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Darby Allin Wants A Match With Bryan Danielson Before His In-Ring Career Is Over

February 12, 2024 | Posted by Joseph Lee
AEW Rampage Darby Allin Image Credit: AEW

In an interview with Denise Salcedo (via Fightful), Darby Allin spoke about his current goals in AEW, which include a match against Bryan Danielson. Danielson is planning to end his full-time in-ring career this year.

Allin said: “So to be the face of a company, I believe you have to be World Champion. That is the next logical step when I get back from Everest because Everest is almost like a vision quest in a way. I’m going to go dig deep down inside the mountains and find out what it’s really like inside of here. Outside of that, wrestling-wise, before this man’s career is done, Danielson. That’s the next thing that — and it had nothing to do with us being from the northwest his work ethic. He’s another man, his career was supposed to be over. He came back and he’s better than ever. So, it’s like, those are my two things that I want to hit in AEW.