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Csonka’s WWE 205 Live Review 6.18.19

June 18, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s WWE 205 Live Review 6.18.19  

Csonka’s WWE 205 Live Review 6.18.19

– The Singhs defeated Dorado & Metalik @ 8:40 via pin [**½]
– Brian Kendrick defeated Johnny Boots & Tights @ 2:20 via pin [NR]
– Oney Lorcan defeated Ariya Daivari @ 10:50 via DQ [**¾]

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– We get highlights from last week’s show, and the controversial finish to the #1 contender’s main event. Maverick announces that Tozawa and Gulak both won and will both challenge Nese on Sunday for the title.

The Singhs vs. Dorado & Metalik: Kalisto is at ringside. Dorado and Samer begin, Samer slaps him and dances, but Dorado attacks with strikes. Metalik tags in and double teams follow. Samer powders, Sunil and he’s dumped to the floor. back in and double teams follow on Sunil for 2. Dorado follows with the high cross for 2.Sunilatatcks after a Samer distraction allowing the Singhs to take control. They work quick tags and lay the boots to Dorado. Samer grounds the action, but Dorado fights and then gets taken back down. Dorado fights hem off, but Sunil cuts off the tag. The Singhs follow with double teams and cover for 2. Samer dances, lays in strikes, but Dorado hits the golden rewind. Tag to Metalik and he runs wild, picking up the pace and taking out both. The missile dropkick follows, he and Dorado clear the ring and Metalik flies to the floor with a high cross. Dorado hits the shooting star press, but Samer makes the save. Metalik takes him out and Sunil fights with Kalisto over a piñata, and then cradles Dorado with the tights for the win. The Singhs defeated Dorado & Metalik @ 8:40 via pin [**½] This was a solid tag to open the show, this feud will continue.

– Noam Dar cuts a promo, claiming not to be in the building but Kendrick arrives and tries to cover for him as they banter.

Brian Kendrick vs. Johnny Boots & Tights: Johnny refuses the handshake, and then offers one and Kendrick yells at him. Johnny attacks with strikes, dropkick by Kendrick and strikes follow. The flying forearm follows and then more strikes. Kendrick hits a leg lariat, sliced bread and that’s that. Brian Kendrick defeated Johnny Boots & Tights @ 2:20 via pin [NR] A fine rebound squash for Kendrick.

– They discuss Gallagher vs. Gable from last week. Gallagher comments on the loss, but wants a rematch. Mike & Maria arrive, and run him down. Mike calls him an embarrassment just like Maverick. Mike calls him dead weight, which is why WWE has tried to keep them on 205 Live. Mike is sick of being overlooked. Gallagher admits he’s being in a slum and challenges him to a match next week. Mike accepts.

Oney Lorcan vs. Ariya Daivari: Lorcan attacks at the bell, laying in strikes and chops. Daivari powders, Lorcan follows as Daivari tries to run away. Back in and Lorcan follows with a dropkick and mounted strikes. He lays in back elbows, but Daivari fights off the half and half, and hits a superkick. He follows with chops and they workup top, and Daivari hits divorce court off the ropes. Daivari lays the boots to him, and starts working the arm, grounding the action. Lorcan fights to his feet, but Daivari slams him shoulder first to the buckles. He does it again, and lays the boots to him. Daivari goes back to the arm. Lorcan avoids the dropkick, but Daivari gets the cobra clutch. He pulls Lorcan to the mat, Lorcan fades, but slowly fires up and gets to his feet. He tries to fight out, does, and Daivari cuts him off, attacking the arm and hitting iconoclasm for 2. Daivari up top and misses the frog splash. Lorcan follows with running uppercuts and the running blockbuster for 2. Lorcan fires up and lays in chops. Daivari fires back, but Lorcan slaps the shit out of him and follows with uppercuts. Superkick by Daivari, but Lorcan hits he half and half suplex and follows with a dive. Daivari hits him with a chair for the DQ. Oney Lorcan defeated Ariya Daivari @ 10:50 via DQ [**¾] This was pretty good, Lorcan is great, but unfortunately, Daivari is just there and the feud is continuing.

– Daivari beats him down post match, and runs him into the steps. Daivari drags him up the ramp and slams him into the LED board. He then hits the hammerlock lariat and stands tall.

– We close with Nese, Tozawa, & Gulak commenting on Sunday’s match.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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* Intro
* Raw 7.09.2001: 3:05
* The deaths of ECW & WCW: 47:00
* The early days of the Invasion: 1:05:00
* Looking at Episode One of Viceland’s The Wrestlers: 1:14:30
* The guys reflect on their time at 411: 1:36:00

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This week’s episode of WWE 205 Live was an overall solid, but lackluster show, with almost nothing to help build Sunday’s title match.