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CWE The Juice Is On The Loose Tour Results 11.15.19: Jimmy Jacobs and Juventud Guerrera in Action

November 16, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Jimmy Jacobs

– CWE held an event for its The Juice Is On The Loose Tour last night in Grand Prairie, Alberta. Juventud Guerrera and Jimmy Jacobs were both in action at the event. Below are some results, courtesy of PWInsider.

1) “The Cheetahbear” Jude Dawkins continued the most successful week of his career by pinning ROH Star “Number 1” Brian Johnson by catching with Johnson with a spear in mid air as he came off the top rope.

2) “The Headline” Shaun Martens pinned “Wild Child” Tyler James.

3) “Spaceman” Beri Grayson & “Lion Warrior” Bobby Sharp beat the team of CWE Canadian Unified Jr. Heavyweight Champion “The Juice” Juventud Guerrera & “The Canadian Crusher” AJ Sanchez.

4) Kat Von Heez defeated “The Masterpiece Of The East” Alix Zwicker.

5) IMPACT! Wrestling Star “The Zombie Princess” Jimmy Jacobs was victorious against 4x CWE Champion “Hotshot” Danny Duggan

CWE returns to Grande Prairie on the 11th Anniversary Tour on Tuesday, May 5th.

The Juice Is On The Loose Tour continues TONIGHT in Prince George, British Columbia.