him and they brawl on the ladder. Ortiz is back and climbs, attacks Pentagon and Santana attacks with the fork, Ortiz hits the powerbomb through the tack-covered table and we have new champions. LAX defeated Champions The Lucha Bros @ 21:05 via pin [****¼] This was a great main event and a hell of a performance from all four men. They had a good layout, kept a good pace, and most importantly played to sand delivered on the stipulation that they had worked so hard building to. This delivered in the main event spot.

– Post match, they squash the beef and hug.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Good
The 411
Impact Wrestling Rebellion 2019 started off a bit slow, but once things got going, the company delivered a good PPV with great outings from Kim vs. Tessa & LAX vs. The Lucha Bros highlighting the show. At the end of the day, the company delivered a good and fun PPV event.