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Csonka’s WOW – Women Of Wrestling Season 2 Finale Review (Pt. 2)

November 25, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
WOW Season2 Finale 2
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Csonka’s WOW – Women Of Wrestling Season 2 Finale Review (Pt. 2)  

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Csonka’s WOW – Women Of Wrestling Season 2 Finale Review (Pt. 2)

– Holidead vs. Princess Aussie went to a no contest @ 8:50 [**½]
– Stephy Slays defeated Abilene Maverick @ 6:15 via pin [**]
WOW Title Match: The Beast defeated Champion Tessa Blanchard @ 6:30 via pin [***¼]

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– We open with highlights from part one.

– Next is a really good video package for Champion Tessa Blanchard vs. The Beast.

Holidead vs. Princess Aussie: Holidead & Siren the Voodoo Doll have been playing mind games with Princes Aussie, first kidnapping and burring her precious bamboo sticks and then, inexplicably, saving her on several occasions. This is the culmination of the angle it seems. Siren is at ringside. They work a test of strength to begin, with Holidead initially overpowering her until Aussie fires up and grounds the action and cradles her for 2. Aussie follows with kicks, but Holidead cuts her off with a clothesline. She follows with strikes and an apron leg drop and covers for 2. Holidead follows with clubbing strikes and backbreakers, covering for 2. She works her over in the corner, Aussie fires back and gets a dragon sleeper until Holidead slams her way out and follows with chops. Holidead continues wit strikes, chokes her out and Aussie then counters out with a rolling kick, clotheslines and a sliding clothesline for 2. Holidead counters out of the dragon sleeper again and hits a spinebuster for 2. They work up top and Holidead hits the superplex for 2. Aussie is taken back up top, Holidead follows her up and is knocked to the mat and the frog splash follows but the Psycho sisters attack. Holidead vs. Princess Aussie went to a no contest @ 8:50 [**½] Solid math overall that was starting to pickup until another non-finish, which has been a trademark this season.

– They all brawl post match.

– Tessa cuts a promo with the roster surrounding the ring. She brings out Jeanie Buss, the WOW Owner. Tessa puts her over for making this all possible, and giving a chance and hope to much of the roster. They then present Buss with a WOW championship belt in thanks.

– We get a promo for Eye Candy (Willow Nightingale), discussing her neck injury and thanks her fans for their support during her recovery. She was scared and will be coming back to WOW.

– Teal Piper interviews Stephy Slays about her feud with Maverick. Teal heels it up big here, mocking Slays for being annoyingly positive and being a loser in WOW. Teal asks if she can actually beat anyone and Slays leaves.

– We get a video package for Stephy Slays vs. Abilene Maverick.

Stephy Slays vs. Abilene Maverick: The story here started when Abilene Maverick “accidentally” poured tea on Stephy Slays, and since then, Slays has endured Abilene’s teasing and bullying. After Maverick avoided a match on several occasions due to suspicious claims of injury, the match has finally been set. Maverick attacks before the bell but Slays sends her packing. She stalls and then drags Slays to the floor and posts her. Back in and Maverick covers for 2. Maverick then hits the powerslam for 2. Slays fires back, but Maverick follows with clotheslines. She works the arm, and the hanging arm bar follows. Maverick continue to control until Slays fires back but Maverick hits a clothesline and goes back to the arm. The full nelson follows, but Slays counters out with a jawbreaker and hits a head scissors and then a bulldog for 2. Maverick cuts her off with a spinebuster for 2. Slays counters the draping DDT, stuns her off the ropes and heads up top, and hit a RANA into a cradle for the win. Stephy Slays defeated Abilene Maverick @ 6:15 via pin [**] This was ok and told a fine story with the babyface finally getting her win, but was slow and clunky at times.

– Tessa & The Beast cut promos ahead of the main event, with both saying that they will win.

Champion Tessa Blanchard vs. The Beast: The whole season has been filed with Champion Tessa Blanchard using Sofia Lopez to secure her inferior opponents while avoiding the challenges of the Beast & Jungle Grrrl. Tessa eventually faced and defeated Jungle Grrrl and now has to finally defend against the Beast. Beast attacks and tosses Tessa around to begin. Tessa powders, and Beast then suplexes her back into the ring. She follows with clotheslines and a big boot. The flapjack then follows, but Tessa counters the powerbomb attacks the knee and follows with a superkick. The RANA follows, and then dropkicks her to the floor. Beast counters the RANA to the floor and powerbombs Tessa to the post. Back in and Beast misses a plancha and Tessa follows with kicks and the suicide dive. Back in and Beast hits the spear. Tessa fires back with strikes and chops, but Beast hits a lariat for 2. The muscle buster is countered, Tessa fires back and runs into a DVD for 2. Tessa counters the powerbomb into a RANA, and the tornado DDT follows. Tessa up top and the senton follows for 2. Tessa back to the ropes, magnum is caught and Beast hits a suplex for 2. Beast hits the Beast bomb and wins the title. The Beast defeated Champion Tessa Blanchard @ 6:30 via pin [***¼] This was a good main event with Tessa finally getting her comeuppance and losing the championship. Tessa’s WOW work has really gone under appreciated, as she’s been consistently the biggest star in the promotion and had good matches with everyone. Also consider she dragged Jungle Grrrl (who while she’s been around for 18-years has worked under 50 matches) to a good match, and then took the Beast (who looks great but is really inexperienced) to another good match, and I just can’t praise her work enough.

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Part two of the WOW - Women Of Wrestling Season 2 finale was an overall solid show, with a good main event, and Tessa proving why she was the biggest star in the promotion, by a mile, this season.