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Details on How NXT and 205 Live’s Viewership Compares to Raw and Smackdown

April 18, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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– To the surprise of few, NXT and 205 Live don’t hit the same viewership levels of Raw or Smackdown. In response to a fan asking about the WWE Network shows’ viewership figures, Dave Meltzer replied on Twitter that the numbers are “nowhere close” to those of the main brand shows.

This is by no means a surprise, of course. Even setting aside the fact that WWE promotes Raw and Smackdown far above those of NXT or 205 Live, the simple fact remains that the latter two shows are behind a paywall in the WWE Network’s streaming service. Raw and Smackdown, in addition to being pushed as the company’s biggest shows with the biggest stars, have far more significant market penetration (aka potential TV households) than the other two brands.

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