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Dax Harwood Gives Final Response to Road Dogg’s Comments About Him, Says His Priorities Are Straight

February 3, 2023 | Posted by Jonathan Hunter
AEW Dax Harwood Image Credit: AEW

The always controversial Dax Harwood again addressed further negative comments about him from the Road Dogg. On the FTR Podcast, Uncle Daxy said he would talk about Road Dogg one more time. Dax not only claimed Road Dogg was a hanger-on to the real stars, but got heated with co-host Matt Koon as a result of some words by Road Dogg’s co-host on the Conrad Thompson network, one “Casio Kid.” Read on for the highlights:

On Road Dogg saying Dax had did not have his ‘priorities straight’: “I told you I didn’t want to really speak on Road Dogg anymore, because I know he knows where I’m coming from. He talks in circles a bit, he says things, but then he contradicts himself. Immediately when he met me he judged me, right? And that judgment hasn’t left him. Even though I’ve done okay in my career, and also even though a lot of people have a positive perception of me, he still has kept that judgment. Which is ass backwards, to me. But I listened to this fifteen minute tirade that he had to say to me. I just want to let it go, I don’t want to talk about him anymore. I’m here to let bygones be bygones. I just wanted to get my story out there, because everyone can have their own perception. Now I have this platform where I can tell my story, at least part of my story. For him to say, that ‘if I came to the back and I was so angry that I cried and punched the wall, then I need to get my priorities straight.’ No. I think I’m the last person in this wrestling world that needs to get their priorities straight.”

Dax on what his priorities are: “My priorities, and I’ve said it a million times, Matt: God, my wife, and my daughter. And I think if there’s one professional wrestler that you can look at and say, he’s got his priorities right, it would be me. That’s what I’ve always said, above everything, it’s those three. I was upset because I’m so passionate about wrestling. And yes, like you said, I do take wrestling very seriously. Almost too seriously. I completely understand that.”

On not being brought up in wrestling or being able to work the Attitude era: “I take it so seriously because I haven’t had this upbringing in my wrestling. I wasn’t able to get into wrestling because of my name. I wasn’t able to get into wrestling and get behind the two biggest icons in professional wrestling history, and ride their coattails to the top. Because the Attitude era… not just him, so I don’t want that to be the headline. But the Attitude era had the privilege of Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. They had that privilege, these two hot commodities. So everything was over, and everyone was making a ton of money.”

Dax on why he needs to take it seriously: “Me at five-foot-ten, Southerner, not the best looking guy in the world, not the best body in the world. But I made it, y’know what I’m saying? There’s a reason that I made it, and for him to say that my priorities were wrong? That kinda rubs me the wrong way. I do take it very seriously, because if I don’t take it seriously, then I’ll just fall to the wayside and I’ll just be another guy in the crowd and I don’t want. I never want that. Ultimately, the bigger star you are, the more money you can make; the more money I can give to my wife and my daughter to take care of themselves.”

Dax on why the RAW 25 squash by the Legends bothered him: “So I apologize, I guess, for being slightly upset that we were put out there in a two-minute match to get beat, clean, and then to follow-up to get beat by all these guys who weren’t gonna be on TV the very next week. We were. And there was no follow-up plan for us. I know there was no follow-up plan, because me and Dan went and talked to Hunter and he said ‘I really don’t think there’s anything next week for you guys. I’m not sure though, you can go talk to Vince.’ Of course I’m gonna be upset, because that’s affecting my bottom dollar. So to say that I have my priorities not right, that kind of bothered me.”

Dax on Road Dogg’s co-host (and friend of Matt Koon & Conrad Thompson) chiming in: “But above that, because I don’t put anything past Road Dogg anymore; above that is your [Matt’s] buddy Casio Kid, he decided to chime in, because he was behind a keyboard of course on his Twitter. He had a little something to say. He said [about Raw XXX] ‘I hope that Road Dogg shook Imperium’s hand afterwards.” I think Casio may be barking up the wrong tree, and I think that he’s messing with the wrong person. I’ve never met the guy before. There’s no reason for him to be able to offer his thoughts on my situation, and to be a little smart-ass like that. That bothered me a little bit, too.”

On Matt standing up for Casio: “I get that, and that’s fine that he’s your friend. I think you know the intent, and I respect you and commend you for trying to take up for your friend. That’s totally cool that he is 100% with Road Dogg. But just because he’s with Road Dogg doesn’t mean he’s allowed to take pot shots at me. That’s my opinion. I think you and I can agree to disagree, and just move on. Just let Casio know that hopefully, we don’t come face to face. If we do, then hopefully he and I can have a tequila and squash this, and maybe underneath the table we can bury Road Dogg a little bit.”

On Road Dogg using years old quotes: “The crazy thing is that Road Dogg keeps saying I keep bringing this up, but all the quotes Casio and Road Dogg used are from an interview that happened a year and a half ago, and then a second interview that happened three and a half years ago. So I was telling my story, and they’re the ones that are bringing it up. I think that this is the end of the Road Dogg saga for me and you.”

If using any of the above quotes, please credit FTR with Dax Harwood h/t 411mania for the transcription.