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Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 2.17.20

February 17, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 2.17.20  

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Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 2.17.20

– Aleister Black defeated Erick Rowan @ 7:45 via pin [**½]
24/7 Title Match: Champion Riddick Moss defeated Mojo Rawley & Truth @ 1:40 via pin [NR]
– Drew McIntyre defeated MVP @ 1:35 via pin [NR]
– Lashley & Angel Garza defeated Rusev & Humberto Carrillo @ 8:55 via pin [***]
– Kairi Sane defeated Natalya @ 4:55 via countout [**]
– Ricochet defeated Karl Anderson @ 7:00 via pin [**½]
– Kevin Owens & The Viking Raiders defeated Murphy & The AOP @ 15:30 via DQ [***]

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– Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, & Jerry Lawler are on commentary.

– Shayna Baszler, Asuka, Ruby Riott, Natalya, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan will compete in the women’s elimination chamber match.

– Randy Orton arrives and we get footage of him kicking Matt Hardy’s ass last week. He says he’s supposed to face hardy in a no holds barred match, but that won’t happen due to last week. The Hardy’s jump off the highest of highs and crash to the lowest of lows. Matt arrives in a neck brace, and wants Orton to confess to taking away Edge’s second chance. Matt can relate, but wants to know what’s wrong with Orton. Orton didn’t like the question and make him feel like Edge and take it all away from him. Matt is here to fight him. But WWE won’t clear him, but he had grit and is here and won’t die. He doesn’t know what his future holds, but it won’t be determined by Orton. Orton says he should have left last week, but Matt gets in the ring and Orton teases RKOing him right now. He admits matt has balls, but he can’t understand what he did and why. He respects him and always will, but Edge, he loves like a brother. He’s sorry… and leaves… but then Matt gets a chair. Orton returns and Matt says to finish it. Orton attacks, stunning his neck off the ropes and RKOs him. He grabs the chair and lays into Matt with chair shots. Orton gets another chair, takes off Matt’s neck brace and teases a conchairto. He thinks on it and then drags Matt to the floor. Orton then conchairtos him on the steps. Orton hits another and says he’s sorry. Matt has no friends.

– Subdued announcers time, revisiting the opening segment.

Aleister Black vs. Erick Rowan: Black hits a jumping knee strike, follows with kicks and to the floor, Rowan wipes him out with the running cross body. Back in and the running splash gets 2. Rowan follows with strikes, a dropkick and covers for 2. He grounds Black, works the cranium crunch and has control. Rowan follows with ground and pound, a backbreaker and bear hug. Black escapes and follows with kicks and strikes. Rowan cuts him off with the powerslam for 2. He delivers elbow drops, strikes and slams him to the barricades. Black counters the powerbomb and posts Rowan. Black follows with a moonsault to the floor and back in delivers kicks and a knee strike for 2. Rowan counters Black mass and fires back with strikes, boot by Rowan and the powerbomb gets 2. Black counters the claw slam, hits black mass and hits another to finish it. Aleister Black defeated Erick Rowan @ 7:45 via pin [**½] This was solid, with Rowan giving Black a fight until he fell to black mass.

– Charlotte arrives and talks about her appearance at Takeover and we see footage of her laying out Rhea and accepting her challenge for Mania. Charlotte says she wanted to see why Rhea thought she could challenge the Queen. She was impressed, thought back to her NXT days and her class who built the foundation of what NXT is today. The NXT stars are entitled now, Rhea didn’t claw and fight like she did to earn the respect NXT has now. Rhea had the audacity to hold the title Charlotte put on the map, and Rhea is good but pride comes before the fall and she will humble her at Mania.

Truth vs. Mojo Rawley vs. Champion Riddick Moss: They all brawl, Mojo takes out Moss and Truth then works him over. Truth works Cena tribute spots until Mojo cuts him off nut Moss cradles him for the win. Champion Riddick Moss defeated Mojo Rawley & Truth @ 1:40 via pin [NR] Sure.

– Drew arrives and hypes that we’re 48 days until Mania. He jokes that Charlotte already pointed to the sign and has the fans help him. He then says suplex city is located in claymore country, they will invade and demolish it when he wins the title. Heyman arrives and introduces himself. He brings out Brock, well it was a tease and says Brock isn’t here. Brock will defeat Ricochet and then defeat Drew at Mania. Drew says he can say Brock’s name all he wants, because Drew will kick his head off and beat him at Mania. Paul isn’t here for a debate, he’s a fan and says MVP isn’t. Paul intros MVP. MVP says they were friends, he treated him with respect and Drew makes fun of him as he kicked his head off. MVP claims it was a cheap shot and he will whop his ass tonight.

Drew McIntyre vs. MVP: MVP cheap shots Drew, Drew gets pissed and kicks him in the face. He follows with strikes, the future shock and the claymore finishes it. Drew McIntyre defeated MVP @ 1:35 via pin [NR] Drew killed him.

– Next are highlights of Becky defeating Asuka and then Shayna going Freddie Blassie on Becky. Becky arrives and she has a bag with her. She came to the US to seek fame and fortune, and starts throwing out money from the bag, saying she’s paying for what she’ll do to Shayna, a down payment on violence. Only animals go for the neck to weaken prey, but she isn’t prey. She’s ran through the division. Cutting them all down and she’s coming after Shayna because she wants to. Shayna appears on the screen, and says she will win the chamber and will thrive since it’s in a cage and she’s a former cage fighter. She will take Becky’s title at Mania after chewing through the competition. She didn’t plan last week, but imagine what she’ll do when she plans it, “I’ll tear the living shit out of you.” Becky says she’ll be watching and rooting for Shayna.

– Charly interviews Garza, Lashley, Lana, & Vega. Lana calls it a Monday night double date, Vega isn’t impressed, but she and Garza maybe hot but are here for business. Garza says no lady can tie him down m(bro, I saw you get engaged on live NXT TV), and no man can match up to him.

Rusev & Humberto Carrillo vs. Lashley & Angel Garza: Lana & Vega are at ringside. Carrillo and Lashley begin, going power for speed as Lashley takes control. Garza in and follows with chops. Carrillo counters back into run up head butt, arm drags and Rusev takes out Lashley. Garza hits John Wooooooo on Carrillo and the pants are off! He gets a kiss from a fan, dive by Carrillo. Post break and Garza has control back in, Lashley tags in and they take the heat on Carrillo. Carrillo tries to battle back, but Lashley overpowers him until Carrillo rolls for a tag. Rusev tags in, runs wild and Garza cuts him off with a superkick. It breaks down, Carrillo follows with a tope and Lashley spears him on the floor. Rusev attacks, back in and Rusev up top but Garza cuts him off and follows him up. Rusev slams him off and the flying head butt follows for 2. Lashley is taken out but Garza cradles Rusev with the tights for the win. Lashley & Angel Garza defeated Rusev & Humberto Carrillo @ 8:55 via pin [***] This was a good and energetic little tag.

– Asuka runs down Natalya and says she’ll win the chamber and go to Mania.

Natalya vs. Kairi Sane: Asuka is at ringside as Sane takes early control, dances, slaps her ass and slaps Natalya. Natalya fires back, and hits a suplex for 2. Sane fights off the sharpshooter, making the ropes. Sane fires back, and then grounds Natalya. Natalya fights, slams her way out but Sane cuts her of until Natalya hits the rolling lariat for 2. They work into counters, Asuka distracts Natalya and Sane knocks her to the floor. Asuka attacks Natalya, and that’s a countout. Kairi Sane defeated Natalya @ 4:55 via countout [**] This was ok, I live Kairi, but with Natalya being in the chamber and Kairi not in it, Natalya really could have used a win here.

Seth’s Sermon: Murphy & AOP are in the ring and do the intro as Cross fit Jesus arrives. Seth offers thanks for making him the Monday night Messiah. He didn’t come up with the word sermon, but the powers that be named it as such He just wanted to talk with us. They are here to celebrate progress in his vision, their vision. Phase one encountered some resistance, but they completed it last week. He asks for respect, they vanquished Joe Kevin, & the Vikings to prove that you can achieve whatever you set you mind to. But now the hard work begins, it will not be easy, but is needed for the greater good. They will seek out the weak, the lesser than, the non compliant and the flawed to rehabilitate them if he can or take them out as he must. This isn’t a threat or earning, it comes from the heart, his gospel, if any remain non compliant, they will suffer like the weak. The Viking Raiders arrive and we have a brawl as Seth & Murphy bail. Seth send Murphy back in to get his ass kicked. The Vikings run wild, Kevin stuns Seth on the ramp and that’s that. This was fun, Seth is a great douchey, delusional heel and the faces finally got some revenge.

– In the back, Seth is upset and tonight. the AOP & Murphy will face Kevin & The Vikings tonight.

– The OC arrives and Styles says he’s back on Raw. What would Mania season be without him. They point to the Mania sign and the Good Brothers call him the new Mr. WrestleMania. Styles says that’s sweet and that he’s the greatest superstar on any roster or era. He has critics, saying he’s not as phenomenal as he says, but he will win at SaudiMania and call out who’s next and he doesn’t care who it is. It can be anyone Sting, HBK, Taker, Hogan, Razor, Diesel, or the whole NWO. Ricochet arrives and Styles calls him little Ricky. No one thinks he will be WWE champion, and why does he deserve a shot? Ricochet says that’s fine but he earned his shot. He will beat Brock and the OC all laugh. Ricochet challenges Styles to a match. Karl tells him to calm down and calls Ricochet an non Good Brother, and he accepts.

Ricochet vs. Karl Anderson: Karl attacks, Ricochet counters into a head scissors and dropkick. The tope follows. Gallows distracts him as Karl attacks. The ref tosses AJ & Gallows to the back and Karl follows with ground and pound. He grounds things, follows with a backbreaker and lays the boots to Ricochet. Karl grounds things again, until Ricochet cradles him for 2. Karl cuts him off and covers for 2. He grounds things again, follows with uppercuts and Ricochet fires back. He hits the rolling dropkick and an enziguri. The springboard high cross follows and the running shooting star press gets 2. Ricochet up top and the 630 misses, he rolls through and Karl follows with the spinebuster for 2. Ricochet hits a superkick, benadryller and wins. Ricochet defeated Karl Anderson @ 7:00 via pin [**½] This was solid, but while I love Karl, this should have been a Ricochet showcase since he’s challenging Brock, not a 50/50 struggle for him to win.

-Matt Hardy has been taken to local medical facility.

– Liv is asked about Ruby’s return and actions against her. Liv was surprised when she came back, it was great moment until Ruby betrayed her. It would have broken her, but she’s changed and will step into the elimination chamber, will take out Ruby and go to Mania. Nah, but I appreciate the effort even though real people don’t talk this way.

Kevin Owens & The Viking Raiders vs. Murphy & The AOP: Kevin attacks Murphy to begin, Ivar tags in and follows with strikes and a shoulder tackle. Erik tags in, he maintains control and hits a shoulder tackle. Kevin back in and he works over Murphy in the corner. Erik back in and Ivar joins in as they beat down Murphy. He grounds the action. Erik tags in and double teams follow for 2. Murphy battles back, tags in Akem and he brawls with Erik. Ivar in and they work him over with double teams. Akem cuts off Erik, Rezar tags in and double teams follow for 2. Murphy takes control with kicks and covers for 2. He grounds Erik, Erik fights to his feet and Rezar tags in, delivering strikes and Erik battles back and they work into a double down. Kevin & Murphy tag in, Kevin runs wild and kills Murphy wit a lariat and senton. The backbreaker follows, and then the cannonball gets 2. Murphy counters the pop up powerbomb and then gets spiked with a DDT. Kevin heads up top and fights off Akem, Murphy crotches him and Rezar works over Kevin on the floor. Back in and Rezar delivers ground and pound. AOP follow with double teams and cover for 2. Kevin fires back on Murphy, hits superkicks but the heels cut off the tag. Akem works him over, Murphy tags back in and grounds Kevin. They trade, Kevin takes him down and Ivar & Rezar tag in as Ivar runs wild on AOP. Erik in and double teams follow on Rezar. Kevin heads up top and the swanton connects for 2. Murphy tags in, pop up powerbomb by Kevin It breaks down, dives by the Vikings and Kevin stuns Murphy and Seth attacks for the DQ. Kevin Owens & The Viking Raiders defeated Murphy & The AOP @ 15:30 via DQ [***] So this was variations on the same match we’ve been seeing for weeks, and while it was good, I am really over it.

– They beat down Kevin as Seth says he said this would happen if anyone stood in his way. He will crucify Kevin but the Street Profits arrive to make the save. Seth runs away as the faces beat down Seth’s disciples. Ivar & Ford hit top rope splashes as Kevin stuns Akem.

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The 411 on Wrestling Podcast returns to the 411 Podcasting Network for episode 91. On the show, 411’s Larry Csonka & Kevin Pantoja review NXT Takeover: Portland, & hit a news roundup on rumored WrestleMania matches and much more! The show is approximately 81-minutes long.

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* News Roundup (Rumored Mania Matches, Nyla Rose Reactions, NJPW, More): 2:45
* NXT Takeover: Portland Review: 34:25

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The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
Hour one started off with a good Orton/Hardy segment, which now feels like the official write off for Matt. That was followed by a solid Aleister Black vs. Erick Rowan match, a good Charlotte promo and 24/7 bullshit; a solid hour one overall. Hour two started with solid Drew & Paul promo time and Drew killing MVP in short order. The Becky & Shayna stuff was pretty good, but just reminded me the Elimination Chamber feels useless, just make that match as they have history from Survivor Series and the strong angle last week. We then had a good Rusev & Humberto Carrillo vs. Lashley & Angel Garza tag, and closed with an ok Sane vs. Natalya match; a weaker hour than hour one. Hour three started with a fun Seth Rollins sermon segment, followed a solid Ricochet vs. Karl Anderson match and closed with a good, but repetitive feeling Kevin Owens & The Viking Raiders vs. Murphy & The AOP. Overall, I found this week’s Raw incredibly flat, and not as good as the last few weeks, which I found solid to good and was really enjoying. There are some good elements to the show, but this week really did nothing for me and felt like along three-hours.