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Csonka’s NXT Takeover New York 2019 Review

April 5, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
NXT Takeover New York 2019
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Csonka’s NXT Takeover New York 2019 Review  

Csonka’s NXT Takeover New York 2019 Review

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Champions The War Raiders defeated Aleister Black & Ricochet @ 18:40 via pin [****½]
NXT North American Championship Match: Champion The Velveteen Dream defeated Matt Riddle @ 17:45 via pin [****¼]
NXT UK Championship Match: WALTER defeated Champion Pete Dunne @ 25:40 via pin [****½]
NXT Women’s Championship Fatal 4 Way Match: Champion Shayna Baszler defeated Bianca Belair, Kairi Sane, & Io Shirai @ 15:40 via pin [****]
Vacant NXT Championship 2 out of 3 Falls Match: Johnny Gargano defeated Adam Cole @ 38:13 via pin to become the NEW NXT champion [*****]

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– The War Raiders get a Viking drum troop leading hem out.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Champions The War Raiders vs. Aleister Black & Ricochet: Rowe and Black begin. They lock up and Black looks to work the arm, but Rowe counters out and Rowe takes him down. Rowe outwrestles him and then catches a kick. They fist bump. Hanson & Ricochet tag in and Ricochet hits the head scissors and dropkick. Black and Rowe back in and the challengers clear the ring. Back in and they brawl, with Hanson taking control. Rowe back in and slams Hanson onto Ricochet. Rowe isolates Black, Hanson tags in and grounds things. The champions work quick tags, but Black cuts them off and tags in Ricochet. The RANA follows, and then the springboard clothesline and running shooting star press gets 2. Black tags in, hits a back elbow and covers for 2. He grounds things, but Rowe powers out and eats kicks. The sweep and cradle gets 2. Rowe cuts him off with the knee strike, Hanson tags in and works over Ricochet. Forever clotheslines follow to both. Ricochet finally cuts him off and hits a fall away slam. Black and Rowe tag back in, and they trade strikes. Black blocks the knee strike but then flies into one. Black rebounds with a knee and German for 2. Ricochet and Hanson back in and they work into counters, Ricochet misses the back handspring kick and Hanson hits the handspring back elbow for 2. Hanson then heads up top and Ricochet cuts him off. Kicks follow, but Rowe tags in and shotgun knees follow. He then tosses Hanson onto Ricochet and the springboard doomsday follows but Black makes the save. Black counters Thor’s hammer into meteora and then hits a moonsault to the floor. Rowe hits a tope and then Ricochet hits the space flying tiger drop. Hanson up top and wipes out the pile with a cannonball. They beat the count and Ricochet & Rowe are in. Ricochet follows with strikes, a superkick and Black in and takes out Hanson. Black mass connects and Ricochet tags in. The shooting star press gets 2 as Hanson makes the save. Ricochet back up top and the 630 misses as Hanson pulls out Rowe. Hanson takes out Black on the floor, and back in Ricochet fights on his own. Thor’s hammer follows and Hanson hits he suicide dive. Fallout finishes Ricochet. Champions The War Raiders defeated Aleister Black & Ricochet @ 18:40 via pin [****½] Normally I’d say good luck following that, but this card is stacked. This was an excellent tag match that broke from the typical tag formula and was just a scintillating back and forth evenly booked match from bell to bell. The champions continue to kick ass while Black & Ricochet have developed into an elite tag team. This was an amazing way for Black & ricochet to close their NXT runs; I love tag team wrestling so much.

– Dream is dressed as the Statue of Liberty and carried to he ring on a throne; he’s amazing.

NXT North American Championship Match: Champion The Velveteen Dream vs. Matt Riddle: They play to the crowd, who loves Dream. Dream mocks Riddle with the crane pose and Riddle follows with leg kicks. Dream shoots in, but Riddle takes him down and looks for a kimura and Dream makes the ropes. They work into a test of strength, and Riddle transitions into an arm bar but Dream makes the ropes. Dream now stomps on his foot, an starts going for covers, but Riddle kicks out. The back rake follows, Riddle gets pissed and hits rolling gut wrench suplexes. Dream escapes and hits the dropkick. The double axe handle follows and then another. He knocks Riddle to the floor and flies into a German on the floor. Back in and Riddle follows with chops, and hits the senton. They trade strikes, and Riddle follows with running forearms and an XPLODER. The senton and PK gets 2. He looks for the bromission, transitions to an arm bar but Dream makes the ropes. Riddle follows with kicks, Dream hits a German but Riddle pops up and hits a knee strike and fisherman’s buster for 2. Riddle lays in more kicks, and the senton follows for 2. Dream counters the bromission but Riddle lays in elbow strikes. Riddle then gets the European clutch for 2. The triangle follows, but Dream powers out. He eats a knee strike, bro to sleep, and the German for 2. Riddle follows with kicks, but Dream fires up and does the Hulk up. He lays in strikes, the big boot and then clotheslines Riddle to the floor. The double axe handle to the floor follows. Back in and the fameasser follows for 2. Dream heads up top and flies into a knee strike. Dream hits the desperation code breaker for 2. Back up top and then drops down, charges and Riddle gets the ankle lock. Dream fights, escapes and hits the superkick. The cradled DDT follows. The Dream valley driver connects and Dream heads up top and flies into the triangle on the elbow drop. Dream stuns him off the ropes to escape, but Riddle hits the Kota Ibushi elevated German. The floating bro follows for 2. They trade strikes, Riddle hits the powerbomb and knee strike for 2. The bromission follows and Dream counters into a cradle and retrains. Champion The Velveteen Dream defeated Matt Riddle @ 17:45 via pin [****¼] This was great, with the story being Riddle not buying into Dream’s mind games and then commanding, but also being frustrated when he couldn’t put Dream away. That frustration, along with Dream’s resilience, cost him in the end. The finish also played well as while Dream retained, it felt like Riddle just got caught, keeping things open to continue the feud.

– New NXT signee KUSHIDA is in the crowd.

NXT UK Championship Match: Champion Pete Dunne vs. WALTER: They lock up and work to the ropes. We get a clean break, and they work to the mat. WALTER kicks him away and they lock up. Dunne attacks the hand, but WALTER escapes and looks for chops but Dunne avoids. WALTER starts shoving Dunne around, using his size, but Dunne again avoids the chops. WALTER now grounds the action, and then finally follows with chops. Remember Peter, you asked for this. Dunne fires back, but gets wiped out with a big boot. WALTER follows with chops in the corner, and then takes it to the floor. The apron slam follows. Back in and WALTER controls, grounding things and working the leg. Dunne counters into a heel hook, but WALTER lights him up with chops and then locks on the crab. Dunne makes the ropes, but WALTER lays in clubbing strikes until Dunne attacks the fingers. WALTER then kicks him in the face, sending him to the floor. Dunne rolls back in and he looks pissed as they trade strikes. The enziguri follows for Dunne, and follows with a grounded head kick. WALTER rolls to the floor and Dunne follows with the moonsault. Back in and Dunne heads up top and gets cut off. Dunne attack the fingers, and slips out and into a Liger bomb for 2. WALTER battles back with John Wooooooooooooo, looks for the choke but transitions to a German. The powerbomb follows for 2. WALTER lays in clubbing strikes, chops, but Dunne fires back with slaps. Dunne counters the chop once, but WALTER keeps firing and lighting him up. WALTER then hits stomps, but Dunne scores with an enziguri for the double down. Dunne now stomps on the hands, lays in kicks, but WALTER cuts off the moonsault. He follows him up and Dunne smashes his hand off the post, but WALTER hits a sleeper suplex off the ropes and that gets 2. Dunne counters the chop, snaps the fingers, and hits the German and crucifix bomb for 2. Dunne stomps the shit out of WALTER, but WALTER fires back as they trade kicks. Dunne now rolls into the double armed submission, tortures the fingers, but WALTER makes the ropes. They work up top, but WALTER hits a clothesline and follows with splash…. But Dunne catches him in a triangle. WALTER powers out, stomps away at him but Dunne won’t let go of his hand. WALTER counters bitter end with a lariat, but Dunne fires back and hits bitter end… but WALTER kicks out! Dunne is frustrated; they make it back to the feet and trade strikes and chops. WALTER dares Dunne to keep throwing, and Dunne fires up and lays in a flurry of strikes. The ref backs him off and WALTER kills him with a big boot. WALTER heads up top and Dunne cuts him off, follows him up and locks on a hanging triangle. WALTER lays in chops and hits the SUPERBOMB! WALTER back up top and the big splash follows and Dunne has finally been defeated. WALTER defeated Champion Pete Dunne @ 25:40 via pin [****½] And the near 700-day title run of Dunne ends as the Big Fucking Daddy WALTER takes the crown. This was really excellent, and completely different than anything else on the show so far. Dunne asked for WALTER and he got all of the Big Daddy and more here. This was raw, violent, hard-hitting and felt like a fight. This was the right time, right guy, and right kind of match to finally make the title change. The king is dead, long live the king. But from here on out, they need to have WALTER just completely wreck fools to sell him as the monster he should be.

NXT Women’s Championship Fatal 4 Way Match: Kairi Sane vs. Io Shirai vs. Bianca Belair vs. Champion Shayna Baszler: They brawl to begin and it leads to Belair vs. Baszler. Belair overpowers her but Shirai breaks up the pin. Sane flies in and Belair attacks. The sky pirates work together, double teaming Baszler. They come face to face and work into some counters. Baszler & Belair trip them up and Baszler attacks Belair, using her hair to whip her to the corner. She stomps away at the arm, but Belair hits a dropkick and to the floor, posts Baszler. Back in and the moonsault gets 2. Sane flies in with the flying elbow for 2. She follows with kicks, and Shirai flies in with a missile dropkick. The double knees follow, she heads up top and Belair catches the high cross and hits the fall way slam for 2. Baszler back in and runs wild. The hanging choke on Blair follows, Sane joins in as does Shirai for the tower of doom. Sane follows with the assisted dive, and Shirai hits the moonsault to the floor. Back in and Belair cuts her off with the spear, it breaks down and Shirai hits a sick German on Baszler. Sane & Shirai work over Belair, but Baszler breaks it up and Belair press slams Shirai onto San & Baszler on the floor. She rolls Baszler back in and Baszler counters into the clutch. Belair fights, rolls and powers up and escapes into the KOD for 2 as Shirai makes the save. Shirai hits the x-factor and moonsault. Back up and hits another and Sane breaks up the pin. Sane then slams Shirai onto Baszler, heads up top and the inane elbow gets 2 as Shirai makes the save. The dropkick follows, but Sane connects with a DDT. Sane up top and Belair hair whips her and hits KOD on both Sane & Shirai~! She covers Sane but Baszler makes the save. Clutch on Belair, she fights, but has to tap. Champion Shayna Baszler defeated Bianca Belair, Kairi Sane, & Io Shirai @ 15:40 via pin [****] While I think that this was the right time to take the title off Baszler, this was a great all action sprint with some really great near falls and everyone getting the chance to shine. I also loved the drama and conflicted emotions between Shirai & Sane.

Vacant NXT Championship 2 out of 3 Falls Match: Johnny Gargano vs. Adam Cole: The crowd is very pro-Cole here. They lock up, and Gargano grounds things and starts looking for covers. Cole escapes and gets a headlock takeover. Gargano escapes, they work into back and forth and Gargano finally takes him down. Gargano then hits a shoulder tackle and looks for Gargano escape, but Cole makes the ropes. They trade strikes, Gargano hits a RANA, and then dumps Cole. Gargano then follows with a dropkick. Back in and Cole immediately powders and catches Gargano with an enziguri. Cole lays in chops, follows with knee strikes and then grounds things. Gargano tries to fight out but runs into a back elbow. Cole now works a dragon sleeper, Gargano powers out and they both go for a cross body, leading to a double down. They trade strikes, Gargano hits clotheslines and an overhead toss. Gargano follows with the rolling kick, and then the slingshot spear gets 2. Gargano then hits the flying flatliner for 2. Counters follow and Cole hits a back stabber for 2. Cole follows with strikes, but Gargano rolls him up and gets 2. Gargano misses the rolling kick, enziguri by Cole and he drops the kneepad as they trade cradles. Cole counters the sunset flip and the last shot gets the first fall @ 13:55.

Cole then attacks with strikes, hits the German and shining wizard for 2. Gargano fires back, they work to the apron and Gargano spears him to the floor. The apron cannonball follows. Back in and Cole cuts off the slingshot DDT and hits ushigoroshi for 2. They work up top, but Gargano fights off the powerbomb and hits an air raid crash for 2. Back to the apron they go, Gargano hits an enziguri and follows with a slingshot DDT to the apron. Gargano breaks the count and then gets posted twice. Back in and they trade strikes and Gargano gets an arm bar and transitions to the Gargano escape and Cole taps at 20:55, it’s 1-1.

Gargano is bleeding by his right eye now. They start trading strikes, kicks, and Gargano levels Cole with a vicious lariat. Cole then cuts him off with the OG last shot for 2. Cole now heads to the ropes, enziguri by Gargano and the lawn dart follows. The hurts don’t it gets 2. They trade strikes and superkicks, and both men are down. Superkick by Cole and the straight jacket German gets 2. Cole looks for a pedigree, but Gargano counters out. Cole hits the Saito suplex but Gargano follows with a reverse RANA and superkick, but Cole rolls to the floor. Gargano follows and gets Germaned onto the apron. Back in and Gargano hits the draping DDT ala Ciampa. The slingshot DDT follows for 2. The suicide dive follows and backing, slingshots into the superkick; Cole hits the destroyer for 2. The crowd is so into this right now. Cole kicks Gargano to the floor, follows and talks shit to him, calling him a disappointment. Gargano fires up with strikes, and tosses him over the announce table. He clears it off, but Cole hits Ciampa’s devil’s wings onto the table, which does not break. I AM THE TABLE! Cole rolls in and looks for the countout win. But Gargano is alive and barely makes it back in. Superkick by Cole and that gets 2. Cole backs off now, drops the kneepad and runs into a superkick. Gargano counters the destroyer into the Gargano escape. The UE arrives, distracting Gargano and O’Reilly rakes the eyes. REF BUMP now. They hit the total elimination on Gargano, but he kicks out! Gargano now dumps Cole onto his pals, rolls him back in and then cleans house. But back in and Cole hits superkicks and the last shot for 2 as the crowd goes insane. Cole talks shit, but Gargano counters last shot into the Gargano escape. Cole rolls but has to tap. Johnny Gargano defeated Adam Cole @ 38:13 via pin to become the NEW NXT champion [*****] While he didn’t get to beat Ciampa, Gargano finally completed his journey and won the title, overcoming the odds, the numbers and again, solidifying his place as Mr. Takeover. This crowd was amazing and added so much to the match, and while I tend not to like the run-ins and ref bumps, they saved it to the end, and most importantly, Gargano overcame it to complete the journey and fulfill his underdog story. I thought that this was an overall incredible match and a great culmination to Gargano’s journey and featured an absolutely tremendous effort from both men. It’s not always about the moves or the story so much, of course it helps, but when you have a crowd that hot and emotionally invested, it’s an absolute triumph.

– Candice arrives to celebrate with her husband. Gargano hugs his father, and Ciampa arrives and hugs Candice & Johnny to close the show.

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Virtually Perfect
The 411
Never doubt an NXT Takeover special. NXT Takeover: New York was a sexy and stacked card on paper, and absolutely delivered the goods more than I could have hoped. I fucking love professional wrestling.