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More Details on WWE Launching a 205 Live Touring Brand, NXT Talents May be Involved

December 7, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka
WWE 205 Live

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE launching the 205 Live touring brand in January is an attempt to launch a new and profitable touring brand. They will run three shows in January and three in February, and then evaluate if they can run the tours profitably. WWE tried this years ago with the ECW brand, which had an existing name and a weekly television show, but the touring was canceled after several months because it wasn’t profitable. The feeling now is that it is easier to do now, because you can charge far more for live event tickets since consumers are used to higher prices. NXT, with no TV, has been able to draw well in similar buildings for the out of Florida shows; the 205 Live wrestlers appear weekly on Raw, the company’s highest rated show. The shows may include some NXT wrestlers on the undercard or tryout matches for some wrestlers who are cruiserweights.

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