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Dax Harwood Praises Eddie Kingston, Says He’s AEW’s Version Of Dusty Rhodes

February 15, 2023 | Posted by Jonathan Hunter
Eddie Kingston Image Credit: AEW

On a recent edition of the FTR podcast, Dax Harwood talked about how much he admires and respects Eddie Kingston. Dax talked some about how inspiring Eddie’s journey is, and compares him to Dusty Rhodes. Read on for the comments!

Note: excerpts are from a three-hour podcast. Best efforts have been made to retain context.

On Eddie Kingston main eventing Full Gear 2020: “Eddie went from someone who was well-known and well-respected in independent wrestling, but obviously independent wrestling’s not the most lucrative job in the world, to landing a spot [in the main event of a PPV]. I remember him after this main event being so emotional, and so proud of himself, for being in the main event of a Pay-Per-View. And he deserved it. He deserved to be proud. He had worked to get there.”

On Eddie being there for him during his mental health issues: “When I was going through it bad, dude. He was one of the very first people in wrestling, besides Dan, who came up to me. It was in the gym and he asked if I was okay. And you can ask him, I broke down and cried in the gym because everything was not okay with me.”

Dax says Eddie is like Dusty Rhodes: “I think Eddie is our version of Dusty Rhodes. The common man who can talk better than anybody else in the business, and make people feel a certain way. Doesn’t matter what situations he is put in, he still makes the people feel a certain way about what he’s doing. That is a very rare commodity, quality, in your arsenal. He makes people care because what he says, he believes. When he fights, he believes that too.”

On once getting into a fight with Kingston: “I can’t say enough good things about Eddie. I think he’s a great human being, someone who texts me on the regular just to ask how my wife and daughter are doing. Everytime I see him, we hug, tell each other we love each other. He asks about my family all the time, I ask about his family. We have almost got in a fight before, which is very funny. We apologized the very next day, but it’s because we’re just two proud guys. Cooler heads prevailed, and we’ll talk about it one day. Maybe I’ll have him on the show, he and I can talk about it. It’s something that we laugh about now.”

On Eddie getting to wrestle Moxley in a PPV main event: “I love him. I have an infinite amount of love for him because he overcame all the odds, and he made it. He was so emotional, and so proud that he was main eventing a pay-per-view for the AEW World heavyweight championship, WITH his best friend Jon Moxley. The match was great. You don’t hit anybody any harder than you hit your best friends (laughs). So that’s what they did in this match, for sure.”

If using any of the above quotations, please credit FTR h/t 411mania for the transcription.