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Csonka’s Impact Wrestling Review 9.28.17

September 28, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s Impact Wrestling Review 9.28.17  

Csonka’s Impact Wrestling Review 9.28.17

X-Division Title Match: Champion Trevor Lee defeated Petey Williams @ 8:17 via pin [**¾]
– Taya Valkyrie, Taryn Terrell, and Sienna defeated Gail Kim, Rosemary, and Allie @ 9:31 via pin [**½]
Tag Team Title Match: oVe defeated Champions LAX @ 12:04 via pin [**¾]
World Title Match: Champion Eli Drake defeated Johnny Impact @ 25:27 via pin [***]

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Csonka: Potential 2017 GFW Hall of Fame Candidates.

Csonka Ranks The Impact Knockouts Roster.

– We get highlights from last week’s show.

– Johnny Impact arrives earlier today as does Eli Drake, who looks to be plotting on the phone.

– We get a hype video for tonight’s show.

X-Division Title Match: Champion Trevor Lee vs. Petey Williams: Caleb Konley is out with Lee. I love the idea of kicking the show off with this match. Lee talks some trash to begin, so Williams lights him up and hits a RAN, taking early control. Lee bails to the floor, Lee cuts him off and follows with a dropkick. Lee fights back, gets a roll up and the tights for 2. Williams sends him to the floor and follows with a RANA. Konley distracts Williams, allowing Lee to take control and hit the apron PK. Konley gets in some cheap shots, and rolls Williams back in, allowing Lee to cover for 2. Lee shoots Williams to the buckle as he works the heat. A big lariat follows, and Williams is down again. Lee grounds the action, working a chinlock. Williams looks to fire up, hits a back elbow and chops. The boot cuts off Lee, and the Russian leg sweep hits and Williams covers for 2. Williams looks for the destroyer, Konley on the apron and that allows Lee to fire back but Williams then wipes out Konley with a dive; DDT by Williams and looks for the destroyer and hits it! But Konley pulls out the ref. Williams begs the ref not to DQ Lee, Lee tosses Konley, and Lee gets the X-Division title and lays out Williams. That gets 2 as Williams manages to kick out. They trade strikes, superkick by Williams but lee hits a head kick and the running double stomp for the win. Champion Trevor Lee defeated Petey Williams @ 8:17 via pin [**¾] Pretty good match here, they worked well together, but the interference took away from the hard work in the ring. Take that away and I think we have a much better match. I still appreciate them kicking off the show with a largely fun match, it sets the tone for the show.

-We hear from LAX at their clubhouse. They run down oVe, calling them pussies. Konnan wants them to take them to school and is already planning the after party.

Gail Kim, Rosemary, and Allie vs. Taya Valkyrie, Taryn Terrell, and Sienna: Rosemary attacks Taya to begin. Rosemary hits a head kick, and then works the tarantula. Rosemary breaks, Taryn tags inland so does Kim, but Taryn tags back out. Kim works over Taya, but Taya cuts her off and lays in rights. Sienna tags in, gets dumped and the faces clear the ring. Post break, and the heels have taken control. Kim tries to fire back, but gets posted by Sienna. The heels all lay the boots to her, Taya tags in and hits the charging corner knees. Taryn tags in, covering for 2. Kim then misses a running cross body, Taya tags in and continues the assault. Kim escapes the road to Valhalla, hits a DDT and tags in Allie. She runs wild, dropkicks Taryn to the buckles. Rosemary in and Germans Sienna. Taya in hits a dive onto Rosemary. Kim hits a dive, but in the confusion, Sienna rolls up Allie, using the ropes for the win. Taya Valkyrie, Taryn Terrell, and Sienna defeated Gail Kim, Rosemary, and Allie @ 9:31 via pin [**½] This was a perfectly solid tag match, which I felt was derailed by the three-minute commercial break, really hurting the momentum. The issues between these six are far from resolved, and the feuds will continue, making the division pretty interesting right now.

– Drake cuts a promo and promises to take out Johnny Impact tonight.

– We get highlights from last week, where James Storm saved EC3 from the AAA invaders.

– Johnny Impact has stolen Eli Drake’s couch and set. Tonight he takes Drake to Slamtown and wins the title.

James Storm Talks: Storm makes his way to the ring. Storm says there’re some guys from AAA and are trying to disrespect the cowboy, and he’s sick and tired of guys who think they can leapfrog him. He leads the crowd in a GFW chant. He knows AAA has no respect, and plans to kick ass and drink beer. Texano now arrives. Storm is insulted that he is being interrupted, and says there are Mexi-cans and Mexi-can’ts. He calls Texano stupid and tells him to get his taco Bell ass into the ring. They brawl but Fantasma makes his way out and they double team Storm. Storm fires up and makes a come back, but gets cut off again. Texano gets the bull rope and whips Storm with it. He then superkicks Storm and he and Fantasma stand tall. Fantasma says Texano is a cowboy too. He respects GFW, but the best company is AAA. He tries to lead a AAA chant, and tells Storm to get it through his head. He grabs a beer bottle and hands it to Texano. But EC3 now rushes out to make the save. Super babyface EC3 runs wild and clears the ring. Storm and EC3 go face to face, Storm extends his hand, and EC3 now refuses the handshake. He then changes his mind and they shake hands. Good segment to continue the budding AAA vs. GFW feud. Strom and EC3 aren’t friends, but more like reluctant allies in a relationship of convenience to protect their company and even the odds. If booked right, it can work.

– Storm basically assaults Cornette, and demands a match with the AAA guys. They admit they hate each other, and Cornette books EC3 & Storm vs. Texano & Fantasma for next week. Storm basically promises to blow up the relationship with AAA.

– We get another installment of Global Forged, looking for the next GFW star.

Tag Team Title Match: Champions LAX vs. oVe: Diamante & Konnan are out with LAX. oVe attacks before the bell, hitting dives and we get the big brawl on the floor to begin. We’re in the ring now, with Dave and Santana working back and forth while Jake and Ortiz battle on the floor. Santana takes control as we take a commercial break @ 2:00. Post break (which was 4:43 long), and LAZ is in control and picks up a near fall. We get some floor brawling with Konan & Diamante getting involved. Santana maintains control, LAX work quick tags and isolate Dave on their side of the ring. They work double teams, picking up another near fall. Dave starts to fight back, and gets the tag to Jake. He runs wild until Santana sidesteps a neck breaker but then gets slammed to the buckles. oVe are both in and hit a superplex into a powerbomb for 2. It breaks down, oVe take control until Ortiz runs them together. He hits a corner DVD on Jake onto Dave. Santana back in and hits the assisted cannonball for 2. LAX looks to finish things, Jake cuts off Santana and Dave hits a package DDT for the win. oVe defeated Champions LAX @ 12:04 via pin [**¾] It was a pretty good match that got better after the break, which lasted way too long. This felt like a really anticlimactic way to end LAX’s title run, I’m still not feeling oVe at all.

– We meet with Lashley at ATT. We see Lashley training with King Mo and the team. Dan Lambert says that this is a championship factory and says Lashley was wasting him time with wrestling. Lambert puts over Lashley’s skills. Lambert kicks out the camera crew.

– oVe meets with Johnny Impact and celebrate.

– Commentary hypes the main event and the action we’ve

– Next week…

* EC3 & Storm vs. Texano & Fantasma
* Everett, Konely, & Lee vs. Dutt, Williams, & Sydal (doesn’t Everett hate Lee?)

World Title Match: Champion Eli Drake vs. Johnny Impact: Adonis is out with Drake. Drake talks trash to begin. Impact attacks with rights, he follows with corner attacks but Drake cuts him off and lays the boots to him. Impact fights back, crotches drake and kicks him to the floor. Adonis distracts Impact. Drake back in but runs into a lariat and Impact covers for 2. Impact follows with a draping neck beaker, covering for 2. Drake quickly fights back, beating Impact down but eats a stun gun and leg lariat. Adonis trips up Impact, and the ref tosses him to the back. They stall with Adonis and Drake arguing with the ref and we take a break @ 4:50. Post break @ 9:02. These long commercial breaks are really hurting the flow of the matches. Drake teases walking out but Impact cuts him off and they brawl on the floor. Impact hits a suplex on the ramp, and back in, and Impact covers for 2. Drake finally cuts off Impact, knocking him to the floor. Drake then slams Impact to the apron, rolls him back to the apron and works elbow strikes. Drake then catapults Impact into the ropes, covering for 2. Impact misses a charge, allowing Drake to hit a neck breaker for 2. Drake grounds the action with a chinlock, and then hits a powerslam. Drake to the second rope and misses an elbow drop. Impact follows with rights, just lighting up Drake in the corner. The Russian leg sweep follows and a leg drop gets 2. Drake manages a backslide for 2, but Impact hits a running knee strike and covers for 2. Impact sets Drake up top, follows him up and hits the Spanish fly for a good near fall. We take a break @ 16:21. Post break @ 20:20, and they are trading strikes. Drake takes Impact down with a clothesline, covering for 2. We get a ref bump now (fucks sake) as Drake hits the ref and Impact covers for like 20 but the ref is out. Impact calls for another ref, Adonis returns and Drake gets the title belt and lays out Impact. Still no ref, we get a new one but Impact kicks out at 2. Drake argues with the new ref and knocks him out. Adonis in and they double-team Impact. Drake gets the belt again, but accidentally hits Adonis as Impact moves. Impact hits starship pain and covers for 2 as the original ref counts slowly. Impact up top, Drake uses the ref as a shield and then low blows Impact and hits the air raid crash for the win. Champion Eli Drake defeated Johnny Impact @ 25:27 via pin [***] I was really, really enjoying this match. These two have a good chemistry already, and they were working extremely well together. But between the LONG commercial breaks (tolling about 8-minutes), the interference, and the ref bumps it all took away from what I felt was on it’s way to a really great match, and the best on Impact in a long time. Drake is carrying himself very well in the ring as Champion and it’s a noticeable change in the attitude and tone of his work. I don’t care about spoilers, and they are surely going somewhere with it, but I just don’t get it. You give Drake the title; you give him the big chance. But instead of doing something different with him, instead of trying to make him a different style of heel, he comes off as every other generic heel in wrestling doing the same old song and dance. Sometimes heels and just win, sometimes they can be low-key sneaky. It’s 2017 and the industry as a whole is so stuck in their ways and refusing to adapt. Fucking dare to be different, make this guy special and make this chance you took with him really be something special. I want Eli to succeed, but you have to do something different with him.

– Drake makes Adonis hold Impact as he holds the title in front of him and they then beat him down. Garza Jr now arrives and makes the save. But LAX hits the ring and they beat down Garza as Konnan shoves down “a fan.” Security tries to get them away as Adonis locks in the masterlock on the ref and Drake tosses out the other ref. Cornette arrives, but Drake & Adonis stand tall.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

The final score: review Average
The 411
Tonight’s show had a ton of potential, but for various reasons, the company just has an issue putting on a complete show. They continue to do some things well. They have good ideas, but they just aren’t coming together at the right time. The show continues to be really solid, there was nothing bad and I feel that they are really close to putting all of the pieces together. Hopefully that happens on the road to Bound for Glory. I desperately want this company to get it together and thrive.